PNC 10/25/20

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  • Approve USPP discord rules yari created
  • Election night live stream?


  • Bosun: Joe Klein - USPP chair - WI
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, USPP secretary - MA
  • Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Also MA
  • Sayyida: Megan klein vice chair


  • yari: Rose Klein, California
  • Olivia_: Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer


Set 11/16 as the date to shutdown the old SAB list.

Decided to have an election night live stream. Test will be Tuesday at 9pm Eastern.

Olivia_ is putting together a video to advertise it. Send her video or audio clips of yourselves talking about the election night if you want.


Record of the meeting


[9:00pm] Bosun: We are all here - Let's get started
[9:00pm] jokeefe: ahoy
[9:00pm] jokeefe: Agenda at
[9:01pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 10/25/20 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:01pm] Bosun: Joe Klein - USPP chair - WI
[9:01pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, USPP secretary - MA
[9:01pm] yari: ahoy
[9:01pm] yari: Rose Klein, California
[9:01pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Also MA
[9:01pm] Olivia_: Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
[9:01pm] Sayyida: Megan klein vice chair
[9:03pm] Bosun: Any IT to report?
[9:03pm] jokeefe: People are moving over to the new SAB list
[9:03pm] jokeefe: We should pick a date to close the old list
[9:04pm] Bosun: How about end of month?
[9:04pm] jokeefe: doesn’t have to be today
[9:04pm] jokeefe: October or November?
[9:04pm] Bosun: flip a coin
[9:05pm] jokeefe: How about mid November?
[9:05pm] Bosun: 15th or thereabouts?
[9:06pm] Bosun: Sounds good to me. Any objections?
[9:06pm] jokeefe: 16th would be good since I will be focused on the MA conference until the 15th
[9:06pm] Bosun: OK - Any objections to the 16th?
[9:07pm] Bosun: none?
[9:07pm] Bosun: Let's do that.
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Great. Will announce it
[9:07pm] Bosun: We posted outreach nots on the wiki
[9:07pm] jokeefe: and aim to back up the posts prior to then
[9:08pm] Bosun: The two items on the agenda come out of that meeting.
[9:08pm] Bosun: ... notes
[9:08pm] Bosun: Yari?
[9:08pm] yari: I have a question related to my item on the agenda
[9:09pm] Bosun: Care to take the floor ...
[9:09pm] yari: Other than the email list, is there a recommended way of sharing files with all of you?
[9:09pm] Bosun: what are thhey
[9:09pm] yari: Like - I have a wall of text
[9:09pm] jokeefe:
[9:09pm] papegaai: Title: Outreach 10/20/20 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:09pm] yari: And I feel like I should not post it here
[9:09pm] jokeefe: I am on signal
[9:09pm] yari: How can I link to it
[9:09pm] yari: I can link to it here
[9:10pm] yari: I just want to know if there is a recommended medium
[9:10pm] yari: Since... google docs is probably a bad idea
[9:10pm] jokeefe: It would be good to put it on the wiki
[9:11pm] yari: Can anyone edit the wiki?
[9:11pm] jokeefe: no
[9:11pm] yari: Okay so...
[9:11pm] yari: I made a set of rules
[9:12pm] yari: And also a proposed moderation structure to go with that
[9:12pm] yari: I would suggest that I just send that along to bosun
[9:12pm] Joe left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:12pm] yari: Who can post it to the wiki in a bit maybe
[9:12pm] yari: And then we can have a link to it
[9:12pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:12pm] yari: I can certainly summarize it
[9:12pm] jokeefe: I can post it
[9:12pm] Bosun: Send your docs to Jokeefe or I and we can post to the wiki.
[9:13pm] yari: And maybe we can vote on it next time, when people have had a moment
[9:13pm] yari: I just want to give people the chance to edit maybe
[9:13pm] yari: Okay sending to bosun
[9:13pm] jokeefe: That would be good, then we can send it to the SAB list for comment.
[9:14pm] jokeefe: Could also use, but only post the link to limited fora
[9:16pm] Bosun: Faster to send it to Jokeefe
[9:16pm] yari: I sent it to you already but okay
[9:16pm] yari: jokeefe what's email
[9:17pm] Joe left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:17pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:17pm] jokeefe: Sent to you yari
[9:18pm] yari: thanks
[9:18pm] Bosun: I am an idiot who keeps forgetting his bosun password. Which I apparently need to access google docs.
[9:19pm] jokeefe: KeePass is a useful password manager
[9:20pm] yari: The other thing though is the election night live stream
[9:21pm] Olivia_: Yes!
[9:21pm] Bosun: yes ... trying to fend off  by using my memory
[9:21pm] yari: I don't want my discussion to overshadow that
[9:21pm] Joe left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:21pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:22pm] Bosun: OK, we can switch topics.
[9:22pm] Joe: Switching to Mobile so I stop disco
[9:22pm] Joe left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:22pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:23pm] yari: We have a whole thing to discuss, might we want to extend the meeting?
[9:23pm] Bosun: OK how about ten minutes? 8:40?
[9:23pm] Olivia_: I need links for that streaming so to add to promotion this week for the election night.
[9:24pm] Joe: I have no problem with any extension.
[9:24pm] jokeefe: 8:40 is fine
[9:24pm] Olivia_: I made a draft graphic for promoting the election night.  It's page 1 of the video.  For page 2 I would need the time for when the election night will begin, and the link used, and if this will be streamed live to YouTube for others to watch too.  Because my experience with Jitsi is that it crashes with more than 10 people on.  And if there are other platforms to use if there are that can do split screen of half watching the
[9:24pm] Olivia_: election night from let's say CNN and the other half showing the Jitsi and comments.  I recently thought of Periscope where people can join with their twitter accounts!  But I don't know I think it does does but if more than one screen can be on at once like a video conference style.
[9:24pm] Olivia_: I made a draft for page 1 of the video graphic.  This is only a draft the ideas I had in my head.  It's up to you if you like it or want to take out or add more to a page 2 such as pictures or an audio or video clip to include.  I can add music too.  This expires in 30 days.
[9:24pm] Olivia_: I would like to start promoting this by Wednesday if possible or earlier.
[9:25pm] Bosun: OK - did joekeefe get the rules and post them to the wiki?
[9:25pm] Bosun: Go ahead Olivia_
[9:26pm] Bosun: Any thoughts?
[9:27pm] jokeefe: Got them. Will post them tonight
[9:27pm] Bosun: We should do a dry run on the Jitsi.
[9:27pm] Olivia_: I can promote it to international platforms I also promote too.  But the platforms many times crash or get real buggy and the video and audio is terribleif more people are on.
[9:28pm] Olivia_: During outreach on Tuesday?
[9:28pm] jokeefe: If Joe can get me access to the youtube channel, I can create the live stream details
[9:29pm] Joe: Should not be an issue.
[9:29pm] Olivia_: Should people RSVP if attending so you know how many will appear and then the rest can watch it streamed on youtube?
[9:29pm] jokeefe: Thank you
[9:30pm] Olivia_: Because jitsi can get really buggy like BBB has become now too if more than 10 appear.
[9:30pm] Olivia_: Zoom is the best but people attack others who use it has been my experience.
[9:30pm] Joe: I also suggest keeping one person as the leader to moderate.
[9:30pm] jokeefe: how many do we want on?
[9:30pm] Bosun: I am game to try anything. on Tuesday.
[9:31pm] Olivia_: If anyone has any video or audio of themselves or of anything if they want me to add to the video graphic pages?
[9:31pm] Olivia_: I learned how to make pages in videos finally instead of everything on one giant graphic.
[9:32pm] jokeefe: cool
[9:33pm] Olivia_: These are the types of video graphics I can make now.
[9:33pm] Sayyida: ahoy,  sorry i was afk what have i missed
[9:34pm] jokeefe: discussing election night live stream
[9:34pm] Olivia_: If any of you want to make a video nothing more than 2:20 minutes due to twitter limits, I can add it.  I can add video and audio clips and also music clips too.
[9:34pm] Sayyida: thank you!
[9:34pm] jokeefe: confirming that this is something we want to do
[9:35pm] Olivia_: Or it can be longer if you upload it to your Youtube channel.
[9:35pm] yari: Sounds like a dry run is happening on Tuesday?
[9:35pm] yari: And what platform are we using?
[9:35pm] Bosun: Let's hash this out on Tuesday - I am willing to stay up untill we have somthing workable.
[9:35pm] Joe: Jitsi?
[9:36pm] yari: jokeefe is getting the youtube links for Olivia to advertise with?
[9:36pm] jokeefe: what time Tuesday?
[9:36pm] Sayyida: so many questions?
[9:36pm] Sayyida: why so many questions?
[9:36pm] Joe: usually Jokeefe sets it up and I stream.
[9:36pm] yari: I'm trying to summarize
[9:36pm] Joe: can we do after 7 est?
[9:36pm] yari: I'm just adding question marks
[9:37pm] Olivia_: I can start advertising Wednesday or Thursday while Tuesday seems to be the final day to have the final plans such as links and what to put on the video graphic.
[9:37pm] yari: Joe meeting is usually 9EST
[9:38pm] yari: Olivia, what do you need by Tuesday in order to make this work?
[9:38pm] yari: Links and what else
[9:38pm] Bosun: Is the problem with Jitsi self hosting?
[9:38pm] Joe: I will have to be a ghost in the background unfortunately.
[9:39pm] Joe: Jokeefe will still have full production control if that is ok.
[9:39pm] Olivia_: Yari, It can be decided on Tuesday.  Links for what will be used that night such as Jitsi or other platforms.  The time it will happen on election night.  And any video/audio clips if you wanted added to the PR video graphic.  I can add music too.
[9:39pm] yari: I don't see why that would be a problem
[9:39pm] Sayyida: good for me
[9:39pm] yari: Okay but Olivia we need those video audio clips that night, correct
[9:39pm] yari: ?
[9:39pm] Bosun: We do our best.
[9:40pm] Sayyida: I am concerned about bandwidth because of election coverage
[9:40pm] jokeefe: Test run 9pm Tuesday then?
[9:40pm] Bosun: Yes.
[9:40pm] Olivia_: Yari yes.  or you can email them to me.
[9:40pm] jokeefe: sound good
[9:41pm] Bosun: Time.
[9:41pm] Olivia_: Video or audio clips of yourselves talking about the election night if you want.  I usuallt add cats to my graphics and music too.  lol
[9:41pm] Joe: Yari, did you send me that email? I did not see it.
[9:41pm] yari: My outreach meeting will be taken over, lovely.
[9:41pm] yari: Bosun I sent it, but jokeefe also has it
[9:42pm] Bosun: OK - It is past 40 after the hour. We need to wrap up.
[9:43pm] yari: Rules will be posted and then emailed out for comment and editing
[9:43pm] yari: Voting at next meeting
[9:43pm] jokeefe: We need to get clips to Olivia_ soon, check
[9:43pm] Olivia_: If you want.
[9:44pm] yari: Cool.
[9:44pm] yari: I would move to adjourn, but
[9:44pm] yari: I can't
[9:44pm] Olivia_: Here's a draft of page 1.
[9:44pm] Olivia_:
[9:44pm] Sayyida: Motion to adjourn
[9:44pm] jokeefe: Thanks
[9:44pm] jokeefe: Motion to adjourn
[9:44pm] Bosun: Tuesday we throw together the show in the barn. Gee wizz.
[9:44pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[9:44pm] Joe: 2nd
[9:45pm] Bosun: Any objections?
[9:45pm] Joe: nay
[9:45pm] Sayyida: none
[9:45pm] Bosun: Good night
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[9:45pm] Olivia_: Goodnight everyone!