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::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- 02/24/2016 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #uspp


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • Attending
  • Excused
  • Unexcused

1.2 - Officers of the PNC

Bosun - Joe Klein, Wisconsin, Chair USPP jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Massachusetts, Captain and Vice Chair USPP Bluestreak - Lucia Fiero, Massachusetts, representative & Secretary USPP

Items I think we need to discuss

1. Regular meetings - I suggest the first Wednesday of each month. Same time, same channel. 2. Have we gotten the webpages, by-laws etc. fixed and functional? Mange ongoing maintenance? 3. Develop clear USPP goals. (long term) 4. Discuss cross state support for local elections such as a pirate campaign fund. (long term) ... Try and not get lost in the weeds -- keep up positive activity via the mail list.

  • To Do list:
    • Social Media Strategy - Liz has been handling most of the social media, but she's resigning, however she'll be happy to continue with it.

Dump Facebook vs Reach the most people

Values, bylaws (possibly rewrite them?), consider adding new platforms

    • Maintenance of the website/wiki aka we need a new IT team asap. Wiki is down, no copy of bylaws around. (damn)

snapshot here :

Fix "Is there a Pirate Party in my state?" @ Should point to MPP blog not MPP wiki What is : Error 1001 Ray ID: 27d8a609194a2198 • 2016-03-02 23:32:32 UTCDNS resolution error?

- AOB -


[21:00]<Bosun> Shall we get the moving?
[21:00] <Bosun> this
[21:00] <Bluestreak_> aye
[21:01] <Bluestreak_> Agenda
[21:01] <jokeefe> sure
[21:02] <Bosun> Anyone else here?
[21:02] <FaerieGodfather> I plan on participating in this meeting. Viktyr Gehrig from Laramie WY.
[21:03] <Bosun> State representatives - any other state representatives?
[21:04] <FaerieGodfather> Point of order: I do not qualify as a state representative because the Wyoming Pirate Party only has two members.
[21:05] <Bosun> Yes - we have an issue with attendance
[21:05] <Bosun> that is we need to herd the cats to the next meeting?
[21:05] <Bluestreak_> MAPP has officer only meetings all the time. Why can't USPP?
[21:05] <mdupont> hi all i have to take care of my baby boy here so cannot chat
[21:05] <FaerieGodfather> This would be a busy meeting if half the lurkers spoke up.
[21:06] <Bosun> I don't mind officer only - OK this is an open executive meeting
[21:06] <Bluestreak_> Can we blast annoying sounds and hope they have their speakers turned up?
[21:07] <jokeefe> 1,2 can be decided by officers, 3,4 can be discussed
[21:07] <jokeefe> I believe we already decided on state meetings every two weeks
[21:07] <jokeefe> so if we do 1/mo, we are still doing better than we have
[21:08] <FaerieGodfather> My main interest in this meeting is expanding the platform.
[21:08] <Bosun>
[21:08] <papegaai> Title: File:Pipeaboard.ogg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
[21:08] <Bosun> ... annoying sound
[21:08] <Bluestreak_> My main concern is what happened to the wiki?
[21:09] <Bluestreak_> Also blog access
[21:09] <Bluestreak_> There are somethings that need fixing
[21:09] <Bosun> OK - do we agree on first wednesday of each month?
[21:09] <Bluestreak_> No objection
[21:09] <Bosun> OK let's discuss the web situation
[21:10] <Bosun> wiki is broken? gone?
[21:10] <jokeefe> sure, first wed of month
[21:10] <jokeefe> wiki was overrun with spam and possibly compromised.  Caleb took it down.
[21:11] <Bosun> good - we can advertise the time and try getting more to show up
[21:11] <jokeefe> We have the archives & data and are rebuilding it
[21:11] <Bluestreak_> Who is "we"
[21:11] <jokeefe> would be good to know who the state party contacts are for those who are active
[21:11] <Bosun> Caleb I guess
[21:12] <Bosun> I'll go on FB and Google+ and try finding contacts
[21:12] <FaerieGodfather> The forums were also taken down for spam and misuse. I would like to see them restored with better security; IRC is a terrible medium for policy discussions.
[21:12] <jokeefe> Mike is working on it
[21:13] <Bosun> Estimated Time to repair?
[21:13] == Jarvich [] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[21:13] <jokeefe> We have contact pages on the blog.  Suggest putting them there
[21:13] == YariValtean [] has joined #uspp
[21:13] <YariValtean> Francis Klein, Wisconsin. Sorry I'm late, what have I missed?
[21:14] <Bosun> I still don't have access - at least I don't think so.
[21:14] <Bosun> Your it my friend.
[21:14] <Bluestreak_> Do we need to id?
[21:14] <Bosun> Yes
[21:14] <Bosun> Joe Klein - USPP Captain
[21:15] <jokeefe> you can also use the state contact lists at
[21:15] <papegaai> Title: United States Pirate Party (at
[21:16] <Bosun> Got that I'll make it my job to try contacting everyone tomorrow
[21:16] <jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Massachusetts
[21:16] <Bosun> Please finish IDs
[21:16] <CaptainRedBeard> Bob, Colorado
[21:17] <Bluestreak_> Lucia Fiero, Mass
[21:17] <Bosun> OK then ...
[21:18] <Bosun> If we can get the wiki up we can partially reconstruct for the web wayback
[21:19] <Bosun> Do we have a git archive location?
[21:20] <jokeefe> not yet. lots of spam to remove
[21:21] <Bosun> week? month?
[21:22] <jokeefe> don’t know.  will ask
[21:22] == Johannes [~chatzilla@65.131.hp.nus] has joined #uspp
[21:23] <FaerieGodfather> (Welcome, Johannes. Meeting in progress.)
[21:25] <Bosun> OK - other items?
[21:25] <FaerieGodfather> I need blog access to post my Pirate Interviews.
[21:25] <jokeefe> so we want a schedule of blog posts?
[21:26] <CaptainRedBeard> The agenda mentioned possibly needing a new IT team, does the IT team need additional resources?
[21:27] <Bosun> I think we just need to manage what we have.
[21:28] <jokeefe> yes, the IT needs help.
[21:28] <Bosun> Do jokeefe and blue streak have access to bothe the web page and the wiki?
[21:29] <Bluestreak_> Not that I know of.
[21:29] <jokeefe> we have a list. I asked the 22 people on it to talk about how they wanted to help, but haven’t heard back yet
[21:29] <Bluestreak_> jokeefe do you have access?
[21:29] <jokeefe> I had access to the wiki.
[21:29] <jokeefe> I have access to the blog
[21:29] <jokeefe> Bluestreak has an account on the blog
[21:30] <Bluestreak_> I proably do too then.
[21:30] <Bluestreak_> I just have to rustle up my creds
[21:30] <Bosun> can I be added and a password  sent to my account?
[21:30] <jokeefe> Ping me if you need to get a new password
[21:30] <jokeefe> already are
[21:31] <Bosun> OK
[21:31] <Bluestreak_> Will do.
[21:33] <Bosun> Well the two big items - regular meeting, and web/wiki are at least moving forward.
[21:34] <jokeefe> cleaning out spam akismet hasn’t dealt with.
[21:34] <jokeefe> some of it is almost convincing: Hi my name is Sandra and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I discovered your US Pirate Party, Lessig, and the State of US Democracy | United States Pirate Party page and noticed you could have a lot more hits. I have found that the key to running a successful website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. There i
[21:34] <jokeefe> company that you can get targeted traffic from and they let you try their service for free for 7 days. I managed to get over 300 targeted visitors to day to my website. Visit them here:
[21:34] <Bosun> Can   FaerieGodfather give Bluestreak the interviews to post?
[21:34] <FaerieGodfather> Yes, I can do that.
[21:35] <jokeefe> can add FaerieGodfather as a contributor
[21:35] <jokeefe> or you can
[21:35] <FaerieGodfather> Either way. It's more convenient if I have an account, but I don't have a problem with sending my posts in to someone with an account.
[21:36] <Bosun> jokeefe - please do
[21:36] <jokeefe> ok
[21:36] <Bosun> I seem challenged on getting access for some reason.
[21:37] <CaptainRedBeard> jokeefe: I can pitch in and help with IT, I'm jack of all trades but good with problem solving and finding the right resources
[21:38] <jokeefe> great! thank you.  please email me at jokeefe at jamesokeefe do org
[21:39] <jokeefe> faeriegodfather, added you. email me if you don’t get the sign up page
[21:39] <FaerieGodfather> Heh. I was just emailing you.
[21:39] <Bosun> So we have assignments now?
[21:40] <jokeefe> ?
[21:41] <CaptainRedBeard> quick question to the new board, will there be any standing committees?
[21:41] <Bosun> I will work on going through the old contact info a see who I can get ahold of
[21:41] <Bosun> We have made non yet other than our cranky IT
[21:42] <jokeefe> besides SAB and IT, I don’t think we have the people to do it
[21:42] <jokeefe> CaptainRedBeard
[21:42] <Bosun> jokeefe - you are working on the spam deletion and wiki restoration?
[21:43] <jokeefe> Mike has wiki restoration
[21:43] <Bosun> OK
[21:43] <jokeefe> Akismet seems not to be getting all the spam
[21:43] <jokeefe> got half of it at least
[21:43] <Bosun> Mike is working on wiki restoration
[21:43] <jokeefe> tempted to move everything in pending to spam
[21:44] <jokeefe> Suggest people review Swarmwise
[21:44] <FaerieGodfather> jokeefe: Set my password. I'm good to go.
[21:44] <Bluestreak_>  No but read Swarmwise, tho
[21:44] <jokeefe> great FaerieGodfather
[21:46] <Bosun> Am I not being swarm 'nuff?
[21:46] <Bluestreak_> Trust me
[21:49] <Bosun> we need a more engaged swarm
[21:49] <jokeefe> yes
[21:51] <Bosun> I'll pop for a github account and we should talk about doing database backups to avoid single point failure
[21:51] <jokeefe> agreed
[21:53] <Bosun> I am willing to give jokeefe ssh access to my humble web server for dumps.
[21:53] <Bluestreak_> That's very generous of you
[21:53] <Bosun> not really
[21:53] <jokeefe> hopefully not needed, but thanks
[21:54] <Bosun> OK
[21:54] <Bosun> just ask f you need it ...
[21:54] <Bosun> if
[21:55] <Bosun> My typing will get worse - I'm going to try learning Dvorak keyboard.
[21:55] <jokeefe> how long do you want this meeting to go?
[21:55] <Bluestreak_> We keep ours to an hour
[21:55] <Bosun> Shall we call it a night - or shall we discuss something else
[21:56] <Bluestreak_> Keeps attendance high I think
[21:56] <Bluestreak_> I am so beat
[21:56] <Bluestreak_> I should be better in two weeks
[21:56] <Bosun> we adjourn?
[21:56] <Bluestreak_> 2nd
[21:56] <Bosun> ok
[21:56] <jokeefe> aye
[21:57] <Bosun> I'll write up some proposals for next month and post them.
[21:57] <Bosun> Soon I hope
[21:57] <Bosun> aye
[21:57] <Bluestreak_> I will post the minites to the pad
[21:57] <YariValtean> aye
[21:57] <Bosun> fantastic
[21:57] <jokeefe> found four non spam posts
[21:57] <Bluestreak_> Don't know how to put the date into the url like Lindsay used to
[21:58] <jokeefe> 3 from 2015
[21:58] <Bosun> iso dates sort
[21:58] <Bosun> anything useful?
[21:59] <Bosun> the post from 2015 and 14?
[22:00] <jokeefe> 2015 probably
[22:00] <jokeefe> bit late to reply, but a personal email might be nice
[22:00] <Bosun> A warning from the guardian of time to not support Trump?