PNC 09/18/2022

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Old Business

New Business

  • A motion, proposed by (IL) to amend the bylaws:

Article 5, Section 2 currently reads:

   1. The PNC may adopt such optional platforms and policies as it sees fit by a majority vote. It may further enhance these mandatory platforms with optional positions by a simple majority vote.
   2. None of the PNC’s optional platforms or positions shall be imposed on member states or individual members. Party members are free to disagree with optional platforms and policies.

This motion shall amend the above section to read:

   1. The PNC shall adopt platforms, policies or positions to the USPP platform, as it sees fit, by a majority vote. Adoptions to the USPP platform shall be mandatory for all member states to have in their platform as well.
   2. PNC may also adopt "Approved Platform Positions", which are platforms, policies or positions that are not to be adopted to the USPP platform, but shall be approved for state parties to adopt to their individual platforms should they wish.
  • A motion, proposed by (IL), to give approval of all current member states' platforms, where positions unique to the state platforms, and which are not currently apart of the USPP platform, shall be listed as "Approved Platform Positions". This would see the creation of a "Approved Platform Positions" page, separate from the USPP platform, on
    • The IL representative notes that this motion would, upon passage, see positions such as Land Value Tax (LVT) from Pennsylvania, Sex Worker Rights from Massachusetts or a statewide bullet train from Illinois added to the "Approved Platform Positions" page.


Probationary States



Meeting called to order at pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at pm EST.


Record of the meeting