PNC 05/09/21

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regular IT meetings - Thu. 5/13 & Mon. 5/24, 9pm

Next tasks:

  1. teach people how to use to send emails
  2. archive SAB list messages
  3. update old pages in the blog/wiki such as the state contact pages

Conference/Elections Planning







Record of the meeting


[9:03pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts
[9:03pm] Bosun: We waited for you jokeefe.
[9:03pm] Sayyida: we have not started yet jokeefe you are safe
[9:03pm] Bosun: Shall we ID?
[9:03pm] Sayyida: next episode you might have to lip sync for your life
[9:03pm] Sayyida: but its not this one
[9:03pm] Yari: Lol
[9:04pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein vice chair Wi
[9:04pm] Yari: Rose klein, california
[9:04pm] Bosun: Sashey!
[9:05pm] Bosun: Joe Klein USPP chair
[9:05pm] Sayyida: this is not the pirate ball, but there needs to be one
[9:05pm] jokeefe: Meeting Page:
[9:05pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 05/09/21 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:05pm] jokeefe: thanks for waiting
[9:06pm] Bosun: Outreach report?
[9:07pm] Bosun: Mitch is out tonight.
[9:07pm] Yari: Nothing to report, there was no meeting.
[9:07pm] Bosun: Yari, anything from outreach?
[9:08pm] Yari: this coming week we will discuss how to use civicrm
[9:08pm] jokeefe: We have the conference from 5/22 to 6/5. We should email our supporters.
[9:09pm] Bosun: To achieve our goals of National domination ...
[9:09pm] Yari: Agreed jokeefe
[9:10pm] Yari: We will send out an email after this coming week even if im the only one there
[9:10pm] Sayyida: did you just try to team rocket the pirate party?
[9:10pm] Sayyida: @bosun?
[9:10pm] Sayyida: Yari, good. be consistant
[9:10pm] Bosun: I will help with e-mail.
[9:11pm] Bosun: We are not alone
[9:12pm] jokeefe: I can help too
[9:12pm] Sayyida: oh my god bosun any q idiots will be seeing this
[9:13pm] Sayyida: and not the all time existent living q, but the crazy cult q
[9:13pm] Bosun: Anything else from Outreach?
[9:14pm] Bosun: Joe is MIA - are we not discussing Platform tonight?
[9:15pm] Sayyida: ok so joe and mitch are going to have a dance off for failure to show haha
[9:15pm] Yari: Nothing else from me
[9:15pm] Bosun: Probably having dinner with mother.
[9:15pm] jokeefe: Joe is really busy with work. Expect that kept him away.
[9:15pm] jokeefe: that too
[9:16pm] Sayyida: let the record show i am sorry for my goofiness i am coping as best I can with a loss
[9:16pm] jokeefe: Sorry for your loss Sayyida
[9:16pm] Sayyida: number 30
[9:16pm] Yari: <3
[9:17pm] Sayyida: the 30th person I have lost in my life and number 19 for suicide
[9:17pm] Bosun: Yari - you met Erick is Seattle.
[9:17pm] Yari: Yeah i heard, will call later
[9:18pm] Bosun: OK - slow night do we have anything else?
[9:18pm] Sayyida: elections
[9:18pm] jokeefe: It meeting Thu. 5/13
[9:18pm] Sayyida: anything from IT?
[9:19pm] Bosun: The mail is for elecrions.
[9:19pm] jokeefe: We need to plan the Conference/Elections
[9:19pm] jokeefe: We have a meeting on Thursday.
[9:20pm] Bosun: We need to come up with a framework so we can send meaningful instruction vi our mass e-meil.
[9:20pm] Bosun: What time?
[9:21pm] jokeefe: 9pm Eastern
[9:21pm] Bosun: Same bat-IRC - same bat-time.
[9:22pm] jokeefe: Was thinking video conference. Will send the link
[9:22pm] Bosun: OK -
[9:23pm] Bosun: Jitsi?
[9:23pm] jokeefe: yes
[9:23pm] jokeefe: What about conference planning?
[9:23pm] chip joined the chat room.
[9:23pm] Sayyida: ahoy chip!
[9:24pm] chip: So what is Pirate Party’s position on copymod?
[9:24pm] chip: ahoy Sayyida
[9:25pm] jokeefe: We should pick some speakers/topics/times for conference sessions.
[9:25pm] Sayyida: chip, as I am not familiar with copymod, I can not confirm or deny a specific stance for the pirate party
[9:26pm] Sayyida: however, I am sure after the meeting we can hash it out and talk about what it is and things it entails
[9:26pm] Sayyida: if the others here want to stay late after the board meeting
[9:27pm] Sayyida: we have 4 minutes left fellow pirates, we only got 4 min
[9:27pm] Sayyida: bonus points and a pint on me if you actually caught that refrance
[9:27pm] Bosun:             COPYMOD OUTDD=PRODLIB,INDD=TESTLIB
[9:27pm] Bosun:             SELECT MEMBER=((WAGETAX,,R))
[9:27pm] Sayyida: motion to adjourn
[9:28pm] Sayyida: motion to adjourn
[9:28pm] chip: copymod is between Copyleft and copyright, basically copymod is like copyright but no permission necessary to create derivatives (from what I was told)