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--- 08/15/2012 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • participating:

Orion Steele /Jake Ziering, CA Joseph T. Klein/Megan Cochran, WI Bradley Hall, FL Lindsay-Anne Brunner/Zacqary Green, NY Brady O'bannon Dibble, WA

  • excused

Oregon Massachutsetts Washington

  • unexcused


  • probation

Oklahoma, 5th

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

Paul Meserve, NC James Eastman, Jr./Amanda Johnson, MI Cullen Matthews, IL

Caleb Langslag, MI


  • Meeting opened at: 09:11pm EDT by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at: 11:28pm EDT by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea and Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Secretary for this meeting is Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Quorum is established: Members 5 out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short report of the board members

    • excused

Washington has had some problems with the party stagnating.

    • excused


    • Absent

A few new members have contracted them about joining and working with them. Brad is beginning work on No Safe Harbor 2.

New York

NYPP approved the PNC constitution last week, and starting work on asynchronymous meetings and liquid feedback. Pirate Choir video still in progress


Calling vote on ratifying the PNC constitution, and an answer is expected in a few days, with ratification the likely result. Major work has begun on the Pirate Rado project: and internet radio station broadcasting music that is collected from artists who contribute along with Pirate information, speeches, podcasts and more. in the process of compiling a list of those interested, please email calpirateparty@gmail. There will be another episode of the Pirate Hour tomorrow night, featuring Travis McCrea. Please email calpirateparty@gmail if you are interested in participating. Finally, finalizing the internship proposals we plan to send to schools in California. We have proposals for a bunch of different fields, from radio and media to comm, political science, etc. Those are going to be up on the website at within the week


Nine people have signed up on their site, including a university professor and a well-known blogger. Treasurer is moving to Madison for uni, and will try to set up a student organization

4.2 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee

If anything needs to be updated, please contact Caleb from MN

Wiki has been updated, Spambots and restrictions removed, antispam inplememented, so all can contribute to the wiki. Hopefully this will begin the crowdsourcing of resources on the wiki. It is being backed up regularly, and Caleb is person-responsible for IT.

5 - Agenda Items

Elections Proposed amendment in the works to establish a date for a national convention Vote held to approve the wording of the amendment 4 for, at-large for vote held to amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly convention shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws

Washington motion that an ad hoc Convention Committee shall be discussed at the next meeting.

- AOB -

would a roberts rules bot make meeting go more smoothly? - passstab, PA (skipped) Pirate Introduction video - Cullen, IL

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, August 22nd at 9PM EDT
  • Meeting closed: 11:28pm


teamcoltra: I will chair this meeting, and kusanagi will be secretary. [9:12pm] teamcoltra: Let's do roll call [9:13pm] OrionSteele: Orion Steele / Jake Ziering - California [9:13pm] Bosun: Joseph T. Klein, Wisconsin [9:13pm] Rush: Bradley Hall, Florida [9:13pm] CalebLangeslag: Caleb Langeslag, Minnesota [9:13pm] kusanagi: Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY [9:13pm] themgt: Paul Meserve, North Carolina [9:13pm] sadyya: Megan Cochran Wisconsin [9:13pm] Deamon: James Eastman Jr., Michigan [9:13pm] CullenMatthews: Cullen Matthews, Illinois [9:13pm] ana left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [9:14pm] ana joined the chat room. [9:14pm] teamcoltra: Everyone please review last weeks meeting minutes [9:15pm] sadyya left the chat room. (Quit: sadyya) [9:15pm] jarod_ joined the chat room. [9:15pm] teamcoltra: I will give us about 3 minutes... if anyone needs more time feel free to ask [9:15pm] Sacha joined the chat room. [9:17pm] kusanagi: Brady, you're not the WA rep? [9:17pm] Brady: I was not intending to be. [9:18pm] kusanagi: there isn't a rep, can you fill in:? [9:18pm] Brady: Not many other options, as we aren't officially excused. [9:19pm] Brady: I will fill in to the best of my ability for my state, though I will step down if and when our official rep arrives. [9:19pm] teamcoltra: Brady - Jeffery was under the interpretation he was the only Washington member left [9:19pm] kusanagi: jeff did say he couldn't make it [9:19pm] teamcoltra: He stated to me that he was taking a leave of absence from the PNC entirely until the WAPP was more than just him [9:19pm] Brady: Pretty much everyone is under a huge workload, has health issues, or both. [9:20pm] teamcoltra: Okay everyone should have now read last weeks minutes [9:20pm] teamcoltra: let's do updates from states [9:21pm] teamcoltra: We will start tonight with Washington, but don't feel obligated to present much Brady [9:21pm] teamcoltra: I know your on the spot now [9:21pm] Brady: Washington does have issues. [9:21pm] Brady: Which should be quite obvious. [9:21pm] Brady: The party was started by 5 core members, who all already had full lives. [9:22pm] Brady: However, we focused too much on the structure and not enough on recruitment. [9:22pm] kusi left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [9:22pm] Brady: I almost hate to say it, but K`Tetch was fairly on the mark for what WA should have done. [9:22pm] Brady: We failed to recruit and inject new blood into the group. [9:22pm] Brady: As a result, we have stagnated. [9:25pm] You were promoted to operator by ChanServ. [9:25pm] ChanServ: [#pnc] Welcome to the Thunderdome [9:25pm] Rush: Oh [9:26pm] kusanagi: sorry about that, plug was pulled [9:26pm] Rush: We haven't really done much. A few new possible members just contacted us Monday, we're planning on working with them and hopefully start doing awesome things soon. [9:27pm] Rush: I will start actually working on NSH2 soon as well. That's gonna rock. [9:27pm] Rush: Tha'ts all [9:27pm] teamcoltra: Both very awesome. [9:28pm] teamcoltra: kusanagi what's going on with NY? [9:28pm] kusanagi: Well, last week we approved the PNC constitution [9:28pm] kusanagi: and we're starting work on asynched meetings and liquid feedback. [9:29pm] kusanagi: that's pretty much all i can think of right now. [9:30pm] kusanagi: Zacqary: are you here to add more? [9:30pm] themgt: what's NSH2? [9:30pm] Rush: No Safe Harbor 2 [9:31pm] Rush: [9:31pm] themgt: gotcha [9:31pm] teamcolt_ joined the chat room. [9:31pm] teamcolt_: Sorry my internet disco'd It looks like NY has answered (or are you still going?) [9:32pm] kusanagi: I did answer, and just finished. [9:32pm] teamcolt_: Sweet, OrionSteele / California [9:32pm] teamcoltra left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [9:32pm] OrionSteele: are we being called on? [9:32pm] kusanagi: yes [9:33pm] kusanagi: state update please [9:33pm] teamcolt_: Yes, your update [9:33pm] OrionSteele: ok so there's a fair amount going on over here, I'll try to sum it up\ [9:33pm] OrionSteele: first we're calling votes on PNC ratification within the CPP, so we should have an answer (ratification most likely) within a few days [9:34pm] OrionSteele: second, we're starting major work on our Pirate Radio project, which is to have an Internet radio station broadcasting music which we collect from contributing artists along with pirate information, cool speeches, podcasts, etc [9:35pm] OrionSteele: along those lines we're compiling an email list of interested artists and/or organizers, if you want to take part in that send an email to calpirateparty@gmail [9:36pm] Brady: Washington knows someone who may be interested. He has the archives of all the old Pirate Radio episodes. [9:36pm] OrionSteele: ]We're also doing another episode of the Pirate Hour tomorrow, this time with Travis should be a really good opportunity to broadcast ourselves and get our message out. I understand there is some interest from other state parties in joining the hangout - we do have available space, so I'm sure whoever wants to come we can work out a spot for. The important thing would be sending an email to calpirateparty@gmail between now an [9:36pm] OrionSteele: expressing your interest. [9:37pm] OrionSteele: Id love to get in touch about that Brady [9:37pm] Bosun: Someone from Wiscon will show up … and stay this time. [9:37pm] OrionSteele: do you have an email address? [9:38pm] OrionSteele: Last thing I want to mention is that we're finalizing the internship proposals we plan to send to schools in California. We have proposals for a bunch of different fields, from radio and media to comm, political science, etc. Those are going to be up on the website at within the week [9:38pm] OrionSteele: And are ofc free for all to use in the (hopeful) acquisition of some free intern labor [9:39pm] OrionSteele: That's pretty much it, especially for the Pirate Hour episode tomorrow I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to email us beforehand. The google hangout system is far less than ideal, and having a good list of participants beforehand ios pretty key [9:40pm] OrionSteele: Ok I'm done now [9:40pm] teamcolt_: Thank you for your novel OrionSteele [9:40pm] teamcolt_: [9:40pm] OrionSteele: heehe [9:40pm] Zacqary: (Sorry, was afk. Zacqary Adam Green, NY. Taking over as rep from kusanagi) [9:41pm] teamcolt_ is now known as TeamColtra. [9:41pm] TeamColtra was promoted to operator by ChanServ. [9:41pm] Deamon was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:41pm] Rush was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:41pm] Bosun was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:41pm] Zacqary was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:41pm] OrionSteele was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:42pm] Brady was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:42pm] jarod_ was granted voice by TeamColtra. [9:42pm] TeamColtra: Do I have that right? [9:42pm] kusanagi: no [9:42pm] kusanagi: Deamon doesn't have voice [9:43pm] kusanagi: MI is at large [9:43pm] Deamon had voice removed by TeamColtra. [9:44pm] Deamon: [9:44pm] kusanagi: sorry [9:44pm] Deamon: It's cool [9:44pm] TeamColtra: Okay Wisconsin / Bosun [9:45pm] Bosun: Not a whole lot here but I'll try ... [9:46pm] Bosun: We have a whole whopping nine sighned up on our site including a well known blogger and a University Professor. [9:46pm] jarod joined the chat room. [9:47pm] kusanagi: awesome [9:47pm] Brady: That's excellent [9:47pm] Bosun: The hits on the social medi keep going up. Our treasuer is moving out to Madison (a freshman at UW) [9:47pm] Brady: Don't make WAPP's mistake. [9:47pm] jarod_ left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [9:48pm] Bosun: Francis will try to get a student or. set up at UW. [9:49pm] Bosun: I should explain. …. it is a but of a family afair … Francis is my son and also on the City of Milwaukee youth council [9:49pm] kusanagi: Oh! [9:49pm] kusanagi: that's awesome [9:49pm] Bosun: I ran for County Executive against Scott Walker in 2004, and twice have ben a delegate to the Wiscons state dem convention from the 4th CD> [9:50pm] TeamColtra left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [9:50pm] Bosun: And my spouse liked the idea of supporting the Pirate Party … [9:50pm] kusanagi: awesome, another pirate family! [9:50pm] Bosun: that is about all for today. [9:51pm] kusanagi: Cool. [9:51pm] kusanagi: Ok, since Travis dropped again. [9:51pm] kusanagi: IT! What's going on? [9:52pm] kusanagi: matuck-, CalebL[laptop] [9:52pm] kusanagi: \ [9:52pm] TeamColtra was promoted to operator by ChanServ. [9:52pm] TeamColtra joined the chat room. [9:52pm] CalebLangeslag: Well, the wiki has been updated, antispam has been implemented, and the restrictions removed, as well as the spambots removed [9:52pm] CalebLangeslag: So everyone's free to register a wiki account and start contributing right away [9:52pm] CalebLangeslag: And hopefully we can finally crowdsource our resources to the wiki [9:53pm] CalebLangeslag: And don't worry, it won't self-implode this time or anything, as I'm helping administer it, as well as ensuring that there are regular backups [9:53pm] kusanagi: excellent [9:54pm] TeamColtra: Anything else? [9:54pm] CalebLangeslag: As of the wiki, I believe that is all. [9:55pm] TeamColtra: So are you now handling the IT Committee? [9:55pm] CalebLangeslag: Well, self-proclaimed generally, yes. [9:55pm] CalebLangeslag: mortona2k (supposedly the head of IT) hasn't been around, even on IRC, for months [9:55pm] CalebLangeslag: And Matuck is legitimately busy with life [9:56pm] Brady: Washington says sorry. [9:56pm] CalebLangeslag: So, I'm not sure if I can be self-appointed for the IT committee or anything. xP [9:56pm] CalebLangeslag: For? [9:56pm] CalebLangeslag: and either way, it's fine [9:56pm] • TeamColtra taps your shoulder with a sword [9:57pm] TeamColtra: I dub thee the guy responsible for IT for now [9:57pm] Brady is now known as The_Crowd. [9:57pm] The_Crowd: HUZZAH [9:57pm] The_Crowd is now known as Brady. [9:57pm] Bosun: Huzzah! [9:57pm] • CalebLangeslag makes a brave, theatric scene. [9:57pm] kusanagi: huzzah indeed [9:58pm] TeamColtra: Okay moving on [9:58pm] TeamColtra: Elections [9:58pm] TeamColtra: I have a problem when reading the constitution regarding elections [9:59pm] TeamColtra: it says that they must be held once a year on a date which is specified in another section, but in the section that it links to... doesn't say anything about a yearly convention [9:59pm] Zacqary: Motion to allow at-larges to speak about electiony stuff? [10:00pm] Zacqary: After you're done, Travis. [10:00pm] TeamColtra: At larges may now speak on this issue, if anyone has an objection feel free to raise it [10:00pm] Brady: There is already a 'PirateCon'...can we still use this title? [10:00pm] Deamon: Do we have a date in mind? [10:00pm] Brady: And does this vote need to be held at a physical location? [10:01pm] OrionSteele: I certainly hope not [10:01pm] TeamColtra: Well my problem is the constitutional issue [10:01pm] Brady: Are you offering to host PirateCon 2013, Orion? [10:01pm] OrionSteele: I believe the vote should be online to give the most opportunity for participation [10:01pm] Brady: I think the feasibility of it should have some weight as to the final decision. [10:01pm] Sacha: Hmm, we should like add an amendment to clarify that problem TeamColtra or perhaps change the wording and make the specifics a by law [10:01pm] TeamColtra: For all Officer positions, once every year at the Annual Meeting set forth in Art. VI §2. [10:01pm] OrionSteele: and I believe the date should be in spring or fall for the same reason [10:02pm] TeamColtra: Section 2: Building State Parties [10:02pm] TeamColtra: The Party shall hold such meetings and/or social gatherings as may be needed to build the membership of the party at a state and local level. [10:02pm] TeamColtra: The Party shall use all means at its disposal to provide support to such groups as shall arise at a state level, as well as locally, nationally and internationally to support this goal of facilitating the creation of State Parties in all 50 States and every US Territory. [10:02pm] Brady: Hmm [10:02pm] Brady: So we agree there needs to be an annual meeting, yes? [10:02pm] Brady: Does anyone disagree? [10:02pm] Deamon: We may have to amend thats ection [10:02pm] OrionSteele: agree [10:02pm] TeamColtra: Well it's in the constitution we all passed to have one. [10:02pm] Brady: So irregardless of the date [10:03pm] Brady: How about simultaneous conventions for each state, linked Via the internets, once per year [10:03pm] Bosun: How big a place do we need? [10:03pm] Brady: And have one big convention every four years [10:03pm] OrionSteele: September 19th is Intl Talk Like a PIrate Day...that would work for me [10:03pm] Brady: Hmm [10:03pm] Bosun: How long? [10:03pm] Brady: I think it should be around the time a normal political convention would be held. [10:04pm] Deamon: August September usually [10:04pm] Brady: Such that it can easily be turned into the Pirate National Convention [10:04pm] TeamColtra: 2 Months before november isn't a bad time [10:04pm] Deamon: Give a few months on the run-up to the General [10:04pm] TeamColtra: IMHO [10:05pm] Sacha: September makes sense [10:05pm] Brady: TeamColtra - Just want to make sure it's within the legal time frame of a national convention. [10:05pm] Bosun: I know some people with a fairly large hall in Milwaukee that I used for a fundraiser. [10:05pm] Brady: Lemme find the range of dates. [10:05pm] Sacha: and people seem to be agreeing on that point, I like sep. 19th for the talk like a pirate day which is amusing [10:05pm] Bosun: I might be able to get it. It is at a brewery, I know the owners. [10:05pm] OrionSteele: The fact that its on Talk Like a PIrate Day might make it easier to get MSM coverage [10:06pm] Brady: One reason for the late conventions has to do with campaign finance laws, which allow the candidates to spend an unlimited amount of money before the convention, but forbid fundraising after the election, in order for the parties to receive federal campaign funds. [10:06pm] OrionSteele is now known as BRBOrion. [10:07pm] Brady: I'm not finding the range of dates, but it doesn't appear that there is anything wrong with September. [10:07pm] Brady: However, the current 'incumbent' party tends to go last. [10:07pm] Brady: Not like we give a rat. [10:09pm] TeamColtra: Okay so [10:09pm] Brady: One problem would be some states require conventions to be held by the end of July. [10:09pm] TeamColtra: do we need to make an amendment? [10:09pm] kusanagi: Those would be for state parties, Brady [10:10pm] Brady: To appear on the Washington ballot as a presidential candidate [10:10pm] Brady: [10:10pm] Brady: I think this is why Romney is not eligible to appear on the WA ballot [10:11pm] BRBOrion is now known as OrionSteele. [10:11pm] Brady: TeamColtra - Do you think we need to choose a date first? [10:11pm] Brady: Or at least a date range? [10:11pm] TeamColtra: That's what the amendment needs to be [10:12pm] Brady: I think a date range would be best. [10:12pm] TeamColtra: because we need to add subpoint 3 under Section 2 [10:12pm] Brady: Like, "At least two months before the November 4th elections" [10:13pm] TeamColtra: Well not elections [10:13pm] Brady: Or "during the time period when political conventions are typically held leading up to a national election' [10:13pm] TeamColtra: like next year there wont be "november 4th elections" [10:13pm] Brady: Ah, sorry. [10:13pm] Deamon: Maybe a certain day of the week on a certain week like regular elections [10:13pm] TeamColtra: in 2 years there will be, for representatives and stuff. [10:13pm] Brady: My suggestion was that we should just use that same date range so people have regularity. [10:13pm] Deamon: First Monday of the Second week or something [10:13pm] Brady: Maybe that's silly though [10:14pm] TeamColtra: I honestly don't know [10:14pm] Deamon: just a suggestion [10:14pm] Brady: So for now, can we avoid setting a specific date? [10:14pm] TeamColtra: We can set a date in a bylaw [10:14pm] TeamColtra: and set a timeframe in the constitution [10:15pm] Brady: Hell, then let's just go with Sept. 19th for now. We can always change it [10:15pm] TeamColtra: Well we still /have/ to do an amendment [10:15pm] Sacha: I would agree with making it a by law [10:15pm] Brady: I'm fine with using Sept. 19th [10:15pm] Brady: Though that's not much time to prepare. [10:15pm] Brady: =3 [10:15pm] Sacha: I think that we need an amendment to change the language in the consitution as it points to an unrelated section [10:16pm] Sacha: We can always choose to not have it this year [10:16pm] Sacha: as we are still getting everything together [10:16pm] Sacha: or just have our elections on that day [10:16pm] TeamColtra: Wherever we do the amendment, something needs amending [10:16pm] Brady: Hmm [10:16pm] Brady: Don't we need to have official elections anyway? [10:16pm] TeamColtra: Sacha, can you identify for the record? [10:17pm] Sacha: Yes, apologies for being late [10:17pm] Sacha: Amanda Johnson, Michigan [10:18pm] TeamColtra: Does someone want to put forth an Amendment? [10:18pm] Brady: So specifically we are amending Art. VI §2.? [10:18pm] TeamColtra: I would suggest it [10:19pm] TeamColtra: I would add to create section 2 subpoint 3 [10:19pm] Brady: That sounds about right [10:20pm] Brady: Temp pad for editing: [10:20pm] TeamColtra: If I was making a motion it would be "Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4" [10:21pm] OrionSteele: a yearly meeting shall be held online? [10:21pm] Brady: Eh [10:22pm] Rush: It always used to be [10:22pm] TeamColtra: If we hold it online or in person, it doesn't matter we are just creating the legal precident to hold an election [10:22pm] Zacqary left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347]) [10:22pm] Brady: I would say more like a onvention which is streamed, and individuals can participate electronically [10:22pm] TeamColtra: We can define it better in a bylaw [10:22pm] OrionSteele: ok [10:23pm] kusanagi: TeamColtra: Zac had to leave, I'm back as NY rep [10:23pm] OrionSteele: then i second [10:23pm] TeamColtra: Yes, I was just going to announce that [10:23pm] TeamColtra: You can't actually second me [10:23pm] TeamColtra: I can't make motions [10:23pm] kusanagi: lol [10:23pm] OrionSteele: o theni make the motion toAmend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4" [10:23pm] kusanagi: i second [10:24pm] Bosun: September 19th is 1 month 16 days prior to november 4th [10:24pm] Deamon: Oops [10:24pm] TeamColtra: Okay the debate is on the motion presented by OrionSteele [10:24pm] TeamColtra: Does anyone have any disagreement with his motion? [10:24pm] CalebLangeslag: Well, how is '2 months before' determined? [10:24pm] TeamColtra: CalebLangeslag we will clearify it by bylaw [10:25pm] Bosun: That would be September 4th [10:25pm] CalebLangeslag: or perhaps I'm just being too nitpicky, even though it may seem obvious [10:25pm] TeamColtra: Yeah... that's true, but I don't think we can go much later. Even though Talk Like A Pirate Day would be good [10:26pm] OrionSteele: its probably just a hair too late for a national convention [10:26pm] TeamColtra: CalebLangeslag your not being nitpicky -- but what if we are actually renting a convention hall or something but they don't have the place open on tuesday, but they do on wednesday... then we wouldh ave to make an amendment to the constitution to change the date [10:26pm] TeamColtra: if we outline a general date... and then define it in a bylaw [10:26pm] Bosun: Should not September 4th be the day set by congress for the presidential election? [10:26pm] TeamColtra: we can quickly change the date if needed [10:27pm] Deamon: what do you mean Bosun [10:27pm] Brady: Section 3: Annual Election Convention [10:27pm] Brady: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4th as defined in XXX bylaw [10:28pm] TeamColtra: I also don't think defining the bylaw is a good idea, and it's also impossible since we currently have no system for bylaws [10:28pm] TeamColtra: [10:28pm] TeamColtra: The bylaw itself will affect it, it's not actually required to state that there is a bylaw on it [10:28pm] Bosun: peg the date to the election date set by congress … the language is more general [10:29pm] Brady: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4th as defined in the bylaws* [10:29pm] TeamColtra: There is no one date I believe... because the RNC and DNC conventions are on different days [10:29pm] TeamColtra: Brady that would work [10:29pm] TeamColtra: I would accept that as a friendly amendment [10:29pm] TeamColtra: since that was already implied [10:29pm] TeamColtra: as long as OrionSteele accepts it, since it's his motion [10:30pm] Brady: So help me craft this proposed amendment in the pad [10:30pm] OrionSteele: accept [10:30pm] kusanagi: relink that, brady? [10:30pm] Sacha: I would personally rather go with less specific language [10:30pm] Sacha: for the constitution and then more specific for the by laws [10:30pm] CalebLangeslag: [10:31pm] Sacha: as they are easier to amend and that would make elections more flexible to our needs [10:31pm] Brady: [10:31pm] Brady: Should we just say "No later than September 4th"? [10:31pm] Rush: Guys, I need to leave. I have a thing to go to early tomorrow morning and then there's the other stuff. I'll read the log tomorrow. [10:31pm] Brady: Sacha has a good point. [10:31pm] Rush left the chat room. (Quit: ajax IRC Client) [10:32pm] Brady: "A yearly meeting shall be held before November 4th as defined in the bylaws." [10:32pm] Brady: That might be TOO vague though [10:32pm] OrionSteele: accept [10:32pm] TeamColtra: lol I think thats a bit too vague [10:32pm] Brady: How about a 'yearly convention' [10:32pm] jarod left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [10:32pm] Brady: Convention implies something more formal. [10:32pm] OrionSteele: I feel like it doesn't matter so long as we provide space for us to hammer out the details later [10:33pm] Brady: It's probably a good idea to at least explain why this meeting is neeed [10:34pm] OrionSteele: "A yearly meeting will be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified through the bylaws" [10:34pm] TeamColtra: That would need to be an amendment to the current motion [10:34pm] Brady: Check the pad now? [10:34pm] OrionSteele: Before I offer it as formal amendment [10:34pm] OrionSteele: Id like to see what people think of that wording [10:35pm] kusanagi: I think that's perfect [10:35pm] Deamon: Works for me [10:35pm] TeamColtra: Nope [10:35pm] Sacha: I think the wording is too complicated [10:35pm] TeamColtra: This is a little silly but I have to: [10:35pm] TeamColtra: Your pad says that you are creating section 3 [10:35pm] TeamColtra: it has to be in section 2 [10:35pm] TeamColtra: as a subpoint [10:36pm] Deamon: silly, but right [10:36pm] OrionSteele: Then I cancel my previous motion and instead motion to Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws." [10:36pm] TeamColtra: You can't cancel out a motion either [10:36pm] OrionSteele: o [10:36pm] OrionSteele: [10:36pm] TeamColtra: Sorry... [10:36pm] Sacha: What about: A yearly election will be held at a date specified through the bylaws [10:36pm] TeamColtra: Because it was seconded so it's no longer "your" motion [10:36pm] TeamColtra: it's the floors motion [10:36pm] Sacha: My friend is here with me and I think the previous wording was too complex for someone not in on the conversation to understand [10:37pm] Bosun: we could vote down the floor motion and redo. [10:37pm] Sacha: correction: it's ambiguous not so much complicated [10:37pm] TeamColtra: Bosun it's easier to just make it an amendment to the motion [10:37pm] OrionSteele: This wording: A yearly meeting shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws [10:37pm] Sacha: I think that is really ambiguous and confusing wording [10:37pm] Deamon: That pretty much defines a convention [10:38pm] sadyya joined the chat room. [10:38pm] Sacha: I think there are unnecessary words which we could adjust to be more clear [10:38pm] TeamColtra: btw, guys, for the most part I am just following roberts rules (except when roberts rules doesn't work for IRC) -- so if you want to know why I am doing what I am doing or have questions, please feel free to check out a copy of Roberts Rules, since it's just the basics you can even get the public domain version [10:38pm] TeamColtra: just a point of order [10:38pm] Sacha: I think "A yearly meeting shall be held at a date specified in the bylaws" says everything we need to know [10:39pm] OrionSteele: that doesnt say what its for [10:39pm] Deamon: It needs the purpose of elections [10:39pm] OrionSteele: amend the floor's motion to instead read, " Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws." [10:39pm] Bosun: an anual convention [10:39pm] OrionSteele: motion to amend...or whatever [10:39pm] TeamColtra: is there a second? [10:39pm] TeamColtra: close enough [10:40pm] Bosun: second [10:40pm] TeamColtra: Okay so to clearify, we are no longer debating the merits of the amendment... but rather we are now debating if we should use this amendment vs the original wording. [10:41pm] TeamColtra: Does any member object to this wording vs the origional? [10:41pm] Sacha: Sorry, I meant "yearly elections" not meeting, my bad. [10:41pm] TeamColtra: The origional was Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4" [10:41pm] Brady: Section 2 is Creating State Parties [10:41pm] TeamColtra: and the new amendment to the motion is on the floor: Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws. [10:42pm] Bosun: I favor the amended text. [10:42pm] OrionSteele: as do I [10:42pm] TeamColtra: I will give a few seconds for anyone to say they object, otherwise we will vote on it [10:42pm] Brady: I object to the term 'meeting' and would like to propose the term 'convention'. [10:43pm] TeamColtra: I can accept that as a friendly amendment [10:43pm] TeamColtra: if OrionSteele can [10:43pm] OrionSteele: accept [10:43pm] TeamColtra: Any other objections? [10:43pm] TeamColtra: If you do just type object [10:43pm] TeamColtra: and then type your reasoning [10:43pm] TeamColtra: otherwise I am moving on [10:44pm] TeamColtra: Okay we are voting on: Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly convention shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws. to amend the motion on the floor Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly meeting shall be held no later than 2 months before November the 4" [10:44pm] OrionSteele: aye [10:44pm] TeamColtra: So by voting aye you are just approving the amendment not the motion in general [10:44pm] Brady: Aye [10:44pm] Bosun: aye [10:44pm] Deamon: aye [10:45pm] kusanagi: aye [10:45pm] Brady: Point of Reference - Current minimum for a quorum? [10:45pm] TeamColtra: I observe 1/2 to be quorum [10:46pm] TeamColtra: sorry 1/2 of total members [10:46pm] TeamColtra: which I believe is currently 8 [10:46pm] TeamColtra: so 4 [10:46pm] kusanagi: we're at that right now, as rush had to leave. [10:46pm] TeamColtra: Yeah [10:47pm] TeamColtra: So no one else leave [10:47pm] TeamColtra: [10:47pm] kusanagi: OrionSteele: ping [10:47pm] TeamColtra: He voted [10:47pm] TeamColtra: I am calling the vote btw [10:47pm] kusanagi: oh ok [10:47pm] TeamColtra: kusanagi tally? [10:47pm] kusanagi: 4 for, at large for [10:47pm] TeamColtra: Thank you [10:47pm] kusanagi: amendment approved [10:47pm] TeamColtra: now does anyone want to talk about the motion in general? [10:47pm] TeamColtra: or do we just want to vote? [10:47pm] TeamColtra: we only need to discuss if someone has an objection [10:48pm] TeamColtra: Okay seeing no objection [10:48pm] Brady: No objections from Washington. [10:48pm] TeamColtra: We are voting on Amend Article VI: Meetings Section 2 to add subpoint 3 with the text: A yearly convention shall be held for the purposes of party elections at a date specified in the bylaws [10:49pm] TeamColtra: agree say aye, disagree say nay [10:49pm] Bosun: aye [10:49pm] Deamon: aye [10:49pm] Brady: Aye - Washington [10:49pm] OrionSteele: aye [10:49pm] themgt: aye [10:50pm] TeamColtra: kusanagi [10:50pm] kusanagi: aye [10:50pm] TeamColtra: called [10:50pm] kusanagi: 4 for at large for [10:51pm] TeamColtra: Okay [10:53pm] TeamColtra: The amendment passes and goes into effect [10:53pm] TeamColtra: So CalebLangeslag are you around? [10:53pm] TeamColtra: actually sorry [10:53pm] TeamColtra: So what is our plan now for elections? [10:54pm] CalebLangeslag: Well, yes, I am [10:54pm] TeamColtra: CalebLangeslag your issue will be addressed next [10:55pm] Bosun: should we establish an ad hoc convention comitee? [10:55pm] CalebLangeslag: For elections, there hasn't really been much discussion within the IT committee, since there barely is one [10:55pm] Brady: Washington motion that an ad goc Convention Committee shall be discussed at the next meeting. [10:56pm] TeamColtra: seconds? [10:56pm] kusanagi: yes [10:56pm] kusanagi: New York seconds [10:56pm] OrionSteele: second [10:57pm] TeamColtra: Conversation? [10:57pm] TeamColtra: [10:58pm] kusanagi: there really isn't one. [10:58pm] kusanagi: lol [10:58pm] kusanagi: yes, let's talk about that at next meeting? [10:58pm] TeamColtra: Do we have anyone who wants to head it? I would suggest not having someone who intends to run [10:58pm] Sacha: I would be willing but i'm not sure if I have the credentials [10:59pm] Bosun: I will. I run for nothing. [11:00pm] Brady: Washington wanted to host a convention next year, but we'd have to make some serious changes to do that. [11:00pm] Brady: Seriously, we need someone who has run a con before. [11:00pm] Brady: It's a huge task. [11:00pm] TeamColtra: Brady can we stick to our current election? [11:00pm] kusanagi: Bosun has the experience [11:00pm] Brady: Apologies. [11:01pm] OrionSteele: second Bosun [11:01pm] OrionSteele: (is that how it works?) [11:01pm] Sacha: If Bosun wants to I support that [11:01pm] Sacha: is it irl [11:01pm] CalebLangeslag: Isn't this just discussion of bringing it up at the next meeting, rather than already assigning roles? xP [11:02pm] OrionSteele: lol yes [11:02pm] kusanagi: yes, CalebL[laptop] [11:02pm] kusanagi: erm [11:02pm] kusanagi: CalebLangeslag: [11:02pm] Brady: In that case, can we vote on the motion? [11:02pm] kusanagi: [11:02pm] Brady: To have it added to the schedule for next week? [11:02pm] kusanagi: We should [11:02pm] Bosun: Give it a week and I'll discuss it with our Wisconsin Membership in the interm. [11:03pm] TeamColtra: So we don't want to vote on this? [11:03pm] TeamColtra: (to have an election committee) [11:03pm] TeamColtra: or do we? [11:03pm] Bosun: Can we just request the chair to add it to next weeks agenda? [11:03pm] kusanagi: we should vote on that next week [11:04pm] Bosun: table the motion [11:04pm] TeamColtra: Okay [11:04pm] TeamColtra: I will just do that [11:04pm] Brady: I second the motion(?) to table the current motion. [11:04pm] TeamColtra: we don't need to vote [11:04pm] TeamColtra: Executive order [11:05pm] TeamColtra: Anything else that needs to be discussed then? Or do we want to adjourn? [11:05pm] Brady: Is the item regarding PNC involvement in state formation something that needs to be covered? [11:05pm] kusanagi: there's still the item CalebLangeslag brought up [11:05pm] CalebLangeslag: It's not mandatory [11:06pm] kusanagi: and CullenMatthews has something on AOB as well. [11:06pm] Bosun: move to adjourn [11:06pm] Bosun: I withdraw my motion [11:06pm] TeamColtra: CullenMatthews, would you like to present? [11:07pm] CullenMatthews: yes [11:08pm] TeamColtra: I need to step away (with no respect to CullenMatthews ) I should be back in a minute or two... if things wind down and I am not here kusanagi can close the meeting in my stead. [11:08pm] TeamColtra: err no disrespect* [11:08pm] kusanagi: sure, no problem. [11:09pm] • kusanagi puts on all three hats [11:09pm] CullenMatthews: i mentioned in the forums about an international project, i'd figured we needed to get into the media more by making some sort of political campaign video not just showing US Pirates but all the pirate parties to show the world that we are not alone in our beliefs. again this was just a thought. [11:09pm] Deamon: I can help you on that [11:09pm] kusanagi: there has been some media interest in USPP [11:10pm] kusanagi: all of it seems to be international media [11:10pm] kusanagi: Honestly, I don't see why we would need to make an international video; only FLPP is in PPI right now [11:10pm] kusanagi: We need domestic coverage. [11:11pm] Sacha: We should keep AGPPP in mind as well [11:11pm] sadyya: maybe an individual state by state youtube video project? [11:11pm] sadyya: im just say a suggestion [11:11pm] OrionSteele: we are doing videos [11:11pm] sadyya: one that will get people to what we do [11:11pm] Sacha: if we are working with international, I would also point out that international coverage could be a good way to get domestic press and we shouldn't reject any press [11:12pm] kusanagi: We're not really working with international. [11:12pm] kusanagi: i like cullen's idea [11:12pm] kusanagi: but we could do it as a sort of "meet a pirate" campaign [11:12pm] kusanagi: post it on our various social media things [11:12pm] sadyya: yea [11:13pm] Deamon: Please don't make it like the I'm a Morman campaign though [11:13pm] kusanagi: and i'm tossing around the idea of #askapirate on twitter [11:13pm] Deamon: those get creepy [11:13pm] kusanagi: Deamon: lololol [11:13pm] sadyya: hahahahaha [11:13pm] sadyya: ... and I'm a pirate... [11:13pm] CullenMatthews: lol [11:13pm] Deamon: If someone can send me the footage I can chop it up and make a YouTube page [11:13pm] Deamon: It's something I'm very familiar with [11:14pm] kusanagi: and really, the CAPP meetings are a great launching point for such a project. [11:14pm] Bosun: CullenMatthews are you in or near Chicago? Can sadyya and I meet with you? [11:14pm] kusanagi: and Pirate Hour [11:14pm] CullenMatthews: I will be commuting to the city starting Septemeber 5 for clases at DePaul university [11:15pm] Sacha: Deamon would be great for this [11:15pm] Sacha: and I know CAPP may be a bit busy with their own stuff [11:15pm] Bosun: ooh brown line stop. I'll buy deep dish pizza. [11:15pm] Sacha: He has a youtube channel he's been doing for years, so I would personally put him on the project if I was making decisions [11:16pm] ana left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [11:16pm] kusanagi: Ok, that's awesome. [11:17pm] itspara joined the chat room. [11:17pm] kusanagi: this is something that really needs to be fleshed out more than just this before people are put on the project. [11:17pm] sadyya: oooo Bosun yes ill come [11:18pm] OrionSteele: yes we would be interested in helping with this, or having it be included as part of the pirate media network [11:18pm] OrionSteele: lets work out a more detailed plan of what we want to do [11:18pm] kusanagi: that would work really well [11:18pm] Deamon: Definately, Cullen, hit me up at some point if you need help with setup [11:19pm] kusanagi: yay [11:19pm] kusanagi: ok, so do you all what to flesh this out now? [11:21pm] kusanagi: or do you guys want to bring this to sab or next week? [11:21pm] Brady: Rather than #askapirate how about #youareapirate? [11:21pm] Deamon: We'll work out the details and present later [11:21pm] OrionSteele: i say spend the week thinking of the ideas and next week have a proposal [11:22pm] kusanagi: Brady: that was just the twitter hashtag [11:22pm] Brady: kusanagi - Let's talk about it after adjournment. [11:22pm] sadyya: i like the twitter hash tag [11:22pm] kusanagi: sure [11:23pm] Bosun: I like #youareapirate. [11:23pm] Brady: So this is also being pushed to the next meeting? [11:23pm] Brady: Should we motion to adjourn? [11:23pm] kusanagi: I'm asking you guys. [11:23pm] kusanagi: I'm acting chair [11:24pm] Bosun: motion to adjourn [11:24pm] sadyya: yup [11:24pm] Brady: I second Bosun's motion to adjourn. [11:24pm] kusanagi: ok [11:25pm] kusanagi: one thing [11:25pm] kusanagi: I have access to USPirates on twitter [11:26pm] kusanagi: So if you want me to tweet meetings, facebook pages, twitters, etc [11:26pm] kusanagi: let me know, by IRC or email, kusanagi.chroma@gmail [11:26pm] sadyya: ok [11:27pm] kusanagi: so, vote to adjourn? [11:27pm] Deamon: aye [11:27pm] Brady: Aye [11:27pm] CullenMatthews: aye [11:28pm] Bosun: aye [11:28pm] kusanagi: and aye from me as well [11:28pm] kusanagi: good night guys, meeting is next wednesday