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07/11/2012 21:00h EDT
Room: #pnc


Members of the PNC

    • Jeff Talada, WA
    • Bradley Hall, FL
    • Kyle DeVore, OR
    • Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY
    • Jarod, GA
    • Eric Zoltan, MA
    • CA
    • OK

At Large Members of the PNC

  • itspara, maryland
  • Joe klein and Megan Cochran, WI
  • Amanda, Mi


  • Meeting opened at: 9:01 pm EDT by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at: 11:16 pm EDT by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea
  • Secretary for this meeting is Jeff Talada/Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Quorum is established: Members 6 out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

Review of previous minutes


Short report of the board members

  • liquid feedback hackathon was a smashing success
    • one or two issues with invitation codes still to work out but we have it up and running on EC2 (Amazon services)
  • working on a VPN
  • hoping to schedule a Pirate Picnic for early August
  • absent
  • Brady started an ice cream business with his wife and is working on a Pirate flavored ice cream
  • no report
New York
  • absent

Non-member States

  • have a twitter facebook website
  • put in a request for recongition for WI and with the accountability board
  • issued a press release

Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • no report
PNC Charter Committee
  • Present Constitution (Release Candidate 1)
    • 2.4.B.i (NY)
    • 2.4.B.ii (MA)
      • motion to amend 4.A to allow for a no confidence measure against a single officer or the entire board, and to amend 4.B.i to remove either the officer or the board as appropriate
        • 4.5 for
    • 4.2.B (WA)
    • 5.1.D (WA)
    • 5.2 (WA)
    • 6.1.A (WA)
    • 6.1.D (WA)
    • 6.2 (WA)
  • Vote was held to discuss this at a later date and extend the temporary PNC by 2 weeks and 1 day. Vote passes, unanimous 5 for.


  • OK Probation
    • On the mailing list, Marcus Kelser 9rep from PPOK) has stated he did not want to be involved with the PNC. MA moved to place OK on Probation Status, NY seconded. Motion passed, unanimous 4 for.
  • Wisconsin Pirate Party (WIPP) has announced they will be applying for full membership to the PNC next week.

Next meeting: 7/18/12 at 9:00pm EDT Meeting closed: at 11:16 pm EDT


  • <teamcolt_> Actually I call the meeting to order now, please do roll call
  • <QuazarGuy> Jeff Talada, WA
  • <itspara> itspara, maryland
  • <Rush> Bradley Hall, FL
  • <Bosun> Joe klein, wi
  • <Sacha> Amanda, Mi.
  • <sadyya> Megan Cochran rep wi
  • <MrSquared> Kyle DeVore, OR
  • itspara shoves the general chat back to #uspp
  • <@kusanagi> Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY

>>> ChanServ sets mode +o teamcolt_ >>> teamcolt_ changed the channel topic

  • <@teamcolt_> QuazarGuy are you going to be secretary?
  • <@teamcolt_> or will it go to kusanagi ?
  • <QuazarGuy> yeah
  • <@teamcolt_> kk
  • <jarod_> bad link
  • <@teamcolt_> jarod_ refresh
  • <@kusanagi> QuazarGuy is the appointed secy
  • <@teamcolt_> yes but he hasn't been doing it, so I wanted to confirm
  • <QuazarGuy> I was elected guys
  • <@teamcolt_> (Link: it just needed to be made public
  • <@teamcolt_> I mean no disrepect QuazarGuy :) I just wanted to know who was doing it :)

>>> erixoltan has joined #pnc

  • <erixoltan> Hi
  • <QuazarGuy> I was only disrespected by kusi
  • <@kusanagi> Disrespected?
  • <@teamcolt_> Sacha last week we passed a rule (if the secretary wants to confirm) that requires a full name to be provided
  • <@teamcolt_> As such if you want to be recognized as at-large, you will need to provide your full name
  • <QuazarGuy> there was no vote

>>> sadyya has quit IRC: Quit: sadyya >>> sadyya has joined #pnc

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  • <erixoltan> approve
  • <@teamcolt_> QuazarGuy yes that will be acceptable
  • <@kusanagi> Yep
  • <QuazarGuy> then I approve of the rest
  • <MrSquared> i approve
  • <Sacha> TeamCol
  • <Sacha> we required real names
  • <Sacha> not full names
  • <Sacha> unless you can please link the pad again
  • <@teamcolt_> I am going to use my position as chair, and interpret the rule as full name
  • <Sacha> and I will cry into my liquor while examining other parties??
  • <Sacha> okay
  • <erixoltan> Sacha, I'm sure the intent was full names.
  • <Sacha> leaving the room, have fun y'all
  • <Sacha> Amanda Johnson
  • <Sacha> Michigan

>>> Sacha has left #pnc

  • <@teamcolt_> Okay so before we get to the fun stuff
  • <@teamcolt_> lets start with our ritual updates
  • <@teamcolt_> Mass / erixoltan
  • <erixoltan> Can I go in a few moments please?
  • <@teamcolt_> yeah
  • <@teamcolt_> Oklahoma is absent
  • <@teamcolt_> Wa QuazarGuy
  • <QuazarGuy> Brady started an ice cream business with his wife and is working on a Pirate flavored ice cream
  • <@kusanagi> Yaaay!
  • <sadyya> thats cool
  • <@kusanagi> I vote for pirate chai
  • <itspara> It tastes like pirate?
  • <itspara> ....
  • <QuazarGuy> done
  • <Rush> Tastes like gunpowder, parrot, and gold
  • <itspara> ^better
  • <sadyya> itsparta gross....... pirate taste
  • <@teamcolt_> Gun powder smells good...
  • <QuazarGuy> oh he intends to donate some of the profits to the Pirate Party in WA
  • <@teamcolt_> Oregon
  • <MrSquared> Yes
  • <MrSquared> There will be OPP representation at the "Rock The Ballot" event on July 21st in Portland.
  • <MrSquared> Details are on our FB group
  • <MrSquared> That's about it
  • <MrSquared> (Link:
  • <MrSquared> That is the event
  • <MrSquared> That is the event
  • <erixoltan> awesome
  • <@teamcolt_> MrSquared anything more?
  • <MrSquared> nope, that's it
  • <@teamcolt_> Georgia / jarod_
  • <jarod_> nothing in ga
  • <@teamcolt_> Florida / Rush
  • <Rush> Florida is going just as we always have. It's been slow. We have started working quite a bit on NSH2 and have a few drafts trickling in. I started an essay the other day that for whatever reason scared the co-editor's wife. The link for what we're looking for is at (Link:
  • <Rush> Other than that, we don't have anything. We will have to file with the department of elections or something on the 10th of next month, like we do every three months.
  • <@teamcolt_> Sweet. Well thanks for the update :)
  • <@teamcolt_> New York / kusanagi
  • <@kusanagi> Zac and I rehearsed and finalized the setlist for this saturday's pirate choir, which was pretty good. We're very excited and nervous about it.
  • <Rush> Do you guys take requests?
  • <@kusanagi> If you haven't read about it: (Link:
  • <@kusanagi> Maybe
  • <@kusanagi> Depends on the request
  • <itspara> Freebird
  • <@teamcolt_> Raining men? :)
  • <@kusanagi> LOL itspara
  • <itspara> I would like to second teamcolt_
  • <@kusanagi> teamcolt_: maybe, no promises
  • <sadyya> diddo
  • <@kusanagi> That's pretty much it here
  • <@teamcolt_> California
  • <@teamcolt_> Not here it seems?
  • <@kusanagi> max_CAPP:
  • <@teamcolt_> He didn
  • <@teamcolt_> t roll call
  • <@kusanagi> Then they're out again
  • <@teamcolt_> And isn't responding :P
  • <@teamcolt_> Would there be any objections from hearing from our at large members before the AOB section
  • <@teamcolt_> since tonight will probably be a long meeting
  • <@kusanagi> Okay.. I'll email orion in a bit
  • <erixoltan> don't forget MAss
  • <@teamcolt_> oh yeah sorry erixoltan
  • <@teamcolt_> go ahead
  • <erixoltan> Our liquid feedback hackathon was a smashing success
  • <erixoltan> We have one or two issues with invitation codes still to work out but we have it up and running on EC2.
  • <QuazarGuy> EC2?
  • <@teamcolt_> Amazon web services
  • <erixoltan> yeah
  • <erixoltan> We are hoping to use it to hammer out responses to some pending legislation first.
  • <erixoltan> In other news, we are working on our VPN. I am the guinea pig but had an issue trying to use Bitcoin.
  • <erixoltan> And we are hoping to schedule a Pirate Picnic for early August.
  • <erixoltan> Those are the major points.
  • <erixoltan> That's it for Mass.
  • <@teamcolt_> Thanks erixoltan
  • <@teamcolt_> Since I didn't see any objections itspara, has your party been up to anything recently?
  • <sadyya> I don't mean to interupt but when the time is good I have a question
  • <@teamcolt_> Bosun and sadyya I will be asking you too
  • <@teamcolt_> sadyya query me and I will tell you
  • <itspara> Tossed some links to other parties on the maryland site.... Not much else. I plan to get movinh on finding people soon
  • <itspara> *moving
  • <@teamcolt_> Awesome
  • <QuazarGuy> link please
  • <@teamcolt_> itspara ?
  • <sadyya> teamcolt_: I'm new to the program how?
  • <@teamcolt_> sadyya /query teamcolt_
  • <@teamcolt_> then it will open a tab or window and then write your message
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay well we will move on, Bosun are you around?
  • <sadyya> he went into a silent mode
  • <sadyya> im representing
  • <sadyya> he went into a "twilight zone for electronics"
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay sadyya go ahead
  • <sadyya> ok
  • <@teamcolt_> This is just to provide an update of what your state party is up to
  • <Bosun> Kinda here
  • <sadyya> well we have a twitter facebook website and have put in a request for recongition for WI
  • <Bosun> We have a website, twit
  • <itspara> Http:// in case anyone wants to make sure their party is linked in the footer

>>> MrSquared has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds

  • <itspara> I am done

>>> MrSquared_ has joined #pnc

  • <sadyya> did the FB go down? I thought it was there....
  • <@teamcolt_> Awesome, we will discuss your state party itself later on. Was there any other news from you guys?

>>> [erixoltan] has joined #pnc

  • <Bosun> Also registered with the government accountability board and issued a pr
  • <@teamcolt_> Sweet. Okay so lets move on to the IT committee
  • <@teamcolt_> matuck_ anything new with you guys?

>>> erixoltan has quit IRC: Quit: Colloquy for iPad - (Link:

  • <[erixoltan]> I am here still.

>>> [erixoltan] has left #pnc

  • <QuazarGuy> seems idle
  • <@teamcolt_> yep

>>> [erixoltan] has joined #pnc

  • <@kusanagi> There's a hangup in connections

>>> jarod_ has quit IRC: Quit: Web client closed

  • <[erixoltan]> sorry again
  • <@teamcolt_> You are all good [erixoltan]
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay lets move onto (Link:
  • <@kusanagi> It's okay, everyone's having issues tonight
  • <@kusanagi> I'm not exactly okay with the no confidence measure
  • <@teamcolt_> kusanagi there was no VoNC on the agenda
  • <@teamcolt_> at least not right now
  • <@teamcolt_> We are currently on reviewing (Link:
  • <@teamcolt_> and discussing it
  • <@kusanagi> I'm tak0lking about the constitution
  • <@teamcolt_> ohh
  • <@teamcolt_> :P sorry
  • <@kusanagi> Sec2 art 4
  • <@kusanagi> Whooooosh
  • <@kusanagi> :P
  • <@teamcolt_> You mean Section 4?
  • <itspara> I like the no confidence part personally.....
  • <@kusanagi> Art 2 sec4
  • <@kusanagi> It should be agaianst one officer, not the whole board at once.
  • <sadyya> switching clients people

>>> sadyya has quit IRC: Quit: Leaving

  • <itspara> Part two of b doesnt seem righ
  • <@teamcolt_> I think we should do it like this, we wont discuss anything right now... everyone just read through it, and then when you find a spot you disagree with
  • <@teamcolt_> make a comment here
  • <@teamcolt_> and then we will go item by item at the end
  • <@kusanagi> I'll have to get to my mac in a bit for that
  • <@teamcolt_> kusanagi do you have a specific part of the VoNC Article?
  • <QuazarGuy> make a note of the section number here and I'll keep a list
  • <@kusanagi> Just the bit about it being against the whole board
  • <@teamcolt_> QuazarGuy let the list reflect New York has an objection to Article 2 Section 4 Subpoint B item I
  • <[erixoltan]> Kusanagi, that is a legitimate point. the proposed language doesn't prevent any of the officers from standing again for the same position.
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] I would prefer to hold conversation about them after we get the list of objections
  • <[erixoltan]> ok
  • <@teamcolt_> Then we will discuss and all vote on an official change
  • <@teamcolt_> So I know who we are waiting on, when you have finished reading (Link: -- please say so
  • <[erixoltan]> I'm done, having spent a lot of time with it already.
  • <@teamcolt_> Bosun coyo itspara matuck_ MrSquared_ QuazarGuy Rush (just to make sure we are all on the same page)
  • <MrSquared_> reading...
  • <@teamcolt_> Thanks
  • <itspara> Likewise
  • <QuazarGuy> reading
  • <Rush> What

>>> Bosun has quit IRC: Remote host closed the connection >>> Bosun_ has joined #pnc >>> sadyya has joined #pnc

  • <QuazarGuy> 4.2.B
  • <Rush> Got it
  • <Rush> I'd say change it to "The term of the affected member shall be terminated" or something, not everyone
  • <@teamcolt_> Rush we are just listing our objections
  • <@teamcolt_> once everyone has read it
  • <@teamcolt_> we will discuss them item by item
  • <itspara> ive gone over it
  • <QuazarGuy> 5.1.D
  • <QuazarGuy> and 5.2
  • <itspara> 2.4.B.i
  • <itspara> Correction*2.4.B.ii
  • <@teamcolt_> itspara already addressed
  • <@teamcolt_> but ii hasnt
  • <QuazarGuy> 6.1.A
  • <itspara> Yeah, i meant ii
  • <QuazarGuy> 6.1.D
  • <MrSquared_> finished reading
  • <QuazarGuy> 6.2
  • <QuazarGuy> finished
  • <@kusanagi> Done
  • <QuazarGuy> there are 7 items on the list
  • <@teamcolt_> So we are just waiting on Rush and matuck_ ?
  • <itspara> I like the preamble :3
  • <itspara> I think so
  • <Rush> I'm here
  • <Rush> done
  • <@teamcolt_> kk and I am not going to wait for matuck_
  • <@teamcolt_> because he hasn't shown evidence of being here :)
  • <@teamcolt_> QuazarGuy could you list the items which have been objected to
  • <@teamcolt_> ?
  • <QuazarGuy> **2.4.B.ii (NY) **4.2.B (WA) **5.1.D (WA) **5.2 (WA) **6.1.A (WA) **6.1.D (WA) **6.2 (WA)
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] had asked to make a motion, which I feel this is the best place to make it
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] if you still want to do it, this would be a good time
  • <itspara> Ny also brought up 2.4.b.ii?
  • <QuazarGuy> oh
  • <[erixoltan]> well I was going to say that we should find out what all the objections are and then work on them for another week and come back. However I also think we can just move forward at this time and make that motion later if needed.
  • <QuazarGuy> thought you changed it to i
  • <itspara> Im not even sure if i have any say in this... But oh well
  • <itspara> No, i didnt... I corrected it to ii
  • <@teamcolt_> It is the chairs opinion that we, as the PNC should try to fix them as much as we can and see if we can do it here. If we run out of time, then we make that motion.
  • <QuazarGuy> ok so NY had an issue with i
  • <@teamcolt_> Is that acceptable?
  • <[erixoltan]> agreed
  • <@teamcolt_> kk
  • <@kusanagi> Ok
  • <@teamcolt_> Lets start with New Yorks:
  • <@teamcolt_> If a No Confidence measure passes, then the following sequence of events shall occur:
  • <@teamcolt_> The terms of all PNC Officers shall end immediately.
  • <[erixoltan]> I would like to speak to the intent of the measure in question.
  • <@teamcolt_> This was their objection, kusanagi
  • <@teamcolt_> lets hear kusanagi s objection first
  • <@kusanagi> If there is only one officer who has stirred a lack of confidence, as it stands the entire oard would be removed
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] go ahead
  • <[erixoltan]> This is intended to be an extreme action to be used as a last resort.
  • <@kusanagi> That's a bit excessive, in my opinion.
  • <@kusanagi> Yes, of course
  • <[erixoltan]> It might be only one officer causing a problem, and the others could stand for re-election under the current language.
  • <[erixoltan]> However I wouldn't object to rewording this so that it would allow a no confidence measure against a single officer, or against the whole thing, depending on what was wrong.
  • <@kusanagi> I think they should be permitted to keep their position.
  • <@kusanagi> I would like that much better, eric
  • <[erixoltan]> Ok I think it's an improvement as well.
  • <[erixoltan]> Unfortunately it looks like the document is locked for editing and only Zac can change it.
  • <@teamcolt_> Lets make it a motion
  • <@teamcolt_> if you want to change something, create a motion to change a specific part, and include wording
  • <[erixoltan]> The motion is to amend 4.A to allow for a no confidence measure against a single officer or the entire board, and to amend 4.B.i to remove either the officer or the board as appropriate.
  • <@teamcolt_> Do we want to break those up? Or is everyone comfortable voting on both at once?
  • <@kusanagi> I second.
  • <@teamcolt_> Well seeing no one screaming bloody murder, we will keep them together
  • <@teamcolt_> does anyone have any objections to this change? Or should we move to vote?
  • <[erixoltan]> I hope we never use this measure...
  • <MrSquared_> I'm fine with it
  • <@kusanagi> Amen
  • <Rush> I have to afk for a few, I give my vote to NYPP if that's okay for the next 5-10 minutes
  • <@teamcolt_> Again seeing no objection... we will vote: all in favour of the motion to amend 4.A to allow for a no confidence measure against a single officer or the entire board, and to amend 4.B.i to remove either the officer or the board as appropriate. please say aye, anyone against it say nay
  • <[erixoltan]> aye
  • <MrSquared_> aye
  • <@kusanagi> QuazarGuy just stepped away, I will act as secretary for this
  • <@kusanagi> Aye
  • <QuazarGuy> aye
  • <itspara> Aye
  • <QuazarGuy> I have to go for about 50 minutes
  • <QuazarGuy> QuazarGuyidle

>>> Bosun has joined #pnc

  • <[erixoltan]> Hmm
  • <[erixoltan]> That might make it hard to vote on remaining objections.
  • <@kusanagi> Ping Rush
  • <@teamcolt_> Rush has to be present for quorum - regardless if he is passing on his votes to other people (which I have difficulty accepting)
  • <@teamcolt_> But we still have quorum for htat vote, which I am now calling
  • <@teamcolt_> kusanagi what was the official total

>>> Bosun_ has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds

  • <@kusanagi> 4.5 for, 0 against
  • <@kusanagi> Or 5.5, if I count for Rush
  • <@teamcolt_> Unless someone wants to make a motion to specifically allow it
  • <@teamcolt_> I can't accept his vote
  • <[erixoltan]> I don't think we have a provision for that anyway.
  • <QuazarGuy> I can email my issues if you close the meeting before I get back
  • <[erixoltan]> Then should I move that we extend the PNC for a week and try to address those issues via email?
  • <@teamcolt_> Hopefully you guys don't think I am being a jerk
  • <@teamcolt_> :P
  • <QuazarGuy> make it two weeks
  • <[erixoltan]> ok
  • <@kusanagi> No more than you usually are teamcolt_
  • <QuazarGuy> I vote in favor of extension, have to go, later

>>> sadyya has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 268 seconds

  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] care to field an actual motion?
  • <[erixoltan]> So I move that we extend the PNC for two weeks and accept QuazarGuy's vote as an aye. To come back next week with revisions based on his objections.
  • <@teamcolt_> :) thanks
  • <MrSquared_> second
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] there is one issue, that you also need to extend the living time of the PNC
  • <@teamcolt_> because we are set to expire tomorrow
  • <Rush> back
  • <[erixoltan]> I was intending the motion to include that. Do you want me to change the language in some specific way?
  • <@teamcolt_> We can do it in two different motions, but if this passes and that fails :P then we are fucked
  • <[erixoltan]> I said "extend the PNC"...
  • <@teamcolt_> but I think we can risk it and just do it in two motions

>>> sadyya has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcolt_> Yeahh I guess you did, it just is worded where it can be interepreted as the extension of the objective
  • <@teamcolt_> not as the body itself
  • <@teamcolt_> I will accept the wording
  • <@teamcolt_> we all know what you meant
  • <[erixoltan]> thanks
  • <itspara> How many times has it been extended to make more time? Jw
  • <[erixoltan]> several
  • <@kusanagi> Infinaite
  • <[erixoltan]> But this time we have an actual document on the table.
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] the other thing, can you make an amend it to make it two weeks and one day
  • <@teamcolt_> which I will accept as a friendly amendment
  • <[erixoltan]> agreed
  • <@teamcolt_> Again, sorry to be the jerk
  • <[erixoltan]> np you're being smart - that's minutely different.....
  • <@teamcolt_> ;) Only a bit. Okay MrSquared_ seconded
  • <@teamcolt_> Now was there an objection to the motion
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay
  • <@teamcolt_> Lets vote then
  • <[erixoltan]> aye
  • <@teamcolt_> wait wait
  • <@teamcolt_> let me repeat it :P
  • <@teamcolt_> We are voting on the motion that we extend the PNC for two weeks plus one day and accept QuazarGuy's vote as an aye. To come back next week with revisions based on his objections.
  • <@teamcolt_> all in favour say aye
  • <@teamcolt_> (against say nay)
  • <[erixoltan]> point of order
  • <[erixoltan]> do I have to say "aye" again?
  • <Rush> aye!
  • <MrSquared_> aye
  • <@kusanagi> Aye
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] no, but you just did :P
  • <[erixoltan]> oops...
  • <@kusanagi> Hahaha
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay I am calling the vote
  • <@teamcolt_> kusanagi
  • <@kusanagi> 4 for
  • <@kusanagi> 0 against
  • <@teamcolt_> So... this is weird
  • <@teamcolt_> but because we passed the vote
  • <@teamcolt_> the vote retrochanges the vote to 5
  • <@teamcolt_> in favour
  • <itspara> :O
  • <[erixoltan]> Pirate math, gotta love it.
  • <MrSquared_> You are now entering the Twilight Zone
  • <Rush> This isn't the Twilight Zone
  • <Rush> I've been there

>>> Bosun has quit IRC: Remote host closed the connection >>> Bosun has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcolt_> Okay so the last vote said we were coming back to this topic in two weeks
  • <@teamcolt_> In the motion to adjourn I would suggest someone also include two weeks
  • <@kusanagi> Oh, ok

>>> Bosun_ has joined #pnc

  • <@kusanagi> So 5.5 then, sorry, I was confused to
  • <@teamcolt_> Where did the .5 come from?
  • <@kusanagi> itspara voted as well.
  • <itspara> I did?
  • <@teamcolt_> Where?
  • <@kusanagi> in the original vote..
  • <[erixoltan]> *<itspara> :O
  • <[erixoltan]> does that count?
  • <itspara> Not the vote to extend.....
  • <@kusanagi> Oh
  • <@teamcolt_> Wait, what?
  • <@kusanagi> Never mind, I'm an idiot
  • <@kusanagi> 5for
  • <@teamcolt_> Can you / QuazarGuy actually have the minutes reflect there was 4 votes in favour, and that the vote allowed for QuazarGuy's vote for 5
  • <@teamcolt_> Anyway, was there other things we wanted to discuss?

>>> Bosun has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds

  • <[erixoltan]> How about Oklahoma.

>>> Bosun_ has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds

  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] yes, that is a good thing
  • <[erixoltan]> At the last meeting I objected to a motion someone was about to make related to Oklahoma because I felt we needed to make a final overture and give them more time.
  • <[erixoltan]> That has now been done and I withdraw any objection I had at that time.

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  • <@teamcolt_> Okay
  • <@teamcolt_> Well I will make a statement as the chair: Oklahoma made a statement in the SAB list which basically states that they have no desire to be a member of this body
  • <itspara> Ok?
  • <@teamcolt_> Would a vote today drop them down a status level?
  • <itspara> Ooh, punny
  • <[erixoltan]> point of information, have you been counting them against our quorum?
  • <@teamcolt_> or would it be the first of two votes and the next one happen during our next meeting
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] yes
  • <[erixoltan]> It's my understanding that we can only vote to put them on probation, based on the current rules in effect?
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] yes
  • <@teamcolt_> but from my understanding it takes two meetings
  • <@teamcolt_> one meeting to actually call for it
  • <@teamcolt_> and a second meeting to vote on it
  • <@teamcolt_> which is why we wanted to get the ball rolling last week
  • <@teamcolt_> err last meeting*
  • <Rush> I've been speaking with Kesler. If I recall, he's the only member of PPOK right now and works during meetings
  • <[erixoltan]> hmm, does anyone have a link to that language?
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] I will be right back.
  • <@teamcolt_> err
  • <@kusanagi> So.. how is ppok a pnc member?/
  • <@kusanagi> Legacy
  • <@teamcolt_> let me look at the rules
  • <@kusanagi> ?
  • <[erixoltan]> (Link:
  • <@teamcolt_> (Link:
  • <@teamcolt_> A5. If any existing PNC member state fails to meet these requirements, or if the state fails to send a representative to two consecutive meetings, then it can be placed in probationary status by a majority vote.
  • <@teamcolt_> So we can just hold one vote today

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  • <[erixoltan]> The second vote would have to be one month later at the least, and it would demote them further.
  • <@teamcolt_> In the new setup, we will have a speific bi-law wikipage which we will keep all this on
  • <[erixoltan]> bylaw.
  • <@teamcolt_> thank you :)
  • <[erixoltan]> bi-law is our position on people who like everyone.
  • <@teamcolt_> lol I was just thinking of making a joke about a law that goes both ways
  • <@kusanagi> Which I hope is a good one
  • <[erixoltan]> me 2
  • <MrSquared_> where's the upvote botton
  • <@teamcolt_> Anyway....
  • <@kusanagi> Get off reddit!
  • <@teamcolt_> Can we get a motion?
  • <[erixoltan]> I would like to move that Oklahoma be placed on probationary status.
  • <@teamcolt_> seconds?
  • <@kusanagi> Sure
  • <@teamcolt_> Is there any objections to it?
  • <@teamcolt_> are there*
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay lets vote then
  • <@teamcolt_> All in favour of making oklahoma a probationary member say aye
  • <[erixoltan]> aye
  • <MrSquared_> aye
  • <Rush> aye
  • <@kusanagi> Aye.
  • <@teamcolt_> calling the vote
  • <@teamcolt_> kusanagi
  • <@kusanagi> 4 for, 0 against. Motion passed
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay other items?
  • <[erixoltan]> none here
  • <Bosun> WI?
  • <@teamcolt_> Bosun are you guys making a formal request to be a full member in our next meeting?
  • <Bosun> Yes
  • <@teamcolt_> Bosun okay read through (Link:
  • <@teamcolt_> and be ready to answer all questiosn by next week
  • <@teamcolt_> err
  • <@teamcolt_> next meeting
  • <Bosun> Ok
  • <@kusi-away> no meeting next week?
  • <@teamcolt_> kusi-away well it will be whenever we make it
  • <@kusi-away> ok.
  • <@teamcolt_> we haven't adjourned but we will not be discussing PNC for two weeks
  • <@kusi-away> ok

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  • <[erixoltan]> The motion was to exend for two weeks, not to skip a meeting. I thought we'd discuss it next week.
  • <@teamcolt_> [erixoltan] ah that works
  • <@teamcolt_> Well does anyone want to make another motion?
  • <[erixoltan]> We can discuss Wisconsin too.
  • <@teamcolt_> Non members or normal members are welcome
  • <@kusanagi> Bosun: will WIPP be going for full membership status to the pnc?

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  • <@kusanagi> oh wait, i scrolled up, fanswer is yes

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  • <@teamcolt_> Okay seeing no other discussion points, motion to adjourn?
  • <[erixoltan]> so moved
  • <@teamcolt_> and give a time for when we reconviene please

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  • <Bosun> We would like that
  • <@kusanagi> Next week.
  • <@teamcolt_> Okay all in favour of adjourning until next week
  • <@kusanagi> aye
  • <[erixoltan]> aye
  • <@kusanagi> Rush, MrSquared_
  • <MrSquared_> aye
  • <Rush> aye
  • <@teamcolt_> Called
  • <@kusanagi> calling it, 4 for. next meeting is the 18th, 9pm edt.
  • <@kusanagi> have a good night.