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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
Meeting called to order at pm EST.
Meeting called to order at 9:04pm EST.
=== Reports ===
=== Reports ===

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Old Business

New Business


Probationary States



Meeting called to order at 9:04pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at 10:04pm EST.


Record of the meeting

<Wodensday> That looks like all six! Radical
<Wodensday> I’ll go ahead and call this meeting to order at 9:04 EDT
<Wodensday> IDs?
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
<Wodensday> Anthony Jay, INPP (non-voting), PNC chair
<DrewishHiPreist> Drew Bingaman PA Captain
<Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Massachusetts, Treasurer 
<Mariah-Lynne> Mariah-Lynne, KYPP, Secretary
<Jester> Ashley Melody, INPP
<yari> Rose Klein, CA
<Wodensday> Does anyone have the agenda pulled up? if bit, I can try to fetch it
<Joe> May I add in a request to new business?
<Wodensday> Let’s see what the agenda looks like first
<yari> it's blank
<Joe> Did not think to mail it in before hand, MAPP request. 
18:06:23 Oz has joined
<Wodensday> https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=PNC_08/28/2022
<papegaai> Title: PNC 08/28/2022 - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
<Wodensday> It is indeed blank
18:06:45 Oz has quit
<yari> it's very blank
<Wodensday> Let’s do officer reports and then get to it
18:06:54 Oz has joined
<Oz> Ahoyyyyy!!!
<Wodensday> ahoy!
<Wodensday> Good to see you
<Joe> Ahoy
<Oz> Osborne captain KY
<Wodensday> Let’s start with officers. Swarmcare? Pmchi
<pmchi> Internally, I do not have anything to report. Externally, I am keeping a close eye on the situation in New Mexico
<Wodensday> I figured you’d say that
<Wodensday> Secretary?
<pmchi> Supposedly Oregon is also on their way to a similar situation. I’m eyeballing it all
<Oz> Kentucky is slow until I complete this fire season. I'm lucky to be able to attend tonight. Ironically, I'm in Oregon..
<Wodensday> No worries, if we didn’t have to tend to our real lives first, we wouldn’t be Pirates
<yari> as secretary, I have not had time to do much this week except for work on some of the backend stuff for support. I am also making some of the requested changes today (finishing them right now) to the wiki and the website. I need to catch up with notetaking for the PNC meetings. I will kindly request temporary assistance from anyone willing to lend a hand.
<Joe> oOo, Pirates for the people in Oregon!
<Wodensday> I would suggest that we put the request for help out on discord, though I cannot make any promises that I can do that
<NomadOfNorad> A Pirate in every pot? :D (David Hall in Florida here)
<yari> I can put that out, and agreed that is a good idea
<Wodensday> Treasury? Joe
<Joe> Nothing to report this week, unfortunately. Hope to make progress in the week to come.
<Wodensday> No worries!
<Wodensday> I do not believe we have any other officers present.
<pmchi> Joe is there anything from NH to report back on?
<Wodensday> Outreach committee - no updates, had a terrible headache on Tuesday and that absolutely destroyed us lol
<Oz> I had near heat exhaustion and ate a scorpion 
<Joe> I had low attendance and had switch to online due to a covid scare. Due to my NH contact being less technically inclined, no progress was made.
<Oz> Lol
<Joe> I have been trying to get him to these meetings but unsuccessfully. 
<Oz> That scorpion made me trip BRUH
<Joe> Wait, what?
<Joe> And why?
<Wodensday> Hopefully we can take what we’ve learned and go back to NH with heartier sails
<Wodensday> Please save any and all scorpion trip stories until after the reports. 😅
<Wodensday> Anyone have anything to report for platform and IT?
18:16:07 DesaraeKenobi has joined
<yari> ^ I do want to hear about it, but agreed with AJ
<Oz> Scorpion WINS
<Joe> Well, the libertarian party of NH gave us a pretty distasteful post worthy of protest. 
<Joe> Flawless victory!
<Wodensday> Indeed they did, Joe.
<Wodensday> CRAZY stuff going on over there
<DesaraeKenobi> Hi.
<Wodensday> At least we haven’t been called to be abolished from the Governor.
<yari> Hi! please ID with name and state to participate!
<Wodensday> Hi DeseraeKenobi! Please ID (Name and state)
<Joe> Ahoy
<Oz> Howdy Desate :)
<DesaraeKenobi> Desarae Lindsey, Texas. Not a member. Former long time LPer. 
<Oz> *Desarae
<DesaraeKenobi> Howdy!
<yari> ahoy and welcome
<Wodensday> So, no platform or IT?
<Wodensday> Pmchi
<Wodensday> Yari / Joe ?
<DesaraeKenobi> Thank you Yari
<yari> nothing IT that I'm aware of
<Wodensday> Danke schön
<Joe> Nothing to report from this week. I have one more week of hell at work and then things should lighten up. 
<yari> I haven't heard from jokeefe other than the emails he's been sending, I think I need to email him instead of trying to set up IT on discord
<pmchi> Platform we discussed LVT, nothing to present to the PNC. Tomorrow we will be discussing Pan-Americanism
<Joe> Today was Jokeefe's last day of vacation 
<yari> Thank you Joe, that's good to know
<Wodensday> Gotcha. Thank you all!
<Wodensday> Chair’s report - still working on social media stuff, admittedly a little burnt out, but we are still alive and vibing
<Oz> Who here is from Oregon? Maybe we can link up? 
<Wodensday> I have a feeling this is going to be a good week, thank you all for your participation.
<Wodensday> I don’t think anyone is presently.
<Wodensday> Do we accept the reports?
<Joe> Aye
<yari> accept
<Wodensday> I will take the lack of objections to mean yes.
<Oz> Aye
<Wodensday> Joe - you had something to propose?
<Joe> More of a request really as MAPP rep
<Wodensday> You had something to request?
<Joe> Our yearly conference is coming up and we would like to ask for guest speakers. It is to be held on 10/8
<Joe> We also plan to discuss Meshnet and RVC 
<Wodensday> To clarify - the MAPP state conference is  in-person yes?
<Joe> Our attendance has been lower since moving to digital campaigns
<Oz> 10/8 is still fire season for me unfortunately 
<Joe> We decided that it will still be online due to a spike in covid in our area
<Joe> We hope that next year we will be back to like campaigns.
<yari> I should be able to be part of that
<yari> if you'd like
<Joe> We would love to have you.
<yari> happy to write something up
<pmchi> Likewise Joe, I believe I could attend
<Oz> I'm sorry my 2nd and 3rd in command have also been MIA. Please respect our secretary Mariah as she puts in slot of work 
<Wodensday> Sounds fun.
<Oz> *a lot
<Wodensday> We greatly appreciate what Mariah has been doing, absolutely
<yari> ^
<Wodensday> Joe - is this a call to the PNC specifically or should we let everyone know about this?
<Wodensday> We learned this summer that Pirates like to talk and are pretty good at it
<Joe> I appreciate letting everyone know. 
<yari> Joe, could you write up a quick draft of a release for the webpage then?
<Joe> I will also see if we can get some international speakers as well. If we get enough people to come talk we will do multiple days.
<yari> I would be happy to edit it and gussy it up and then post
<Joe> You had me at grammer!
18:28:32 DesaraeKenobi has quit
<yari> and I will ask the same question we asked for the national conference - who is your dream speaker?
<yari> make a list of the top three, and then we can work on emailing them
<Oz> I would like to appear and speak on issues of climate change and criminal justice reform, regretfully I can't garuntee because wildfire season is completely unpredictable now
<Joe> Things are so dry. If you get a chance to record something though we would post it.
<Mariah-Lynne> Putting out a weekly call on the USPP Twitter for speaks to attend and throughout the pirate community?
<Mariah-Lynne> speakers*
<Wodensday> We can definitely signal boost and do a smaller version of everything we did for the national conference
<Jester> Although I would like to be able to speak at the conference, I am currently in college and wouldn't have the time to dedicate to that.
18:30:22 DesaraeKenobi has joined
<yari> I don't know about the twitter - we might not want to be so public-facing about who we recruit
<Oz> I'm super lucky I was able to slide in to this meeting honestly. It's lighting up hard core now here
<yari> but for who attends, sure!
<Joe> I will get something formally written up for posting, but leave changes to your discretion. 
<Wodensday> I would say that we trust the MAPP to keep us up to date on their needs and we do what we can
<Wodensday> Anything else we should talk about? I’m hearing that we have a few loose connections and volunteering and I’m sure that’s enough to make something happen
<Joe> As far as dream speakers would be, I would have to say it would be both this parties leaders and those active in politics now that we would endorse.
<Joe> This/our party. Our vision, where we are, were we are going and how to get there.
<yari> I'm happy to edit materials to get them ready for posting or mailing out. 
<Wodensday> I would love to do a panel, since I didn’t do one nationally
<Oz> IMHO , I think we could use more egalitarian leftist voices as I am concerned the USPP is being too heavily influenced by the Libertarian Party 
<yari> Oz - pmchi and I are pulling pretty hard toward that end
<Wodensday> Is this something you want to carve out space for? It sounds like it could be worth it’s own topic. Image and identity
<yari> Wodensday - seems you're looking for topics.
<yari> I have one
<Joe> A national panel sounds like a great idea actually
<pmchi> I’d like to make a clarification and ask for a recommendation if we’re seeking discussion points
<pmchi> Yari first though
<yari> ^^
<yari> seconding pmchi's point, clarity is useful
<Wodensday> I’m getting a little confused haha. Anything to add to either Joe’s point or what Oz brought up?
<Wodensday> If that is where Pmchi and Yari come in, do so
<yari> pmchi should go first actually
18:37:51 * Joe is visibly confused.
<Oz> Lol
<Wodensday> I never said I was a good chair, bear with me.
18:38:39 * Joe is now a bear.
<Oz> We're always walking political tightropes 
<pmchi> I’d like to start with a clarification from a point I mentioned earlier: Oregon’s LP is rumored to be following in LPNM’s footsteps. If they do, I’d like to seek the board’s approval to reach out to Oregon and New Mexico should the situation become opportune
<NomadOfNorad> Walking on tightropes, all the while politics sometimes seems like a circus.
<Joe> I think you have done an amazing job as swarmcare, I am fully in support of any action you take.
<Oz> Yeah until you're an antivax climate change denier 
<pmchi> It’s still the LP, so I will proceed with caution. However, I’m willing to say Libertarians unwilling to remain associated with Mises is perhaps closer to our leanings
<Wodensday> Pmchi - I don’t know if I think we should do that for the LP stuff. I’m worried that, given how much of a disaster things are right now, it may just look like an insult.
<Wodensday> Our audacity has done us well in the past, though
<Oz> Leaning towards the LP is leaning towards the RIGHT 
<Wodensday> But we’re still a pretty small nobody party getting involved in things we should have never stuck our noses in to
<pmchi> For record purposes, let me state I have previously reach out to the disaffiliated Green Parties of Rhode Island and Alaska
<pmchi> So there’s precedent in this
<Jester> Theres nothing wrong with audacity, you just got to use it tactfully, and tactically
<DesaraeKenobi> Solidarity is always appreciated.
<Wodensday> Oz - have you had any issues with the LP members we’ve recruited before? In my assessment I’m not dissatisfied but if you’ve had other experiences you should let that be known
<Wodensday> DesaraeKenobi - actually, how would you feel about Mitch doing that? You’re a good person to ask
<Joe> Thing is, LP is closer to us than Republicans. I have converted 3 or 4 of them to Pirates. I care less what party they come from and more about if they align with our core values. 
<Wodensday> I just don’t want us to come across too greedy, we’ve been trying to take every step to be welcoming tactfully
<yari> bridging difficult conversations is not the same as shifting our own principles
<Joe> Were Pirates, if other parties drop the ball we should get that booty.
<Oz> Yeah I've had tons of issues with the LP: antivax, anti public education, anti Medicare for all, anti labor rights, anti union, etc etc, science denialism 
<Joe> But we should also not bend our principles to do so.
<pmchi> Oz I’d like to address your concerns. I agree with fears of too many Libertarians from the current iteration of the LP might bring of to the right. But thus far, it would appear our recruitment has been the left libertarian crowd who felt no longer represented. I don’t not know what a New Mexico or Oregon Pirate Party looks like in 2022, but I’m willing to extend a hand to anyone who’s been shipwrecked or marooned without a political party
<pmchi> But a Pirate is a Pirate. We won’t be open do those who are diametrically opposed to our belief systems.
<yari> ^
<Wodensday> ^^
<Joe> ^^^
<Jester> ^
<DrewishHiPreist> fwiw all founding members of the PPP are former LP and if you look at our platform, I don't think we're problematic.
<Oz> Copy
<yari> we're not here to become the LP, Oz. While I think the drift of our principals is a legitimate concern to voice from time to time, that's not what is happening here
<Wodensday> That’s why I asked if Oz had any issues with ex-LP members within the party specifically. None of us are current members of the LP so we all have our own disagreements with someone or something. If he has an issue with the outreach project because he’s had a bad experience IN the USPP, that’s something we need to know about
<pmchi> Oz with your concerns in mind however, please know my recruitment tactics have always been left of the fence. Left libertarian falls on many planes and throughout many orgs.
18:48:58 Oz has quit
<yari> Yeah, to Wodesnday's point - any ex-LP members in our ranks who ppl specifically have problems with should be noted. I mean, frankly - we should be noting internal conflict no matter who it comes from, especially if it's exhibiting bias.
<pmchi> A former PSL member, a former LP member, a communist and an anarchist walk into a room. It is a Pirate Party meeting. We are comprised of the idealists who believe a better, more Democratic future is possible. And we’re willing to discuss to get to that point
18:50:18 Oz has joined
<Oz> Mic check 
<DesaraeKenobi> Sorry, being drunken rambled at
<yari> pmchi asked for the PNC's approval, I move we grant it so long as pmchi continues to report on any progress.
<Wodensday> “A former PSL member, a former LP manner, a communist and an anarchist walk into a room. It is a Pirate Party meeting.” - I am stealing this
<DesaraeKenobi> LOL kept trying to respond
<Oz> Not all pirates are ex libertarians LP negative on that bro 
<Jester> I'm stealing it as well
<DesaraeKenobi> I'm happy to address in Discord
<Wodensday> There is a motion to grant Pmchi the ability to reach out to the states.
<Oz> The EU founding PP have WAY more in common with the DSA than the Us LP
<pmchi> I agree Oz! And I think many of the left libertarians who thought they might’ve had a home would agree. That’s why they’re finding us to be a better fit
<Wodensday> Going once…
<pmchi> Can I second a motion about myself?
<pmchi> Because I will
<Jester> I'll second it
<Wodensday> You can, but either way it is seconded.
<pmchi> Count Jester’s second for the record
<Wodensday> Further discussion or debate?
<Oz> The original pirate parties of Europe have way more in common with Egalitarian Socialists than they ever would with the US Libertarian Party 
<Oz> That's irrefutable FACT
<yari> Oz, while I appreciate the political lessons, I respectfully will ask that we save it for platform discussion unless you still have problems with Pmchi reaching out to these marooned LP groups
<DesaraeKenobi> Oz do not disagree 
<yari> we are here to build bridges, not walls
<pmchi> I am a bit more touchy about allowing a straight admission of an LP disaffiliation than I was a Green Party admission, fyi. I hear your valid concerns, Oz. This isn’t as open door; this is a hand extended to those who felt abandoned by anti-liberty libertarians
<Oz> The US Libertarian Party was founded on council for national Policy John Birch Society society principal 
<yari> Oz, Do you object to the motion?
<yari> the political lesson is getting us nowhere
<DrewishHiPreist> Call the question
<yari> ^
<Wodensday> I guess that works as a second, if it’s even necessary.
<Wodensday> Question called.
<Wodensday> All in favor?
<yari> aye
<pmchi> Aye
<Joe> Aye
<Jester> aye
<Oz> abstain
<DrewishHiPreist> PA abstains as well
<Wodensday> 4-0-2, motion passes
<Wodensday> I would like to make note of the time.
<yari> It sounds like there is some discussion that needs to be had about how deeply we should enforce our platform - which I know was already being had at the committee meetings
<yari> I will ask if that is something we could discuss at next week's meeting
<yari> I feel this is a related topic
<Wodensday> In my opinion, I think it’s a greater conversation about our identity and how we present it to the world.
<yari> sure, agreed.
<Oz> Libertarian Party 2.0
<Wodensday> I would suggest that we think about it for a week or two.
19:01:36 Joe has quit
<Wodensday> Oz, please be civil. I do not know what’s gotten into you when it comes to this topic, man.
<Wodensday> I understand your frustration, but we can also work this stuff out through collaboration and open discussion.
<yari> Oz, if you really think that, then please find a way to adress it
<Wodensday> We aren’t a decidedly leftist party either. We’re something in the middle. A better alternative for multiple groups.
<yari> ehhhh
<yari> that's not the kind of language I like either
<Oz> I have to go. Got wildfires to fight. Bye 
<yari> motion to adjourn
<pmchi> Second
<Jester> seconded
<Wodensday> Maybe the word middle can be picked at
<Wodensday> All in favor?
<Jester> aye
<pmchi> Aye
<yari> yeah, the political binary has to be tossed out
<DrewishHiPreist> aye
<yari> aye
<Oz> Neih
<Wodensday> Joe
<Oz> Nay
<Wodensday> Oh, Joe left
<Wodensday> Meeting adjourned. Thank you everyone!