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::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- 3/6/2013 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • Attending
    • Florida - Brad Hall
    • Massachusetts - Erik Zoltan
    • Oregon - Kyle DeVore
    • California - Orion Steele
    • Georgia - Andrew Norton
  • Excused
    • none
  • Unexcused
    • New York
    • Wisconsin
    • Washington
  • Probation
    • none

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

  • none

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

  • Captain - Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Quartermaster - Daniel Gorski

1.4 - Other Attendees

  • Florida - Steven Smith


  • Meeting called to order at: 9:10 pm EDT
  • Meeting chaired by Captain Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Secretary for this meeting is Quartermaster Daniel Gorski
  • Quorum is established: 5 out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • Loomio code examined via GitHub
    • found to be lacking
  • Website nearly finished
    • mobile theme broken
  • Voting system discussed
    • Possible different groups:
      • Open: anyone can vote/suggest
      • Moderated: one must have an approved keypair in order to vote/suggest
      • Moderated Voting: keypairs must be approved, and motions need to be reviewed

5 - Agenda Items

  • none

- AOB -

  • Changing the date format of logs to follow ISO 8601
    • yyyy-mm-dd
  • Using Crypto parties to promote Pirate Party
  • Creating the Pirate Party shanty
  • Meeting Adjourned: 10:14 pm EDT
  • Next Meeting: 2013-3-20

- Logs of the Meeting -

Mar 06 21:10:13 <kusanagi>        Ok, meeting called at 9:10PM EST
Mar 06 21:10:14 <mildbeard>        ok
Mar 06 21:11:08 <kusanagi>        Please identify yourself for the record, first and last name, and state of residence. If you are a member-state rep, please state so.
Mar 06 21:11:24 <narrenburg>        Steven Smith, Florida.
Mar 06 21:11:30 <kusanagi>        Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY, Captain
Mar 06 21:11:34 <mildbeard>        Erik Zoltan, Massachusetts - rep
Mar 06 21:11:38 <MrSquared>        Kyle DeVore, Representing Oregon
Mar 06 21:11:47 <Rush>        Brad Hall, Florida, Representative of Florida
Mar 06 21:12:01 <CapnSketchBeard>        Peter Bourgelais, Maine
Mar 06 21:12:17 <OyajiVyse>        Daniel Gorski, NY, Quartermaster
Mar 06 21:13:09 <kusanagi>        OrionSteele
Mar 06 21:13:26 <OrionSteele>        orion steele california
Mar 06 21:13:44 <kusanagi>        and you're the CAPP rep, correct?
Mar 06 21:14:07 <OrionSteele>        i am currently the representative from california to the pnc
Mar 06 21:14:36 <kusanagi>        thanks
Mar 06 21:15:33 *        K`Tetch ( has joined #pnc
Mar 06 21:16:00 <kusanagi>        First up is IT report, though Caleb isn't here, I attended the meeting
Mar 06 21:17:26 <kusanagi>        We went over some of Loomio's code via github, and it looks okay. There are some flaws with it, though
Mar 06 21:18:53 <OyajiVyse>        and this was in regard to the site, correct?
Mar 06 21:19:01 <mildbeard>        are these flaws related to privacy?
Mar 06 21:19:02 <kusanagi>        The website is nearly finished, with some theme adjustments (changing some prompts from German to English, making the theme less bloated) 
Mar 06 21:19:10 <kusanagi>        OyajiVyse, no
Mar 06 21:19:24 <kusanagi>        mildbeard, some of them seem to be, if I understand the code properly
Mar 06 21:19:43 <mildbeard>        I am going to take a look at it, so  I'd love to hear details for MAPP.
Mar 06 21:20:26 <K`Tetch>        is it the same theme as one of the German parties?
Mar 06 21:20:26 <kusanagi>        I'll look over it again this weekend and make notes
Mar 06 21:20:35 <kusanagi>        K`Tetch, identify for the recrod.
Mar 06 21:20:40 <mildbeard>        thx
Mar 06 21:20:51 <K`Tetch>        Georgia temp rep - Andrew Norton
Mar 06 21:20:56 <kusanagi>        Also, the theme is broken for mobile
Mar 06 21:21:17 <mildbeard>        dude...
Mar 06 21:21:57 <kusanagi>        so there are some things to stream line for that
Mar 06 21:22:37 <kusanagi>        We did discuss a voting system, and some ideals for it
Mar 06 21:22:44 <narrenburg>        Oh.
Mar 06 21:23:57 <kusanagi>        A few different groups for different votes, for example, was discussed
Mar 06 21:25:23 <kusanagi>        Open: anyone can vote/suggest, Moderated: there has to be an approved keypair before one can bring up a motion and/or vote, and finally moderated voting, where the keypairs must be approved AND the motions need to be reviewed
Mar 06 21:27:21 <kusanagi>        The biggest concern is legitimacy of votes, and that will be discussed next week.
Mar 06 21:27:42 <kusanagi>        ./end IT
Mar 06 21:29:53 <kusanagi>        We don't have any agenda items for tonight
Mar 06 21:30:06 <kusanagi>        So I'd move it into AOB
Mar 06 21:30:13 <kusanagi>        open floor, for the new people
Mar 06 21:31:01 <kusanagi>        Does anyone have anything?
Mar 06 21:31:05 <OyajiVyse>        I'd like to bring up possibly changing the date format for the logs
Mar 06 21:31:42 <OyajiVyse>        to follow ISO 8601
Mar 06 21:31:51 <narrenburg>        [year]-[month]-[date]
Mar 06 21:31:57 <narrenburg>        [day]*
Mar 06 21:32:13 <OyajiVyse>        correct
Mar 06 21:32:52 <OyajiVyse>        not a major point, but attention to detail is usually a plus in my book
Mar 06 21:33:11 <kusanagi>        I think that would be fine, standards would make things easier to find
Mar 06 21:33:28 <K`Tetch>        except when you change standards
Mar 06 21:33:49 <OyajiVyse>        which is why we only have one group to officiate standards 
Mar 06 21:33:52 <narrenburg>        The thing about standards is, there's just so MANY of 'em
Mar 06 21:34:07 <K`Tetch>        because then you have two ways, until you spend extra manpower to change what you've already done to some new arbitrary standard
Mar 06 21:34:07 <narrenburg>        But yeah, ISO is the metastandard.
Mar 06 21:34:12 <Rush>        Narrenburg is right, why change standards?
Mar 06 21:34:22 <narrenburg>        No, I actually agree with Oyaji.
Mar 06 21:34:37 <Rush>        ISO is not just one standard, it's a series of standards
Mar 06 21:34:51 <OyajiVyse>        true
Mar 06 21:35:10 <K`Tetch>        its a way of making work for the otherwise unemployable
Mar 06 21:35:30 <K`Tetch>        paperwork for paperwork's sake
Mar 06 21:36:18 <mildbeard>        I have an item to mention. Not related to log date formats. 
Mar 06 21:36:28 <narrenburg>        Shoot it.
Mar 06 21:36:32 <mildbeard>        MAPP is having great success with our crypto parties, getting a lot of attendance. We're gaining interest from people we don't normally see. 
Mar 06 21:36:54 <OyajiVyse>        congrats
Mar 06 21:36:57 <kusanagi>        awesome!
Mar 06 21:37:11 <mildbeard>        just a thought if anyone's looking for a way to promote the party.
Mar 06 21:37:39 <kusanagi>        NY was considering it a while back. We'll prolly host it sometime around May
Mar 06 21:37:44 <kusanagi>        That reminds me
Mar 06 21:37:45 <CapnSketchBeard>        It's something I've thought about for purposes of getting the MEPP off the ground, but nothing anywhere near concrete yet
Mar 06 21:38:49 <K`Tetch>        We do our annual crypto thing here laborday weekend, but with the ppga as a supporter. I'm upping the participation level of the ppga this year. Especially since Rootstrikers has been in touch. (and after the success of having Bruce Schnierer last year)
Mar 06 21:38:53 <kusanagi>        CapnSketchBeard, since you're not too far, maybe the MAPP crew could help
Mar 06 21:39:04 <CapnSketchBeard>        maybe
Mar 06 21:39:23 <MrSquared>        beard party
Mar 06 21:39:51 <kusanagi>        Ha, it would be. mildbeard and CapnSketchBeard 
Mar 06 21:39:58 <mildbeard>        lol
Mar 06 21:40:13 *        CapnSketchBeard actually shaved yesterday
Mar 06 21:40:16 <narrenburg>        i thought of an idea but you guys are busy with crypto parties and my idea was quite juvenile so i'll just be quiet now
Mar 06 21:40:59 <kusanagi>        State it anyway
Mar 06 21:42:02 <narrenburg>        a few months back i joked about making a party shanty to the tune of drunken sailor
Mar 06 21:42:25 <narrenburg>        i'm seriously considering it now, and i think it would be a good idea if multiple pirates collaborated with the lyrics
Mar 06 21:42:33 <mildbeard>        count me in
Mar 06 21:42:34 <kusanagi>        We could do that.. film the groups singing it at local meetups
Mar 06 21:42:34 <mildbeard>        lol
Mar 06 21:42:36 <narrenburg>        if anyone can sing at all, that would be cool
Mar 06 21:42:36 <mildbeard>        sounds fun
Mar 06 21:42:39 <kusanagi>        dude, that would be awesome
Mar 06 21:42:52 <kusanagi>        I used to do some lyrics way back in the day
Mar 06 21:42:52 <mildbeard>        If you can work in the words "Rum - official drink of the pirate party" anywhere it would be good
Mar 06 21:42:53 <mildbeard>        jk
Mar 06 21:43:41 <Rush>        Oh what do you do with a drunken pirate early in the morning?
Mar 06 21:43:54 <CapnSketchBeard>        Hold a crypto party!
Mar 06 21:44:50 <kusanagi>        :D
Mar 06 21:44:51 <mildbeard>
Mar 06 21:46:03 <mildbeard>        so narrenburg feel free to email me about the shanty...
Mar 06 21:46:15 <narrenburg>        Alright.
Mar 06 21:46:20 <mildbeard>        better yet send it to sab
Mar 06 21:46:24 <CapnSketchBeard>        mildbeard, thanks for the link
Mar 06 21:46:34 <narrenburg>        I have the rest of the week off, so I'll should have some provisional lyrics by the weekend.
Mar 06 21:46:42 <kusanagi>        That's wonderful
Mar 06 21:46:44 <narrenburg>        I should*
Mar 06 21:46:46 <kusanagi>        yay, progress
Mar 06 21:46:48 <CapnSketchBeard>        I also know a couple folks at my day job who have organized/participated in crypto parties as well
Mar 06 21:47:21 <Rush>        Is Narrenburg in the SAB?
Mar 06 21:47:26 <mildbeard>        there was one in Portsmouth.
Mar 06 21:48:05 <kusanagi>        Rush, if not, anyone can forward the signup link
Mar 06 21:48:11 <CapnSketchBeard>        cool, but I'm a long ways from Portsmouth/Kittery
Mar 06 21:48:17 <narrenburg>        I get SAB emails.
Mar 06 21:48:20 <narrenburg>        Is that enough?
Mar 06 21:48:37 <Rush>        The new SAB or the old one? If you're getting SAB mails now, you'reon the new one
Mar 06 21:48:44 <narrenburg>        Yea.
Mar 06 21:48:48 <narrenburg>        New one.
Mar 06 21:49:47 <kusanagi>        yeah, just send an email to the sab email, we'll all get it
Mar 06 21:50:03 <narrenburg>        Great.
Mar 06 21:50:28 <kusanagi>        Which reminds me
Mar 06 21:50:42 <kusanagi>        I'm sure you've heard Zac and I talk about the first NYPP candidate
Mar 06 21:50:53 <kusanagi>        On Mar 1st, the campaign went live 
Mar 06 21:51:06 <kusanagi>
Mar 06 21:51:59 *        taggromney ( has joined #pnc
Mar 06 21:53:08 <narrenburg>        You've got to be kidding me.
Mar 06 21:53:19 <kusanagi>        narrenburg, ?
Mar 06 21:53:30 <narrenburg>        You didn't notice?
Mar 06 21:53:35 <narrenburg>        [21:52] == taggromney [] has joined #pnc
Mar 06 21:53:37 <Rush>        oh
Mar 06 21:53:43 <Rush>        Hello Mr. Romney
Mar 06 21:53:45 <kusanagi>        I saw, but chose to ignore it.
Mar 06 21:54:24 *        taggromney ( has left #pnc
Mar 06 21:54:32 <mildbeard>        Hey we should nominate Mitt Romney for something. He doesn't agree with any of our positions but I'm sure he'd be willing to change anything we don't like. 
Mar 06 21:54:32 <narrenburg>        Oh no, he ran away!
Mar 06 21:54:49 <narrenburg>        That would be hard to do.
Mar 06 21:54:53 <narrenburg>        We need $1 billion first.
Mar 06 21:55:00 <mildbeard>        ooh gp
Mar 06 21:55:22 <kusanagi>        lol
Mar 06 21:55:35 <kusanagi>        if the last link didn't work, here's it again
Mar 06 21:55:37 <kusanagi>
Mar 06 21:56:17 <narrenburg>        Create Your Own Job sounds cool.
Mar 06 21:57:27 <kusanagi>        It does. A lot of shops and small businesses in the area have shuttered, so we want to get those places opened again, helping everyone out in the end, really.
Mar 06 21:57:52 <CapnSketchBeard>        ditto on financial literacy in schools
Mar 06 21:58:32 <mildbeard>        great NY accent
Mar 06 21:58:44 <kusanagi>        That I really liked, as NYS requires an economics course, but they only teach things like th estock market
Mar 06 21:58:48 <narrenburg>        Edumacations is not just about the 3 Rs. It's about life, and all its mysteries. Including how the 401k works.
Mar 06 21:59:04 <mildbeard>        Da Pirate Pahty hits New Yawk...
Mar 06 21:59:05 <narrenburg>        Seriously, how does that stuff work, because I don't know.
Mar 06 21:59:36 <kusanagi>        non-rhotic "r" is actually a brooklyn accent that's dying
Mar 06 22:00:27 <mildbeard>        great site, great video
Mar 06 22:00:49 <kusanagi>        I'll pass it on to Zac. he did the work.
Mar 06 22:00:51 <Rush>        I agree, 401ks, how do they work?
Mar 06 22:01:39 <CapnSketchBeard>        yup, I spent the summer in Flatbush and didn't really hear the Brooklyn accent
Mar 06 22:02:30 <narrenburg>        YAY! Jason!
Mar 06 22:02:39 <kusanagi>        For those who were interested in helping, we're not able to start getting signatures until late May I think
Mar 06 22:02:49 <kusanagi>        I have to ask
Mar 06 22:03:28 <CapnSketchBeard>        for Jason's site, the Youtube vid looks a little squished in Chrome
Mar 06 22:03:50 <narrenburg>        The embed?
Mar 06 22:04:10 <narrenburg>        It looks a bit that way in FF too.
Mar 06 22:04:51 <kusanagi>        Thanks, i'll tell zac about that
Mar 06 22:09:14 *        Fatbag has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
Mar 06 22:09:24 <kusanagi>        We're also having a lunch on Sunday for NYPP, so if you're available, come!
Mar 06 22:10:34 <kusanagi>        That's all I have..
Mar 06 22:11:02 <kusanagi>        So, you guys can adjourn. Next meeting would be onthe 20th
Mar 06 22:11:38 <Rush>        Hurray!
Mar 06 22:11:44 <mildbeard>        ok adios then
Mar 06 22:11:59 <kusanagi>        Someone call the motion..
Mar 06 22:12:09 <mildbeard>        move to adjourn
Mar 06 22:12:13 <OyajiVyse>        seconded
Mar 06 22:12:49 <mildbeard>        aye
Mar 06 22:13:30 <kusanagi>        OyajiVyse, you can't second a vote
Mar 06 22:13:38 *        kusanagi gives voice to K`Tetch
Mar 06 22:13:44 <MrSquared>        seconded
Mar 06 22:13:49 <kusanagi>        Rush, K`Tetch MrSquared or OrionSteele have to
Mar 06 22:13:51 <kusanagi>        thanks
Mar 06 22:13:52 <kusanagi>        lol
Mar 06 22:13:53 <OyajiVyse>        oh, sorry then
Mar 06 22:13:59 <OrionSteele>        seconded
Mar 06 22:13:59 <kusanagi>        Vote to adjourn?
Mar 06 22:14:13 <MrSquared>        aye
Mar 06 22:14:24 <OrionSteele>        aye
Mar 06 22:14:26 <Rush>        aye
Mar 06 22:14:28 <CapnSketchBeard>        aye
Mar 06 22:14:45 <Rush>        why one of us?
Mar 06 22:14:56 <OyajiVyse>        ayes have it, meeting adjourned
Mar 06 22:14:57 <kusanagi>        Cos you are the member-state reps
Mar 06 22:15:09 <kusanagi>        See you the 20th, or Sunday if you're in NY
Mar 06 22:15:13 <OyajiVyse>        thank you all for showing up