PNC 9/5/12

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  • There was no agenda this week.
  • Meeting cancelled due to sleeping temporary QM


  • <mildbeard> Hi, I'm having Internet problems but hope they're ironed out now.
  • <@teamcoltra> OH it's 6
  • <Bosun> Yesssir
  • <@teamcoltra> Sorry guys for not paying attention
  • <Zacqary> No, it's 9.
  • <Zacqary> =P
  • <@teamcoltra> Sacha are you around?
  • <itspara> Its 9:07
  • <@teamcoltra> My internet is being laggy so please bare with me
  • <itspara> Of course
  • mildbeard removes socks...
  • <@teamcoltra> I need an at large to step in as quarter master today
  • <@teamcoltra> I cannot start tonights meeting without a quartermaster
  • <@teamcoltra> I am willing to see an emergancy situation and allow a delegate to vote AND be quartermaster to allow us to hold a meeting tonight. Otherwise we can adjourn
  • <mildbeard> point of information, what's on the agenda?
  • <@teamcoltra> Nothing written
  • <@teamcoltra> but I would really like to hear the convention committee, to hope they have some information on when we will hold elections and stuff
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  • <mildbeard> Well, we have several States that want to amend the Constitution, can we adjourn the official meeting and informally discuss putting together an agenda for next week's meeting that would include elections and the constitution?
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  • <Bosun> OK as well as elections.
  • <@teamcoltra> We can't adjourn because I can't open the meeting
  • <@teamcoltra> so this meeting is now invalid and we will carry on informally
  • <mildbeard> OK point taken.,
  • <@teamcoltra> I would encourage everyone to take part -- but no one will be negatively affected by leaving.
  • <mildbeard> can we start with elections and move on to constitution?
  • <Zacqary> Start us off.
  • <@teamcoltra> Yeah go ahead, I would ask Bosun to start with elections since it's his committee
  • <mildbeard> cool
  • <Bosun> The question is when? I note we need to add ourselves the the spreadsheet.
  • <@teamcoltra> !deop teamcoltra