PNC 07/24/2022

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Old Business

  • Follow-up: any remaining discussion of from last week of how to hold combined open video/chat meetings, possibility of using telegram (proposed by KY)

New Business

  • discussion - what elements of platform should be adopted by the Democratic Freedom Caucus? (proposed by chair)


  • Drew Bingaman, PA
  • Joseph Onoroski, MA
  • Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Rose Klein, CA

Probationary States


  • Anthony Jay, Chair


Meeting called to order at 9:08pm EST.


  • Swarmcare
    • Tennessee website was created
    • South Dakota - Yari will connect with Mitch
    • Mitch encourages the states which are considering joining to attend PNC meetings
    • PA Pirates have their bylaws and platform online
  • Treasury
    • at the request of the PNC has gone through and narrowed down the options that we can install on our website for taking donations
    • ActBlue, Stripe, and NationBuilder all mentioned
    • a spreadsheet has been put together to help make a final decision
  • Secretary
    • Volunteers for wiki appreciated, specifically people who want to learn wiki formatting and who are not state reps
    • State reps should let secretary know about anything that needs to be added to website/wiki
  • Chair
    • We have some new press contacts
  • IT committee
    • made the spreadsheet for the treasurer
    • cleaned up contacts that we have, moved to
    • will have input form for new contacts by next week
  • Platform
    • working on the mandatory/optional platform positions part of the bylaws, will be presenting an amendment by next week
    • 2nd amendment added to todo list for platform
  • Outreach
    • no major progress, other than: the decentralized way of handling things is going well.

Old Business

  • Follow-up: any remaining discussion of from last week of how to hold combined open video/chat meetings, possibility of using telegram (proposed by KY)
    • CA motions: that the PNC does a test run, at their earliest convenience, of two streamed video meetings via the telegram platform that are then shared via the usual channels.
    • MA seconds
      • debate of merits of telegram and capabilities of the platform
      • the positive: telegram allows for more integrated meetings
      • the negative: lack of established audience
      • note made that there are other available platforms as well, CA says they haven't researched much.
    • the motion is rescinded by CA without objection

New Business

  • CA motions that the PNC assign a small committee to review the spreadsheet provided by the IT committee of different payment processing companies and make a decision about which one should be used for the USPP website.
    • vote called. motion passes 4-0-0.
    • Yari and Joe volunteer for the committee. Jamie is suggested as a potential member.
  • CA asks if there should be a discussion about what sort of items of business our representative should bring to PPI.
    • brief discussion about the current structure of PPI meetings
    • PA suggests that our PPI representative bring back a report every time there is a meeting with a brief summary of what occurred at the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:02pm EST.


Record of the meeting The meeting was livestreamed to youtube and can be found at