PNC 11/11/19

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  1. Website & Taxonomy
  2. Supporting local and state chapters
  3. Other platforms for our meetings and publicly sharing this content quickly






Record of the meeting


[9:00pm] Pirate_Joe: We are at time, ids please.
[9:00pm] OGPAF: Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster, California
[9:00pm] Pirate_Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Captain, MA
[9:01pm] Bosun: Joseph Klein, quartermaster, WI
[9:01pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, MA
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: So I would like to start with one quick added note
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: I added a lot of users on crew CRM
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: including Peot
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: *Poet
[9:02pm] Poet: Do I also ID myself as a new crew member?
[9:02pm] Pirate_Joe: If you wish, usually it's for council members and rep from each state
[9:02pm] jokeefe: Agenda at
[9:02pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 11/11/19 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:02pm] Pirate_Joe: Since we are rebuilding, we are relaxed on such things
[9:03pm] Pirate_Joe: Your thoughts on matters will still be welcome though
[9:03pm] Pirate_Joe: 1) Website & Taxonomy
[9:03pm] OGPAF: shoot
[9:04pm] Pirate_Joe: So I sent Bosun the email you sent me and Jokeefe
[9:05pm] OGPAF: thought I copied everybody, sorry
[9:05pm] Pirate_Joe: Though I recommend any letters should be sent to SAB Mailing List <> so we all get it.
[9:05pm] OGPAF: can do
[9:05pm] Bosun: I got it twice
[9:05pm] OGPAF: thurough
[9:05pm] Pirate_Joe: I also updated you on crew CRM to organizer so you should be able to get in there now.
[9:06pm] OGPAF: in and added a photo
[9:06pm] Pirate_Joe: I see the list you sent as a good start.
[9:06pm] Pirate_Joe: I am sure that we will have many added in over time.
[9:06pm] OGPAF: thank you
[9:06pm] OGPAF: to infinity and beyond
[9:06pm] Pirate_Joe: Any updates on the website?
[9:07pm] OGPAF: federal elections in, starting on states, bringing in some interns to help, really need to a) get some content; and, b) I need a chapter to practice the setup properly
[9:08pm] OGPAF: would really like to do a training with the board
[9:08pm] OGPAF: training=orientation
[9:08pm] Pirate_Joe: Jokeefe, is there any way we can request someone from MA to help with content?
[9:09pm] jokeefe: training sounds good OGPAF
[9:09pm] jokeefe: We can ask
[9:09pm] Pirate_Joe: Or perhaps request it from designanddraft?
[9:09pm] OGPAF: there is a lot already out there that can be brought in via rss
[9:09pm] OGPAF: K'Tetch and Falkvinge
[9:09pm] Pirate_Joe: the other thought for content is to reach out to the PPI
[9:10pm] Pirate_Joe: Aye
[9:10pm] OGPAF: absolutely
[9:10pm] OGPAF: are we going to re-establish that connection?
[9:10pm] Pirate_Joe: I am sure that more than two PPI would be happy to share content.
[9:10pm] Pirate_Joe: I am not opposed, though we have plenty to do on our own before knocking on that door.
[9:11pm] OGPAF: understood
[9:11pm] Pirate_Joe: Establishing a solid system is a good start. Though content for the website is pretty important.
[9:11pm] jokeefe: Reliably posting on our blog would be a good first start
[9:12pm] Pirate_Joe: Agreed
[9:12pm] OGPAF: also, running job/volunteer postings looking for help each week
[9:12pm] Pirate_Joe: Do you have access to the blog Jokeefe?
[9:13pm] jokeefe: of course
[9:13pm] jokeefe: I can create an accounts for whomever needs it.  I believe Pirate_Joe and Bosun are also admins
[9:13pm] Pirate_Joe: Would you mind scheduling a training for OGPAF on it?
[9:14pm] OGPAF: mt schedule is wide open
[9:14pm] jokeefe: sure.
[9:14pm] OGPAF: *my
[9:14pm] Bosun: Yep I have been in.
[9:14pm] Pirate_Joe: I am an admin, just set OGPAF as an org.  Will that do for the blog?
[9:14pm] jokeefe: sure.
[9:15pm] jokeefe: it is just wordpress
[9:15pm] Pirate_Joe: Ok, that's all I have for the Website. Anything else?
[9:15pm] OGPAF: I'm good
[9:15pm] Pirate_Joe: 2) Supporting local and state chapters
[9:16pm] Pirate_Joe: Our current set up is a bit slow and very passive.
[9:16pm] Pirate_Joe: I would like to open this part to everyone. Thoughts?
[9:16pm] OGPAF: does the party organization structure look correct?
[9:18pm] Pirate_Joe: If someone orders merch, where does the money go?
[9:18pm] OGPAF: will there be a difference in structure between board and chapter?
[9:18pm] OGPAF: to pay for the Party Hierarchy
[9:18pm] OGPAF: see, my reboot document
[9:19pm] Bosun: URL?
[9:19pm] Pirate_Joe: ^
[9:19pm] OGPAF:
[9:19pm] jokeefe: I would suggest a split between the state and national
[9:19pm] OGPAF: I did
[9:20pm] OGPAF: that's why I ask about the lesser chapters
[9:20pm] OGPAF: and candidates
[9:20pm] Pirate_Joe: We can not use the funds to go to the states unfortunately unless we register in each state.
[9:21pm] OGPAF: correct, but we can support in kind
[9:21pm] Pirate_Joe: We can however use the funds to donate to running national candidates.
[9:21pm] OGPAF: and pickup discretionary expenses
[9:21pm] Pirate_Joe: Even in-kind is limited.
[9:21pm] Pirate_Joe: Well, depends on the state.
[9:21pm] OGPAF: hence multiple formations
[9:21pm] Pirate_Joe: MA is limited.
[9:22pm] OGPAF: please know - that plan is just because I had to get something together - it is all flexible
[9:22pm] OGPAF: even the images are imbeds so they can be changed in live time
[9:22pm] Pirate_Joe: Motion to table this discussion to another meeting
[9:22pm] OGPAF: post orientation please
[9:22pm] jokeefe: Discussion over sab?
[9:22pm] OGPAF: 2nd
[9:23pm] OGPAF: can do
[9:23pm] Pirate_Joe: First send to SAB, then discuss for next meeting then?
[9:23pm] Bosun: Ok
[9:23pm] Pirate_Joe: All in favor?
[9:24pm] OGPAF: aye -
[9:24pm] papegaai: Title: US Pirate Party Rebooted - Google Documenten (at
[9:24pm] jokeefe: aye
[9:24pm] Bosun: aye
[9:24pm] Pirate_Joe: aye
[9:24pm] Pirate_Joe: Motion passes
[9:24pm] Pirate_Joe: OGPAF, please send your current plan for this to the SAB and we will discuss this during the next meeting.
[9:25pm] OGPAF: can do
[9:25pm] Pirate_Joe: Thank you
[9:25pm] Pirate_Joe: So in supporting the state and local chapters, what was in place previously?
[9:25pm] Pirate_Joe: I know we have training documents for how to get things going, correct?
[9:26pm] Pirate_Joe:
[9:26pm] papegaai: Title: United States Pirate Party (at
[9:27pm] jokeefe:
[9:27pm] papegaai: Title: New State Guide - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:27pm] Pirate_Joe:
[9:27pm] papegaai: Title: Local Party Organization - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:27pm] Pirate_Joe:
[9:27pm] OGPAF: good stuff
[9:28pm] OGPAF: I'll try to get it added this week
[9:29pm] Pirate_Joe: Poet, it seems that we have nothing going on in Tennessee, how can we support you?
[9:29pm] OGPAF: ditto
[9:30pm] Pirate_Joe: Sorry if I put you in the spotlight.
[9:31pm] Poet: Sorry, lots of information in those URL's; I'm pretty young and new to all of this, so I'm not sure how to answer that.
[9:31pm] Pirate_Joe: I would be happy to also discuss this with you over our mailing list as well.
[9:31pm] OGPAF: time
[9:31pm] Pirate_Joe: Thank you for joining us everyone, motion to adjourn?
[9:31pm] OGPAF: 2nd
[9:31pm] Bosun: So moved
[9:31pm] Pirate_Joe: all in favor?
[9:31pm] OGPAF: aye
[9:31pm] Bosun: aye
[9:31pm] Pirate_Joe: aye
[9:32pm] jokeefe: aye
[9:32pm] Bosun left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[9:32pm] jokeefe: I’ll post the notes
[9:32pm] OGPAF: Poet - don't be a stranger
[9:32pm] OGPAF left the chat room. (Quit:
[9:32pm] Pirate_Joe: Agreed, when voting, you are welcome to say Aye or Nay.
[9:33pm] Pirate_Joe: We are working towards everyone having a voice.  If you are unsure, please do not hesitate in asking for clarification.
[9:33pm] Poet: Will do!