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::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- 12/4/2013 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting

IT Committee report

Proposal put forth to choose members of the Election committee from the members of the convention committee

  • Discussion, all agreed
  • Motion put forth to choose members of the Election committee from the members of the convention committee
    • 3 yea, 1 abstain. Motion Passed

Motion to elect Lucia Fiero, Jon Tietz, and Francis Klein as members of the Election Committee, with Francis Klein as chair

  • 4 yea, 0 abstain. Motion Passed

Motion to set the deadline for officer nominations to be Wednesday, December 11th before the PNC meeting is adjourned, and time of voting to be Wednesday, December 18th at the regular PNC meeting time.

  • 4 yea, 0 abstain. Motion Passed


1.1 - Members of the PNC


  • Francis Klein - WI
  • Bradley Hall - FL
  • Lucia Fiero - MA
  • Daniel Gorski - NY


  • N/A


  • GA
  • WA
  • OR


1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

  • Lindsay-Anne Brunner - Captain
  • Daniel Gorski - Quartermaster

1.4 - Other Attendess

Jon Tietz - FL member


  • Meeting called to order at: 9:06 pm EDT
  • Meeting chaired by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Secretary for this meeting is Daniel Gorski
  • Quorum is established: 4 out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • New website is up and running, but not complete yet
    • Wiki page and mods should be done by next week

5 - Agenda Items

  • Proposal to appoint election committee from convention committee
  • Proposal to appoint 3 members of election committee as an interim captain and vote counters
  • Proposal for election committee to facilitate a meeting at which nominations are made
  • Proposal to set deadline for officer nominations and elections of officers

- AOB -

Post notifications about nominations on USPP social media

  • Next meeting: 2013-12-11 at 9:00 PM EDT
  • Meeting closed: 10:28 PM EDT

Logs of the Meeting

Dec 04 21:06:55 <kusanagi>        time is now 9.06PM EST, I call this meeting to order
Dec 04 21:07:17 <Bluestreak>        *now* I ID?
Dec 04 21:07:24 <Bluestreak>        :-D
Dec 04 21:07:31 <kusanagi>        Those participating, please identify with your full name and state party you represent
Dec 04 21:07:36 <FrancisKlein>        Francis Klein WIPP
Dec 04 21:07:45 <Rush>        No, I'm in Jacksonville. Blayne is Tallahassee
Dec 04 21:07:49 <kusanagi>        Lindsay-Anne Brunner, Capt
Dec 04 21:07:58 <Rush>        Bradley Hall, FLPP Rep, Jacksonville FL
Dec 04 21:08:02 <OyajiVyse>        Daniel Gorski, Quartermaster, NYPP Rep
Dec 04 21:08:18 <MeisterX>        Jon Tietz, FLPP member
Dec 04 21:09:09 <Bluestreak>        Lucia Fiero MA rep
Dec 04 21:09:23 <Bluestreak>        MAPP
Dec 04 21:10:09 <kusanagi>        awesome, welcome guys
Dec 04 21:10:22 <kusanagi>        hope your thanksgiving was lovely, on to business
Dec 04 21:10:26 <kusanagi>        first up, committee reports.
Dec 04 21:10:33 <kusanagi>        IT committee report first..
Dec 04 21:10:43 <FrancisKlein>        ok just a sec
Dec 04 21:11:13 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: for future notice, Joseph really should be here at start of the meeting.
Dec 04 21:12:00 <FrancisKlein>        new website is up and running, but not everything has been finished yet - we is going to get a wiki page up and all the page mods installed by next week
Dec 04 21:12:09 <FrancisKlein>        and he's still at work - not his fault
Dec 04 21:12:14 <kusanagi>        That's okay
Dec 04 21:12:16 <FrancisKlein>        server issues at job
Dec 04 21:12:25 <kusanagi>        Ugh, not fun stuff.
Dec 04 21:12:41 <kusanagi>        very good! glad to hear progress has been made!
Dec 04 21:12:52 <FrancisKlein>        other than that, nothing much to report. Will send out an email to sab with website address soon
Dec 04 21:13:06 <kusanagi>        wait, a new address as well?
Dec 04 21:13:11 <FrancisKlein>        *temporary address
Dec 04 21:13:13 <FrancisKlein>        sorry
Dec 04 21:13:28 <kusanagi>        we're still going to have, though, right?
Dec 04 21:13:31 <FrancisKlein>        so that we can double check it before implementation
Dec 04 21:13:34 <FrancisKlein>        i think so
Dec 04 21:13:39 <kusanagi>        (bare with me, web is not my strong suit)
Dec 04 21:13:43 <FrancisKlein>        neither mine
Dec 04 21:13:49 <FrancisKlein>        im just typing what he told me
Dec 04 21:13:57 <kusanagi>        gotcha
Dec 04 21:14:01 <kusanagi>        that's everything?
Dec 04 21:14:04 <FrancisKlein>        yep
Dec 04 21:14:06 <MeisterX>        I caught a notice on SAB about a github with the americanized Pirate WordPress theme. Just wanted to note on the IT front (without interrupting) that it would be extremely helpful to our own efforts to have that. 
Dec 04 21:14:24 <FrancisKlein>        for the FLPP to have it?
Dec 04 21:14:28 <MeisterX>        Yes
Dec 04 21:14:32 <FrancisKlein>        I'll send him a not
Dec 04 21:14:34 <FrancisKlein>        *note
Dec 04 21:14:41 <MeisterX>        Ty
Dec 04 21:14:44 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: ^
Dec 04 21:14:59 <FrancisKlein>        ?
Dec 04 21:17:12 <FrancisKlein>        Convention committee has nothing to report as we are waiting on the voting from the proposals tonight
Dec 04 21:18:25 <kusanagi>        gotcha
Dec 04 21:18:37 <FrancisKlein>        I just messages bosun, he says when he finished all the loose ends with the github he will make it public and send an sab email
Dec 04 21:18:44 <kusanagi>        I'm having some ping issues.
Dec 04 21:18:48 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Dec 04 21:18:49 <Bluestreak>        Mass Pirates offer assistance with setting up the wordpress template thingy
Dec 04 21:19:05 <FrancisKlein>         I'll tell bosun that as well
Dec 04 21:19:11 <kusanagi>        So if I stall, it's on my end. Doesn't help that the server may be having issues tonight
Dec 04 21:19:34 <MeisterX>        Excellent. I got the German version working but.... It's in German so I can't get some features working 
Dec 04 21:19:44 <FrancisKlein>        when I said server issues, I was talking about Bosun's job - not uspp
Dec 04 21:19:47 <FrancisKlein>        just fyi
Dec 04 21:20:07 <kusanagi>        I know, I'm talking about PirateIRC
Dec 04 21:20:12 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Dec 04 21:20:15 <FrancisKlein>        wasnt sure
Dec 04 21:20:23 <kusanagi>        It would be funny
Dec 04 21:20:32 <kusanagi>        anyway, onward to agenda items
Dec 04 21:20:42 <Bluestreak>        Do I have your email, Meister X?
Dec 04 21:21:33 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: as these were your proposals on behalf of USPP Convention Committee, would you like to take the floor
Dec 04 21:21:35 <kusanagi>        ?
Dec 04 21:21:40 <FrancisKlein>        absolutely
Dec 04 21:21:42 <Bluestreak> email me and I will forward it to Jamie and Steve the guys who got the MPP page up from the German
Dec 04 21:22:00 <Bluestreak>        Sorry slow typer
Dec 04 21:22:07 <FrancisKlein>        its ok
Dec 04 21:22:10 <kusanagi>        that's okay.
Dec 04 21:22:14 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: floor is yours
Dec 04 21:22:27 <FrancisKlein>        The first proposal i made in sab is null because it was never needed
Dec 04 21:22:31 <FrancisKlein>        on to the second!
Dec 04 21:22:42 <FrancisKlein>         I propose that, for the purposes of efficiency, the members of the election committee be picked from the members of the convention committee. This is because these members have already discussed what will be happening at the elections and the method of balloting, etc.
Dec 04 21:23:24 <FrancisKlein>        If we would like, I would entertain a motion that this be written into the bylaws, although I think it unnecessary. 
Dec 04 21:24:40 <kusanagi>        bylaws amending should take place after the election, to amke it more clear for the next round
Dec 04 21:24:46 <FrancisKlein>        agrees
Dec 04 21:24:48 <FrancisKlein>        *agreed
Dec 04 21:25:05 <FrancisKlein>        is there any discussion? Otherwise, I can make it into a motion quickly
Dec 04 21:27:07 <OyajiVyse>        sounds good to me
Dec 04 21:27:16 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Dec 04 21:27:18 <FrancisKlein>        cool
Dec 04 21:27:20 <kusanagi>        Bluestreak, Rush, what do you guys think?
Dec 04 21:27:52 <Rush>        I think it's okay
Dec 04 21:28:31 <Bluestreak>        Fine by me
Dec 04 21:28:36 <FrancisKlein>        I move that the PNC chose the members of the election committee from the members of the convention committee. 
Dec 04 21:28:46 <Bluestreak>        2nd
Dec 04 21:28:52 <kusanagi>        I'd go ahead, FrancisKlein 
Dec 04 21:30:09 <kusanagi>        motion: the PNC choose members of the Election committee from the members of the convention committee. Vote yay or nay please, vote concludes at 9.34PM
Dec 04 21:30:29 <FrancisKlein>        yay
Dec 04 21:30:53 <OyajiVyse>        yay
Dec 04 21:31:06 <Rush>        yay
Dec 04 21:32:46 <kusanagi>        Bluestreak
Dec 04 21:34:35 <kusanagi>        Vote called, OyajiVyse, the count?
Dec 04 21:34:46 <OyajiVyse>        3 yay, 1 abstain
Dec 04 21:34:50 <OyajiVyse>        motion passed
Dec 04 21:35:16 <Bluestreak>        sorry kids
Dec 04 21:35:18 <kusanagi>        Wonderful.
Dec 04 21:35:22 <kusanagi>        Yay
Dec 04 21:35:30 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: next?
Dec 04 21:35:49 <FrancisKlein>        cool
Dec 04 21:36:13 <FrancisKlein>        I propose that the PNC begin the election process by picking the members of the PNC who will form the election committee (pursuant to the bylaws). This election committee will, per the bylaws, have the role of facilitating the voting, counting the votes, and acting as interim captain for the duration of the election meeting. 
Dec 04 21:36:41 <FrancisKlein>         I propose that the PNC select three members to be the election committee, the first being the interim captain, and the second second and third helping to tally votes.
Dec 04 21:37:20 <FrancisKlein>        So basically, I would like the PNC to select the members of the election committee now and that they should pick three members
Dec 04 21:37:47 <Bluestreak>        moved?
Dec 04 21:37:54 <FrancisKlein>        three is the minimum for the bylaws
Dec 04 21:37:55 <kusanagi>        Not yet
Dec 04 21:38:06 <FrancisKlein>        any thoughts?
Dec 04 21:38:07 <kusanagi>        how many are on the convention committee?
Dec 04 21:38:10 <FrancisKlein>        objections?
Dec 04 21:38:31 <Bluestreak>        no
Dec 04 21:39:33 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: yes, since the previous motion just passed, we'd already have those eligible, they need to be members of the con committee
Dec 04 21:39:50 <FrancisKlein>        officially, I think only jon and I. However, matmuck, jyaworski, kusanagi, jon, and bosun were present at the meeting
Dec 04 21:40:05 <kusanagi>        who exactly is on the com committee, and well, what roles would they prefer
Dec 04 21:40:19 <kusanagi>        I don't count, I can't serve due to a potential conflict.
Dec 04 21:40:36 <FrancisKlein>        I volunteer as chair for the election committee
Dec 04 21:40:45 <FrancisKlein>        other than that, I believe jon was willing to help
Dec 04 21:40:54 <MeisterX>        I'll fill in wherever needed 
Dec 04 21:41:03 <FrancisKlein>        I don't recall any other volunteers, and was hoping to find one more
Dec 04 21:41:42 <FrancisKlein>        but the convention committee is pretty much open right now, the limitation that the election committee come from convention is more for later years
Dec 04 21:41:53 <Bluestreak>        I can help. Shouldn't be too hard
Dec 04 21:42:09 <FrancisKlein>        are you willing to be on convention committee as well?
Dec 04 21:42:14 <Bluestreak>        Getting surgery this month so I will be at home a lot
Dec 04 21:42:24 <Bluestreak>        rather than in the streets or at meetings etc.
Dec 04 21:42:33 <Bluestreak>        Sure, why not
Dec 04 21:42:36 <FrancisKlein>        and you're not running for any position?
Dec 04 21:42:39 <Bluestreak>        If I can work from home.
Dec 04 21:42:43 <Bluestreak>        No
Dec 04 21:42:46 <FrancisKlein>        cool
Dec 04 21:42:47 <Bluestreak>        I don't want to run
Dec 04 21:42:54 <Bluestreak>        I have too much to do in MA
Dec 04 21:43:00 <FrancisKlein>        thats good enough for me. Kusanagi?
Dec 04 21:43:09 <FrancisKlein>        that's three.
Dec 04 21:43:23 <kusanagi>        that's fine by me
Dec 04 21:43:31 <Bluestreak>        Yay
Dec 04 21:43:55 <FrancisKlein>        If there is debate over whether or not it should be us three, I would ask that it be brought up now
Dec 04 21:45:21 <FrancisKlein>        Seeing no objections, I move that the PNC select Bluestreak, FrancisKlein, and MeisterX as the members of the election committee, and FrancisKlein as their chair. 
Dec 04 21:46:51 <Bluestreak>        Can I 2nd my own nom?
Dec 04 21:47:06 <FrancisKlein>        I think you can...
Dec 04 21:47:14 <Bluestreak>        2nd then
Dec 04 21:47:37 <kusanagi>        you can 2nd
Dec 04 21:47:57 <kusanagi>        motion: the PNC select Bluestreak, FrancisKlein, and MeisterX as the members of the election committee, and FrancisKlein as their chair. 
Dec 04 21:48:16 <kusanagi>        For the record, if you want to modify the motion with real names, that may be a good idea
Dec 04 21:48:30 <Bluestreak>        Lucia Fiero: Bluestreak
Dec 04 21:48:43 <Bluestreak>        Oops hehe
Dec 04 21:48:55 <Bluestreak>        Trying to eat while I follow.
Dec 04 21:49:06 <MeisterX>        MeisterX: Jon Tietz 
Dec 04 21:49:06 <kusanagi>        that's okay
Dec 04 21:49:19 <kusanagi>        I was talking to FrancisKlein, as it's his motion
Dec 04 21:49:31 <FrancisKlein>        friendly amend accepted - I move that the PNC select Lucia Fiero, Jon Tietz, and Francis Klein as the members of the election committee, and Francis Klein as their chair
Dec 04 21:49:48 <kusanagi>        good
Dec 04 21:50:15 <Bluestreak>        2nd
Dec 04 21:50:45 <kusanagi>        motion: the PNC select Lucia Fiero, Jon Tietz, and Francis Klein as the members of the election committee, and FrancisKlein as their chair. 
Dec 04 21:51:05 <kusanagi>        Vote yay or nay please, vote concludes at 9.54PM
Dec 04 21:51:08 <FrancisKlein>        yay
Dec 04 21:51:13 <MeisterX>        Yay
Dec 04 21:51:37 <Bluestreak>        yay
Dec 04 21:51:45 <OyajiVyse>        yay
Dec 04 21:51:53 <Rush>        yay!
Dec 04 21:52:11 <Brendan>
Dec 04 21:52:43 <kusanagi>        Brendan: PM please
Dec 04 21:53:13 <kusanagi>        vote called, OyajiVyse, count
Dec 04 21:54:58 <OyajiVyse>        4 yay, 0 abstain
Dec 04 21:55:02 <OyajiVyse>        motion passed
Dec 04 21:55:32 <FrancisKlein>        next?
Dec 04 21:56:18 <kusanagi>        yes, next.
Dec 04 21:56:39 <kusanagi>        >Proposal to set deadline for officer nominations to 12/4/2013 and elections of officers on 12/11/2013
Dec 04 21:57:05 <kusanagi>        obviously, it's a bit late for tose dates, but we can change, no big
Dec 04 21:57:17 <Bluestreak>        agreed very late
Dec 04 21:57:25 <FrancisKlein>        well, the next one was this:  I propose that, because there is no captain to facilitate such a process, the election committee facilitate the meeting at which nominations are made as well.
Dec 04 21:57:29 <FrancisKlein>        but yes, that too
Dec 04 21:57:59 <FrancisKlein>        in lieu of going through the whole process, I will just make a giant motion
Dec 04 21:58:12 <kusanagi>        captain for that process is head of convention
Dec 04 21:58:36 <FrancisKlein>        right
Dec 04 21:58:37 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Dec 04 21:58:47 <FrancisKlein>        then ignore that proposal
Dec 04 21:58:53 <FrancisKlein>        what dates do you think?
Dec 04 21:59:06 <FrancisKlein>        the 11th and 18th?
Dec 04 21:59:22 <Bluestreak>        Better
Dec 04 21:59:26 <FrancisKlein>        the week after is christmas
Dec 04 21:59:28 <FrancisKlein>        so...
Dec 04 22:00:10 <kusanagi>        yeah.
Dec 04 22:00:25 <FrancisKlein>        the 11th and 18th, then?
Dec 04 22:00:33 <kusanagi>        I don't know if that would be enough time; Jamie O'Keefe from MA said that may be an issue
Dec 04 22:00:59 <FrancisKlein>        otherwise it would have to be the 18th and 1st of january, but that won't really work
Dec 04 22:01:12 <FrancisKlein>        wednesdays are not good for meetings this time of year
Dec 04 22:01:14 <FrancisKlein>        dang
Dec 04 22:01:21 <kusanagi>        yeah
Dec 04 22:01:30 <kusanagi>        this is why i really, really wanted things done last month.
Dec 04 22:01:44 <Bluestreak>        What *would* be enough time?
Dec 04 22:01:52 <FrancisKlein>        ^
Dec 04 22:02:17 <kusanagi>        personally, i think the week is okay, but I'm not the ones deciding on nominations/voting
Dec 04 22:02:39 <Bluestreak>        What issue did Jamie raise, exactly?
Dec 04 22:03:37 <kusanagi>        It was over the SAB list. He felt it wasn't enough time.
Dec 04 22:03:58 <Bluestreak>        One week isn't enough time?
Dec 04 22:04:03 <FrancisKlein>        enough time to decide on the nominees?
Dec 04 22:04:08 <FrancisKlein>        I think a week is fine
Dec 04 22:04:13 <Bluestreak>        I do too
Dec 04 22:04:16 <FrancisKlein>        thats plenty of time
Dec 04 22:04:27 <FrancisKlein>        i could probably make the decision in five minutes
Dec 04 22:04:31 <Bluestreak>        LOL
Dec 04 22:04:32 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: lol
Dec 04 22:04:59 *        kusanagi slowclaps
Dec 04 22:05:06 <kusanagi>        so, a week then
Dec 04 22:05:08 <Bluestreak>        I read that message to the SAB. I took it as more of a suggestion
Dec 04 22:05:12 <Bluestreak>        than a directive
Dec 04 22:05:14 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Dec 04 22:05:19 <FrancisKlein>        i think a week is good
Dec 04 22:06:16 <kusanagi>        I agree, just wanted that issue raised as it was directly mentioned
Dec 04 22:06:47 <Bluestreak>        I think if people aren't involved at this point waiting longer than a week won't matter
Dec 04 22:07:02 <Bluestreak>        Ugh grand central station here. kids phone cat
Dec 04 22:07:28 <FrancisKlein>        i move that the PNC set the deadline for officer nominations to be Wednesday, December 11th before the PNC meeting is adjourned, and time of voting to be Wednesday, December 18th at the regular PNC meeting time. 
Dec 04 22:07:29 <Bluestreak>        OK Full attention returned
Dec 04 22:07:33 <kusanagi>        throw phone at one kid, throw cat at the other, problem solved
Dec 04 22:07:38 <Bluestreak>        LOL
Dec 04 22:07:40 <Bluestreak>        2nd
Dec 04 22:08:11 <kusanagi>        motion: the PNC set the deadline for officer nominations to be Wednesday, December 11th before the PNC meeting is adjourned, and time of voting to be Wednesday, December 18th at the regular PNC meeting time.
Dec 04 22:08:35 <kusanagi>        Please vote, yea or nay. Vote is over at 10.13PM
Dec 04 22:08:39 <FrancisKlein>        yea
Dec 04 22:08:48 <OyajiVyse>        yea
Dec 04 22:08:51 <Bluestreak>        yae
Dec 04 22:08:59 <Bluestreak>        on phone agin
Dec 04 22:09:05 <Bluestreak>        lol
Dec 04 22:10:00 <Rush>        yay!
Dec 04 22:11:10 <MeisterX>        Yay 
Dec 04 22:11:31 <kusanagi>        MeisterX: yout vote is invalid, not a state party rep
Dec 04 22:11:37 <kusanagi>        vote called, OyajiVyse tally
Dec 04 22:11:49 <OyajiVyse>        4 yea, 0 abstain
Dec 04 22:11:52 <OyajiVyse>        motion passed
Dec 04 22:12:46 <FrancisKlein>        woooo
Dec 04 22:12:57 <MeisterX>        Rgr 
Dec 04 22:13:04 <kusanagi>        awesome
Dec 04 22:13:07 <FrancisKlein>        those are all of the proposals I had
Dec 04 22:13:22 <kusanagi>        that appears to be everything for tonight for the agenda.
Dec 04 22:13:40 <kusanagi>        for the record, FrancisKlein, what are the acceptable ways to nominate someone?
Dec 04 22:14:10 <FrancisKlein>        I don't know the precedent
Dec 04 22:14:21 <FrancisKlein>        so that is a wonderful question
Dec 04 22:14:45 <FrancisKlein>        I would assume simply typing the phrase " I nominate _______" into regular chat at the meeting
Dec 04 22:14:49 <kusanagi>        Well then
Dec 04 22:15:07 <kusanagi>        SAB is allowable, as is during the meeting
Dec 04 22:15:18 <FrancisKlein>        ok, that's what I thought
Dec 04 22:15:21 <Rush>        Does that mean we're done? May I go now?
Dec 04 22:15:32 <kusanagi>        If anyone is nominated and they want to run, you must accept the nomination
Dec 04 22:15:34 <kusanagi>        Rush: no.
Dec 04 22:15:34 <Bluestreak>        Nominations on SAB OK got it
Dec 04 22:15:46 <FrancisKlein>        yes of course
Dec 04 22:15:54 <kusanagi>        if the nomination is NOT accepted, you can't run.
Dec 04 22:15:58 <FrancisKlein>        may people nominate themselves?
Dec 04 22:16:17 <kusanagi>        Self-nomination is also okay, but I believe you need two state party reps to vouch for you
Dec 04 22:16:28 <FrancisKlein>        yes, that sounds familiar
Dec 04 22:16:45 <kusanagi>        Additional nomination information is in the bylaws.
Dec 04 22:17:08 <Bluestreak>        I don't suppose you have a direct link? :-D
Dec 04 22:17:29 <FrancisKlein>        convention will discuss more in the meeting this saturday
Dec 04 22:17:40 <kusanagi>        not offhand
Dec 04 22:17:50 <kusanagi>        all retained information, lol
Dec 04 22:17:58 <Bluestreak>        lol
Dec 04 22:18:49 <Rush>        When can I go
Dec 04 22:19:15 <kusanagi>        Rush: In just a moment, rush
Dec 04 22:19:39 <kusanagi>        Anything additional to go over tonight?
Dec 04 22:19:46 <kusanagi>        we're on any other business
Dec 04 22:20:01 <FrancisKlein>        no but 
Dec 04 22:20:03 <Bluestreak>        I have a motion
Dec 04 22:20:10 <FrancisKlein>        sorry go ahead
Dec 04 22:20:21 <Bluestreak>        That we announce the start of nominations on the blog and USPP FB page
Dec 04 22:20:36 <Bluestreak>        and tweet it? Geez is USPP on twitter?
Dec 04 22:20:38 <kusanagi>        that's not a motion
Dec 04 22:20:44 <kusanagi>        yes we are on twitter
Dec 04 22:20:45 <Bluestreak>        sigh
Dec 04 22:20:50 <kusanagi>        @USPirates
Dec 04 22:21:15 <Bluestreak>        I really suck at Robert
Dec 04 22:21:18 <Bluestreak>        s Rules
Dec 04 22:21:31 <kusanagi>        It's not even that, it's more of something that's a suggestion
Dec 04 22:21:45 <FrancisKlein>        a well taken suggestion, though
Dec 04 22:21:50 <kusanagi>        Don't worry about it, it's no problem
Dec 04 22:22:24 <kusanagi>        We could, is there any particular reason why you'd want to do that?
Dec 04 22:22:50 <Bluestreak>        Um Fairness?
Dec 04 22:23:01 <FrancisKlein>        open transparent democracy
Dec 04 22:23:13 <Bluestreak>        It would address the issue of "A week isn't enough time" and yes transparency too
Dec 04 22:23:38 <FrancisKlein>        not simply open for people to look for the goings on, but actively advertising to the people what we are doing
Dec 04 22:23:41 <Bluestreak>        If ppl aren't paying attention to the feed on the blog and socmed for a week...
Dec 04 22:23:48 <Bluestreak>        then are they fit to BE nominated?
Dec 04 22:23:55 <FrancisKlein>        wonderful point
Dec 04 22:24:20 <Bluestreak>        I check MAPP page and our activist list daily.
Dec 04 22:24:25 <Bluestreak>        (Sometimes twice)
Dec 04 22:24:48 *        kusanagi nods
Dec 04 22:25:07 <kusanagi>        I'll post a writeup on the blog, and throw links over tw and fb and g+
Dec 04 22:25:09 <Bluestreak>        So if someone has the correct language to make that a motion...
Dec 04 22:25:13 <Bluestreak>        OK
Dec 04 22:25:17 <Bluestreak>        No motion needed
Dec 04 22:25:19 <Bluestreak>        Thanks!
Dec 04 22:26:26 <kusanagi>        yep
Dec 04 22:26:33 <kusanagi>        Is that it for tonight?
Dec 04 22:26:41 <kusanagi>        for the formal meeting, that is?
Dec 04 22:26:55 <FrancisKlein>        move to adjourn. 
Dec 04 22:27:04 <Bluestreak>        2nd
Dec 04 22:27:29 <kusanagi>        vote to adjourn, yea or nay
Dec 04 22:27:32 <FrancisKlein>        yea
Dec 04 22:27:35 <Bluestreak>        yea
Dec 04 22:27:44 <OyajiVyse>        yea
Dec 04 22:27:52 <Rush>        yay
Dec 04 22:28:06 <kusanagi>        OyajiVyse: vote called
Dec 04 22:28:10 <kusanagi>        tally
Dec 04 22:28:35 <OyajiVyse>        4 yea, 0 abstain
Dec 04 22:28:39 <OyajiVyse>        motion passed
Dec 04 22:28:45 <OyajiVyse>        meeting adjourned
Dec 04 22:28:51 <FrancisKlein>        kusanagi?
Dec 04 22:29:10 <FrancisKlein>        I can't find the part of the bylaws that state the nomination process
Dec 04 22:29:20 <FrancisKlein>        election, yes.
Dec 04 22:29:24 <FrancisKlein>        not nomination
Dec 04 22:29:44 <Bluestreak>        When you find it, send it to the SAB please?
Dec 04 22:29:52 <Bluestreak>        Good night!
Dec 04 22:30:16 <OyajiVyse>        Goodnight all
Dec 04 22:30:45 <kusanagi>        meeting closed, have a good night
Dec 04 22:30:53 <kusanagi>        we're on for next week, nominations are due
Dec 04 22:31:08 <kusanagi>        Please submit any motions by Sunday, Monday the latest