PNC 7/19/20

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Welcome HIPP and vote on admission.









Record of the meeting


[9:01pm] Bosun: Please identify.
[9:01pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
[9:01pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein Vice Chair
[9:01pm] Bosun: Joe Klein USPP chair - Wisconsin
[9:02pm] yari: Rose Klein, possibly representing CAPP
[9:02pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Massachusetts, Secretary
[9:02pm] yari: (Unless there's someone else?)
[9:02pm] Joe: Welcome Yari
[9:03pm] plank joined the chat room.
[9:03pm] plank: ahoy all
[9:03pm] Sayyida: AHOY plank!
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[9:03pm] jokeefe: ahoy
[9:04pm] yari: Ahoy!
[9:04pm] Bosun: We might have HIPP on here, but I am not certain if she will make it.
[9:04pm] cparker[p] joined the chat room.
[9:05pm] Bosun: they ..
[9:05pm] plank: well hopefully theyll find the time
[9:06pm] yari: Would be wonderful to have their input!
[9:06pm] yari: Do we have quorum as is?
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[9:07pm] Bosun: I honestly thought they would make it. Yes we have quorum.
[9:07pm] Bosun: Let' discuss Portland.
[9:07pm] yari: indeed
[9:08pm] Sayyida: We need to write about portland
[9:08pm] plank: oh boy. CBP given free reign to harass US citizens now
[9:08pm] jokeefe: Trump tries to create a national police force
[9:08pm] Bosun: How about another Press Release demanding the end of unconstitutional behavior by federal police.
[9:08pm] Sayyida: Like, name the evil and rip and tear. This is the new secret police and this is really really REALLY bad
[9:08pm] jokeefe: Guess nationalizing the national guard was not sufficiently loyal
[9:08pm] Joe: Didn't the mayor order him out?
[9:09pm] jokeefe: And governor
[9:09pm] Bosun: Asked them to leave.
[9:09pm] Sayyida: joe, yea they did
[9:09pm] jokeefe: Kind of a half assed secret police, though
[9:09pm] Joe: lol
[9:09pm] Joe: right, not so secret
[9:09pm] Sayyida: they aren't marked, grab people and shove them into vans.
[9:09pm] plank: i was reading an article on how each cabinet branch now has its own police force and how they can be marshalled at times like this for basically whatever the administration wants
[9:09pm] Sayyida: not so secret, secret police
[9:10pm] plank: will try and find
[9:10pm] jokeefe: I wouldn’t be surprised, plant
[9:10pm] jokeefe: plank
[9:10pm] yari: Plank, would appreciate a link
[9:10pm] Sayyida: *nods* I remember reading something about that in the wee hours but it was sketchy in its location
[9:11pm] Sayyida: The larger problem being how they are actually existing
[9:12pm] Bosun:
[9:12pm] papegaai: Title: Portland: protesters' outrage grows over federal officers' 'blatant abuse' | US news | The Guardian (at
[9:12pm] Sayyida: the fact they appear to not be reportable, held to any action, and are unidentifyable
[9:12pm] plank: still looking. the blue leaks from distributed denial of secrets was quite something, somewhat related
[9:13pm] Bosun:
[9:13pm] papegaai: Title: Portland Police Union Burns, Officers Assault Crowds During July 18 Protests - Blogtown - Portland Mercury (at
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[9:14pm] Bosun:
[9:14pm] papegaai: Title: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them - The Washington Post (at
[9:14pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:14pm] Sayyida: its hard to read all of this
[9:15pm] Bosun:
[9:15pm] Sayyida: my country is sick, and its spreading
[9:15pm] yari: I mean I think another press release is certainly called for
[9:16pm] Bosun: OK I'll write something up and pass it on the list.
[9:16pm] Joe: Thank you bosun
[9:16pm] yari: thanks
[9:16pm] jokeefe: appreciate it Bosun
[9:17pm] Joe: May I add something off agenda?
[9:17pm] plank: yeah thanks!
[9:17pm] Bosun: Those guys in Boston pulled down statues in 76
[9:17pm] Bosun: yes
[9:17pm] Joe: I will be headed down to CT this week in order to spread flyers and promote our cause.  Any contact with Pirates in the area would be appreciated.
[9:18pm] yari: Exciting!
[9:18pm] Bosun: Please recruit CT.
[9:18pm] Joe: Jokeefe was going to check if we had any additional flyers to paper the town.
[9:18pm] Joe: I am headed to Hartford CT to be precise.
[9:19pm] plank: afraid i hit a dead end looking for the article i mentioned
[9:19pm] yari: Thanks for trying, plank!
[9:19pm] Joe: No worries Plank, if you find it later please send it to the list.
[9:19pm] plank: will do
[9:19pm] Joe: I forget stuff all the time much too.
[9:20pm] Joe: I plan on being down there Wednesday and Thursday this week.
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[9:24pm] plank joined the chat room.
[9:24pm] Bosun: I will follow up with HIPP.
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[9:25pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:25pm] plank: any opinions on blueleaks? seems to fall under our purview
[9:25pm] plank:
[9:26pm] Bosun: With 4 minutes left.
[9:26pm] jokeefe: Data that should be already free. Glad it got leaked
[9:27pm] Joe: Hear Hear!
[9:27pm] yari: True that
[9:27pm] Joe:
[9:27pm] Sayyida: needed information that should of been available already
[9:27pm] Sayyida: we have 2 min 30 seconds
[9:27pm] Sayyida: anything else to discuss?
[9:28pm] Joe: Motion to adjourn
[9:28pm] Bosun: I want to give five more minutes
[9:28pm] HIPP joined the chat room.
[9:28pm] Sayyida: YAAAAAYYYY
[9:28pm] Joe: Ahoy HIPP
[9:28pm] Bosun: We have HIPP
[9:28pm] plank: ahoy there
[9:28pm] jokeefe: HOPE conference is starting soon. Will be on-line
[9:28pm] Sayyida: AHOY HIPP !
[9:28pm] yari: ayyyy!
[9:28pm] jokeefe: Though $200/person is a bit steep, it does to a good cause
[9:28pm] yari: Ahoy!
[9:29pm] jokeefe: ahoy HIPP
[9:29pm] HIPP left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:29pm] Bosun: HIPP you got in during our last minute.
[9:29pm] Bosun: ah crappy gateway.
[9:29pm] Sayyida: client quit.
[9:29pm] Sayyida: meh
[9:29pm] HIPP joined the chat room.
[9:29pm] Bosun: HIPP you got in during our last minute.
[9:29pm] Sayyida: BoOOooOM They're back!
[9:30pm] Bosun: say hello
[9:30pm] HIPP: Hello
[9:30pm] HIPP: sorry I’m late
[9:30pm] HIPP: my pipes broke
[9:30pm] Bosun: we ar about to adjourn.
[9:30pm] yari: Hello!
[9:30pm] HIPP: had to call a plumber during a pandemic
[9:30pm] plank: yikes! good to have you
[9:30pm] yari: Oh goodness
[9:30pm] jokeefe: sorry to hear that HIPP
[9:31pm] Joe: Welcome!
[9:31pm] HIPP: tropical jungle on Maui no plumbers
[9:31pm] HIPP: im glad to be here
[9:31pm] Bosun: How is your community holding up?
[9:31pm] Sayyida: HIPP, sounds like a shisse situations.
[9:31pm] HIPP: Maui is going well
[9:31pm] Sayyida: good
[9:31pm] HIPP: oahu is not doing well
[9:32pm] Bosun: Thank you for contacting us. Thank you for participating.
[9:32pm] HIPP: we have submitted our PP paperwork to Department of Elections
[9:32pm] Bosun: What does it take to get on the ballot?
[9:33pm] HIPP: just that initial paperwork submitted to DOE
[9:33pm] Bosun: Better than most, maybe every other state.
[9:33pm] HIPP: they have The Shopping Party on Hawaii’s ballot so I had to do Pirate Party
[9:34pm] plank: haha
[9:34pm] HIPP: DOE will sign everything and return it
[9:34pm] Bosun: Cool.
[9:34pm] Sayyida: im excited
[9:34pm] Bosun: You can make it next week to the IRC?
[9:34pm] HIPP: hawaii is very different. We’re all very excited to join US Pirates
[9:35pm] jokeefe: glad to hear it HIPP
[9:35pm] HIPP: i will definitely be here next week. Mahalo
[9:35pm] Bosun: We are a different party everywhere.
[9:35pm] plank: mahalo 
[9:35pm] Joe:
[9:35pm] papegaai: Title: Home :: Distributed Denial of Secrets (at
[9:35pm] Bosun: OK we are adjourned until next week.
[9:36pm] Sayyida: alright! good night ya'll.
[9:36pm] HIPP: Aloha, and mahalo.
[9:36pm] Sayyida: thank you yari for coming!
[9:37pm] yari: Happy to be here!
[9:37pm] jokeefe: HIPP - is in Hawaii
[9:37pm] Joe: gn everyone!
[9:37pm] Sayyida left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[9:37pm] plank: night all, stay safe out there
[9:37pm] Joe left the chat room. (Quit:
[9:37pm] jokeefe: in case you haven’t contacted them
[9:37pm] jokeefe: will post the notes