PNC 06/05/2022

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Old Business

New Business

  • Admission of PA Pirate Party
  • Election of Officers


  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Ethan, KY
  • Joe Onorowski, MA
  • Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Drew Bingamen, PA (once PA Pirate Party was admitted as a member)
  • Rose "Yari" Klein, CA (once elections were done)

Probationary States

  • WI


  • Brianna Coyle, OH
  • Rose "Yari" Klein, Chair, CA
  • James O'Keefe, Secretary, MA
  • Ed Quiggle, PA
  • Brenden ..., IN


Meeting called to order at ~9:14 pm EST.


  • PA - ready to petition for membership
  • KY - nothing
  • IT - Meeting on Thursday, 9pm Eastern
  • Secretary - need to update meeting notes for smooth transition
  • Outreach - focused on conference
  • MA - [ New Pirate news is up]
  • Swarmcare - nothing to report

Old Business


New Business

PA Pirate Party Membership

IN moved to accept PA Pirate Party as a member, IL 2nded.

PA Pirate Party details:

Vote was 4-0-0. PA Pirate Party admitted as a member.

Officer Elections


  • Chair - Anthony Jay, IN
  • Treasurer - Joseph Onoroski, MA
  • Secretary - Rose Klein, CA
  • Auditor - James O’Keefe, MA
  • Swarmcare Manager - Mitch Davilo, IL

The following positions do not have any candidates:

  • Vice-Chair
  • State Moderator
  • Director of the Online
  • Director of Public Relations

No objections to voting on the candidates as a slate of candidates.

Vote to approve slate of candidates was 5-0-0.

Director of Public Relations Vacancy Election

  • Brianna Coyle, OH, expressed an interest in being Director of Public Relations. Was active in the Libertarian Party and has public relations/communication/election experience.
  • Plans to reach out to independent media sources and voters. Willing to help with whatever is needed.
  • Vote was 6-0-0

Motion adjourned by PA, 2nd by IL. No objections to adjourning.

Meeting adjourned at 9:47pm EST.


Record of the meeting

Recording at