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Approved at the 11/1/2020 PNC Meeting Amended at the 03/07/2021 PNC Meeting

USPP Discord Rules:

  1. Statement of Intention and Validity: These Discord server rules have been made in accordance with the principles of the USPP and the Pirate wheel, and will be updated as the Pirate National Committee (PNC) comes to understand those principles more fully. These rules may be amended by a majority vote of the PNC.
  2. Follow the Discord Rules. Discord guidelines apply: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
  3. No harassment. Harassment, bullying, bigotry, and identity policing are not welcome on this server. This means no attacks or disrespectful language based on gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity/nationality, religious/political beliefs, physical/mental disability, age, education level, etc.
  4. No hate speech. Hate speech, racial/sexual/gender slurs, and forceful/profane language are prohibited.
  5. No NSFW content. This discord is open to people below the age of consent and thus you should refrain from discussing anything of a sexual nature. No NSFW pictures, etc.
  6. No threats. No threatening other members of the server. Threats to harm, kill, or the doxxing of people on or off the server are taken very seriously.
  7. No Personal Attacks. Respect personal boundaries and accept no as an answer..
  8. Use channels for their intended purpose. Small tangents are fine, but please move to the appropriate channel if they continue for longer periods of time. Check the pinned messages for the description or use of each channel. Off-topic conversation will be trimmed or removed as necessary. All topics are allowed in general except for NSFW discussion.
  9. No impersonating other users. This includes icon, server nickname, Discord username, and messages.
  10. No spamming in chat. Don’t post copypasta, emote spam, link spam, etc. Please keep memes to a minimum outside of their designated channel to avoid derailing or clogging a channel. This includes voice chat channels - do not make excessive noise (playing music, constant background noise, mic feedback, etc.)
  11. Do not advertise on the server or share links to other Discord servers without express permission from the administrators.
  12. Respect others’ privacy. Do not post screenshots, private messages, uncensored social media/app profiles or any other content which contains personal or identifying information about someone else – including non-members – without their clear, demonstrable permission.
  13. Take drama to the DMs. If there are personal issues between members that do not involve the server, all drama, fighting, arguments, and aggression must go to DMs. This does not apply if members are being threatened, harmed, or bullied by another member of the server. Any criticism, complaints, arguments, etc, that involve or center on the server can be handled in #forums. If there is an issue with the server and how it is being run, take it to #forums or to the @arbiter and @admin.

USPP Discord moderation structure:

  1. Structure:
    1. There will be two Executive roles whose main place of operation will be the USPP Discord server. These roles will be the Server Operator and the Arbiter.
    2. There will be Moderators, who will serve at the discretion of the Arbiter and Server Operator.
  2. Selection:
    1. The Server Operator will be appointed by the PNC until such time as the PNC decides, by a simple majority vote, that the role of Server Operator should be an elected office. At such point, election procedures shall be decided by the PNC. All persons who are affected by the USPP Discord server rules must be allowed to vote in any election for the role of Server Operator.
    2. The Arbiter will be randomly chosen every two weeks by lots drawn using a Discord server robot that has been determined by the Server Operator and the PNC to be fair and qualified. The Arbiter will be chosen randomly from among the entire eligible population of the USPP discord server.
      1. A member of the USPP discord server will be considered eligible to be chosen as Arbiter unless:
      2. They have not yet accepted both the Code of Conduct and Rules of the server
      3. They have opted out of being chosen
    3. Moderators will be appointed by the Arbiter and Server Operator.
  3. Powers:
    1. In order to maintain an efficient and effective medium for democracy, The Server Operator will:
      1. Determine whether a user may advertise on the server
      2. Maintain Discord server roles and robots and create new roles and robots as deemed necessary by agreement of the Arbiter and Server Operator.
    2. In order to promote productive and inclusive discussions, the Arbiter will:
      1. Determine, based on the evidence available, what punishments to give to users who have violated the USPP rules or code of conduct.
      2. Give assistance to any Moderators who ask for their help.
      3. Appoint one Moderator per term, if both the Server Operator and the Arbiter agree that the number of active Moderators is less than what is required for the effective moderation of the USPP Discord server.
    3. Moderators will:
      1. Attempt to de-escalate any conflicts found on the server
      2. Monitor for rule-breaking and report it to the Arbiter with a full report of the appropriate evidence.