PNC 6/10/20

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Please send me suggested agenda items as well as any URLs to articles on COVID-19 authoritarian power grabs.









Record of the meeting


[10:02pm] Bosun_: Please identify
[10:02pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein vice chair
[10:02pm] Bosun_: Joseph Klein USPP Chair.
[10:02pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
[10:03pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts
[10:03pm] jokeefe: Meeting record:
[10:03pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 6/10/20 - United States Pirate Party (at
[10:03pm] plank: Evan DeMers, Sacramento, CA
[10:04pm] Bosun_: Let's go through the reports.
[10:04pm] Bosun_: Evan is here to help represent CA.
[10:05pm] jokeefe: I don’t have anything to report on the tech side. I’ll check in on Silas.
[10:06pm] Bosun_: I added the accounts as requested by jokeefe and taking a bit more care of crew.
[10:06pm] Bosun_: ... working on the monster update.
[10:07pm] jokeefe: thank you
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[10:08pm] Bosun_: What do you think of the events the last few weeks?
[10:08pm] plank: seems the protests are slowly losing steam
[10:09pm] jokeefe: Seattle autonomous zone
[10:09pm] Bosun_: They have gone on longer than any prior.
[10:09pm] Joe: I am saddened by all the unanswered violence that has taken place.
[10:11pm] Bosun_: Some cases of people taking advantage and looting. Some provocateurs, mostly on the right I think.
[10:11pm] Sayyida: i have friends in the automous zone
[10:12pm] Sayyida: this week has been emotional and i don't have many more left
[10:12pm] Bosun_: We spotted Boogaloos in Chicago and Milwaukee.
[10:13pm] Bosun_: The marches in Milwaukee are the first to make it into the suburbs.
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[10:13pm] Sayyida: they are gassing people in seattle
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[10:14pm] Sayyida: this just has made me feel raw and empty as i watch friends and family alike protest and get met with violence
[10:14pm] jokeefe: Doesn’t look like the protests are ending around here. If anything, they are spreading out to other areas.
[10:15pm] Sayyida: same here
[10:15pm] Bosun_: DOJ officially categorizes pepper and CS as chemical agents except when use to clear peaceful demonstrators for a Presidential PR stunt.
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[10:17pm] Bosun_: What should our policy be regarding. protests?
[10:18pm] Bosun_: If any.
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[10:19pm] Joe: Gentle support.  Urging marching for change but in a peaceful way.  Make sure that justice is upheld no matter what.
[10:19pm] jokeefe:
[10:19pm] papegaai: Title: Riseup Pad (at
[10:19pm] Sayyida: i fully support both peaceful and violent forms of protest
[10:20pm] Sayyida: its not like the issue wasn't called out 3xs and named already or anything
[10:20pm] Bosun_: I agree with calls for noviolence. I also agree that we, as a nation, need to ban excessive use of force by police.
[10:20pm] Bosun_: No choke holds.
[10:20pm] Joe: Boson_what is your take on #8cantwait
[10:21pm] Joe: I really do agree with ending police unions
[10:21pm] jokeefe: Not sure it goes far enough:
[10:21pm] papegaai: Title: 8 Can't Wait (at
[10:21pm] Joe: thank you Jokeefe
[10:21pm] Sayyida: i don't think the 8 goes far enough either
[10:22pm] Joe: What would you see different? Please elaborate.
[10:22pm] Bosun_: It seems a reasonable first step.
[10:23pm] Sayyida: who are you asking Joe
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[10:24pm] Bosun_: Camden NJ - look at their reform.
[10:24pm] Bosun_: Reduced crime.
[10:24pm] Joe: Everyone, but including you Sayyida
[10:24pm] Joe: I agree with you I am just looking for us to articulate why this is such a good thing.
[10:25pm] jokeefe:
[10:25pm] papegaai: Title: After Police Reform, Crime Falls In Camden, New Jersey - CityLab (at
[10:25pm] Sayyida: honestly the police force needs to be suspended, every officer must go through background check, mental health screening, social meadia checking ect
[10:26pm] Bosun_: The offending core are the police unions. They tend to have the berserkers in their ranks.
[10:26pm] Joe: Thing is, I agree with Obama in that we should be continually focused on major changes over a long period of time. One step at a time.
[10:26pm] Sayyida: eliminate the racists and nazis
[10:26pm] Joe: Agreed Bosun_ they stop the firing of bad cops.
[10:27pm] Sayyida: remove lethal weapons
[10:27pm] Sayyida: police union has to go  too
[10:27pm] jokeefe: demilitarize police
[10:27pm] Sayyida: cops need to actualy complete a degree to become one
[10:28pm] Bosun_: De escalation training and more use of non lethal tactic.
[10:28pm] Sayyida: 4 years or more
[10:28pm] Sayyida: theres a lot that MUST be done before I would think of calling the police or even trusting them
[10:29pm] Bosun_: Some have suggested an occupational licensing ssystem.
[10:29pm] jokeefe: shift resources to (mental) health care, schools, other services
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[10:29pm] Joe: In MA you have to have a bachelors in Criminal justice at least, though we always referred to it as the class to pass no matter what.
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[10:29pm] Joe: More of a joke than anything else.
[10:29pm] Bosun_: That is the defunding argument. - Not really defunding but shifting.
[10:29pm] Sayyida: i know indianapolis you don't, its considered an aprenticishp
[10:29pm] Sayyida: gah i can't type today
[10:29pm] jokeefe: They used to provide a boost in funding if you had a bachelors in Criminal justice, but they ended that
[10:30pm] Sayyida: You would walk into your local sherriffs office and "apply"
[10:31pm] Sayyida: by that its paperwork and then you get stuck wtih the local in your area
[10:31pm] Sayyida: yes there are degrees but they are not required
[10:31pm] Sayyida: more of a "bounus" in the point spectrum
[10:32pm] Sayyida: anyways we are at time
[10:32pm] Bosun_: I will draft another statement and circulate it on the list. Thanks for the feedback. We are at time.
[10:32pm] Sayyida: motion to adjoun
[10:32pm] Joe: 2nd
[10:33pm] Sayyida: good night
[10:33pm] jokeefe: aye
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[10:33pm] Joe: gn
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[10:33pm] plank: good night
[10:33pm] Bosun_: We are ajourned.
[10:33pm] Bosun_: good night