PNC 10/30/2022

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Old Business

  1. A motion, proposed by CA, to have reports by all officers made a part of the agenda, sent to the secretary or added to the wiki agenda before each meeting.
  2. pan-americanism plank (platform) -

New Business

  1. NJ requests admittance into the PNC
  2. A motion suggested by CA to adopt the following changes to the bylaws:
    1. To amend Article 3 Section 6 by striking "Captain or" from the sentence, such that it reads: "All primary and alternate Representatives of each Member or Observer state must be registered with the Quartermaster."
    2. To remove Article 4 Section 1.1. (a section which describes the role of Chair/Captain)
    3. To remove Article 4 Section 1.2. (a section which describes the role of Vice-Chair/First Officer)
    4. To amend Article 4 Section 1.4 such that it reads: "The Scribe or Secretary, who shall keep records of the minutes and logs for meetings, tally votes, manage and keep current the registration of the USPP and PNC with the appropriate governmental authorities, and maintain a database of the members who compose the PNC as set forth in Art. III §1." ( new text is italicized ) {this could instead be assigned to a different officer, such as the treasurer.}
    5. To amend Article 4 Section 1.9 such that it reads: "The Director of Public Relations, who shall administrate social media accounts, advise the PNC on its image and reputation, readily communicate with the public and press, orchestrate opportunities for Pirates to appear publicly, and determine the primary spokesperson of the party for each public-facing event when that duty is not otherwise determined." ( new text is italicized )
    6. To amend the final sentence of Article 4 Section 1 by striking the phrase "except Captain and First Officer", such that the full sentence reads: "The PNC shall elect assistants to all officers, as well as additional spokespeople, as are deemed necessary."
    7. To remove Article 4 Section 2.2 (which describes the requirements for holding the position of Chair/Captain)
    8. To add Article 6, Section 1.5 which will read: "The duties of facilitating and of taking notes for each PNC meeting shall be determined by consensus of the members of the PNC, which must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting."


Probationary States



Meeting called to order at pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at pm EST.


Record of the meeting The meeting was livestreamed on youtube and can be viewed here: