PNC 04/10/2022

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Old Business

  • motion to prohibit caucuses

New Business

  • update on Pirate Party Conference
  • candidate for First Officer


Probationary States

  • WI



Meeting started at 9:05pm Eastern.

By-law change to prohibit caucuses tabled indefinitely 3-0-0.

Conference Planning: Outreach working on a blog post, a press release, and emails sent to potential keynote speakers.

A volunteer contacted us and asked how to become First Officer. Yari responded that they should show up to the meeting and make their case.

Outreach has created tiktok and Instagram accounts.

Yari has drafted a USPP Chair Dissolution Proposal and is seeking comment. It will be proposed next meeting.

Meeting ended at 9:56pm Eastern.


Record of the meeting

[9:05pm] yari: okay, it is 9:05 pm eastern time, so I'm going to begin. Calling this meeting of the PNC to order. IDs please
[9:06pm] Wodensday: Anthony Jay, Outreach chair, INPP
[9:06pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Massachusetts, Treasurer
[9:06pm] yari: Rose Klein, PNC Chair
[9:06pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts
[9:07pm] NomadOfNorad: (Do non-staff also ID themselves?  Or just lurk?)
[9:07pm] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[9:07pm] Wodensday: NomadOfNorad, you ID if you plan to talk.
[9:07pm] pmchi: You ID yourself if you wish to participate
[9:07pm] Wodensday: DOn't have to if you just want to lurk
[9:07pm] NomadOfNorad: David C Hall, Jacksonville, frustrated observer who MIGHT talk
[9:08pm] yari: let's go ahead and begin with reports. Going in the order listed! jokeefe, anything to report?
[9:09pm] jokeefe: Blog software is updated and all databases are backed up. Working on the Crew email issue and updating CiviCRM.
[9:09pm] jokeefe: Nothing else to report.
[9:09pm] yari: thank you jokeefe. Joe, anything to report?
[9:09pm] Joe: Things are due for reports to the fec this week. Very busy week for me last week so I will get the platform to you this week.
[9:10pm] Joe: At least what I have
[9:10pm] Joe: Also, Nomad had questions
[9:10pm] yari: thank you Joe. Please let us know how we can help you with that if needed. Wodensday, anything to report?
[9:10pm] yari: Oh, sorry - Nomad, I'll make sure we get to you in a second
[9:11pm] Wodensday: 1. We finally have a team willing to work on a newsletter! After this meeting I'll compile everything that happened this week and a doc and have us work on it tomorrow
[9:12pm] yari: thank you Wodensday. would you like an email ping about doing so?
[9:12pm] Wodensday: 2. Didn't get to contact Joe about the Proud Libertarian thing unfortunately, will try to move that forward again this week
[9:12pm] Wodensday: Absolutely
[9:13pm] Wodensday: I believe that's all.
[9:13pm] yari: noted and will do. pmchi, anything to report?
[9:13pm] Joe: Sorry for ghosting this week. Had to take some personal time.
[9:13pm] Wodensday: Oh no worries, I was so busy I forgot to reach out
[9:14pm] yari: all good Joe - mental health comes first!
[9:14pm] Jester joined the chat room.
[9:14pm] pmchi: No reports this week from Swarmcare
[9:14pm] Joe: It was taking care of family, but mental health is important too!
[9:15pm] yari: thank you pmchi. That's the end of officer reports. Is there any discussion or debate on the reports as shared?
[9:16pm] Wodensday: None here
[9:16pm] yari: Hearing no discussion or debate, we will move on. Nomad, I want to make sure we get to you while you are still here. Would you like to share your questions now or during new business?
[9:17pm] Joe: 21:07:20 <NomadOfNorad> (Do non-staff also ID themselves?  Or just lurk?)
[9:18pm] Joe: 21:07:43 <NomadOfNorad> David C Hall, Jacksonville, frustrated observer who MIGHT talk
[9:18pm] yari: Hearing nothing from Nomad, let's move to old business
[9:19pm] yari: The item that was tabled last time: a motion to prohibit caucuses.
[9:19pm] yari: Specifically:
[9:19pm] yari: Motion to modify the By-laws to prohibit caucuses, inserted in Article VII: Committees -- Purpose, Membership, and Operations:  "(4) No member of a state party or volunteer for the national party shall affiliate themselves with an organization or substructure that seeks to promote one ideology over others within the United States Pirate Party, promote partisan or tribal behavior between members of an “in” group or “out” group, promote the forwarding
[9:19pm] yari: of a certain group’s goals over the party as whole, or discourage the use of mainline party discussion channels in favor of partisan ones."
[9:20pm] Wodensday: I have to be honest, I have had zero time to work on this or develop it past its issues. If pmchi hasn't either, I may suggest we table this indefinitely until us ex-libertarians can get together and pitch a revised plan.
[9:20pm] Wodensday: But if anyone has put more thought into it, I won't make that motion just yet
[9:21pm] Joe: 2nd to table
[9:21pm] pmchi: Likewise, I haven’t been able to add anything or review much. I think this should be tabled to next week for live discussion
[9:21pm] yari: Okay, I'll take that as a proper motion and second to table
[9:22pm] yari: Please vote aye or nay to table this discussion indefinitely. This means that the discussion will not be put on the agenda until a member requests it be put on the agenda.
[9:22pm] Wodensday: Table or tablle indef?
[9:22pm] Wodensday: Ah
[9:22pm] Wodensday: Aye
[9:22pm] Joe: Aye
[9:23pm] yari: pmchi?
[9:23pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:23pm] Joe: We can have the meeting then put it back on the agenda
[9:23pm] yari: three ayes, zero against. motion passes.
[9:23pm] yari: the motion is tabled indefinitely
[9:23pm] yari: moving on to new business:
[9:24pm] yari: The only item I have for sure on here is the updates on the Pirate Party Conference, which - I'll be honest, I'm not sure there is much to update
[9:24pm] yari: Wodensday and pmchi?
[9:24pm] yari: I just want to make sure that there's a chance for this to be on the agenda each week in case there are major asks
[9:25pm] yari: Since it's an important item
[9:25pm] Wodensday: By next week, I think we should have a blog post, a press release, and emails sent to potential keynote speakers
[9:25pm] yari: agreed.
[9:25pm] Wodensday: But as of this week I don't think we made any major strides forward.
[9:26pm] Wodensday: Unless I'm forgetting something?
[9:26pm] yari: I don't think so.
[9:26pm] yari: Is there any objection to moving on?
[9:26pm] yari: hearing none, I would ask if the members of this board have any items of new business.
[9:27pm] Joe: Not of anything of importance though we did receive qanon mailer in MA this week.
[9:28pm] Wodensday: How quirky.
[9:28pm] yari: I will mention, while I'm at it, that I am putting together a proposal which I would like everyone to read sometime this week, as it will be a major bylaws change if passed.
[9:28pm] Joe:
[9:28pm] papegaai: Title: QAnon Postcards Sent to Thousands of New England Homes – NBC Boston (at
[9:29pm] yari: I don't have the bylaws language proposed in it yet but I will be putting that together in the next couple days and then sending that out as well. For now:
[9:29pm] papegaai: Title: Etherpad (at
[9:29pm] Joe: Is that for PPI?
[9:29pm] yari: no, no. PPI doesn't require any sort of bylaws change, to my understanding
[9:30pm] yari: pmchi, have you heard anything from Florida?
[9:31pm] pmchi: Florida is forming and holding meetings, but no updates past there. Pennsylvania is also coming together nicely
[9:31pm] Wodensday: If we do not find any other topics of discussion, may I ask about that one agenda item?
[9:31pm] Wodensday: The conditional one we didn't speak of
[9:32pm] yari: Of course. It was put in the agenda based on that email I forwarded
[9:32pm] Wodensday: My email game sucks, I miss so much
[9:32pm] yari: Summary: a volunteer contacted me and asked how to become First Officer.
[9:33pm] yari: I reponded that they should show up to the meeting and make their case
[9:33pm] yari: Thus the agenda item
[9:33pm] yari: However, that person is not here - so the agenda item does not apply
[9:33pm] Wodensday: Interesting, alright
[9:34pm] Wodensday: Thank you for elaborating.
[9:34pm] yari: of course
[9:34pm] Joe: For the record, I think dissolution of captain/chair is a bad idea, though they should not bear the sole fiduciary responsibility.
[9:34pm] Wodensday: I would love to hear your extended thoughts on that.
[9:34pm] yari: Joe, I assumed you would say as much - and wrote the majority of that opinion with your objections in mind
[9:34pm] Wodensday: Since we have the time.
[9:35pm] Joe: Captain usually being a non-voting role and one more of organizational
[9:35pm] Joe: Lol, i can see.
[9:36pm] eef joined the chat room.
[9:36pm] Joe: Let me digest your work so that I may either be persuaded or come up with my own counter. I can not argue in good faith without fully understanding your point.
[9:36pm] eef left the chat room.
[9:37pm] Joe: Ie
[9:37pm] yari: fair enough - that's why I'm suggesting that folks read this and then I'll be adding it to the agenda for next week
[9:37pm] yari: I would appreciate your thoughts on it, certainly
[9:38pm] yari: Although, again, I have not yet added the bylaws changes. Will be adding those in the next couple days
[9:38pm] Wodensday: I may have a motion actually, but I don't know if this is where I'd present it.
[9:38pm] yari: You're welcome to suggest it and see what happens
[9:38pm] Wodensday: Outreach is holding on to unofficial, unused tiktok and Instagram accounts.
[9:38pm] Wodensday: I want to officiate them.
[9:39pm] yari: what is the difference between official and unofficial?
[9:39pm] yari: in this context
[9:39pm] Wodensday: Surely just the blessing of the accounts as official and the sharing of the keys with everyone who would need them.
[9:40pm] yari: I would imagine mostly the latter part then
[9:40pm] yari: but yeah, that makes sense.
[9:40pm] Wodensday: I was under the impression that outreach cannot simply go and create social media accounts
[9:40pm] Wodensday: So we've just been keeping these around
[9:41pm] Joe: I see no issues with you creating what is needed to do outreach
[9:41pm] Joe: Just as you would not stop treasury in creating a bank account.
[9:41pm] yari: I honestly don't recall whether those were made by motion of the PNC or not. The main issue with sharing the keys with everyone, according to past motions, is that each social media platform we use must have some method of shared posting accountability such as tweetdeck
[9:42pm] Wodensday: I think that's the main reason why it is not that easy.
[9:42pm] yari: *shared account responsibility -- probably a better term than 'shared posting accountability
[9:42pm] Wodensday: I don't believe those tools exist for Instagram or tiktok. I can do research though.
[9:43pm] yari: Instagram should have them, as an extention of facebook I'm sure they have tools for business operation through the facebook platform
[9:43pm] yari: although I have done no research so
[9:44pm] Wodensday: I'll see what's out there, though there is a solid chance that giving outreach permission to have these would mean being comfortable having accounts that do not have an admin or arbiter at the top
[9:45pm] Wodensday: Which may limit how freely we give the keys out
[9:45pm] yari: That all makes sense to me
[9:46pm] Wodensday: We can wrap this up and internalize it as an action item for AJ then, if everyone is cool with that
[9:46pm] yari: Okay, it seems as though we're ending early anyway - I'm going to suggest that unless there are any items of business people want to bring up we move to action items
[9:47pm] Joe: Motion to adjourn
[9:47pm] Wodensday: I have no other items of business
[9:47pm] Wodensday: Eh, we have ten minutes, Let's see if we need to use it
[9:48pm] yari: Please list what you will be doing this week (and how people can help with that):
[9:48pm] yari: Joe Wodensday jokeefe pmchi
[9:49pm] Joe: There is not much anyone else can do to help me, I have to get caught up first and file reports.
[9:49pm] yari: I will be updating the website section on the Conference to reflect the 2022 conference, and possibly adding an archive for past conference stuff.
[9:49pm] yari: I will be helping AJ with keynote speaker emails
[9:50pm] jokeefe: Anyone who can help with Drupal and CiviCRM would be wonderful
[9:50pm] Wodensday: I will be: 1. Facilitating the production of a newsletter, if you want to help with that make sure you have the roles for the writer's room in the discord. 2. Working on the conference with Yari and Pmchi. 3. Maybe meeting with Joe on PL? Just let me know my friend.
[9:50pm] yari: I will be using Joe's platform stuff to finish the application for PPI, and I will also be sending jokeefe an email about that.
[9:51pm] Wodensday: Oh, and I'm always trying to match volunteers with projects. So make sure to post anything you need help with on the bulletin board channel, let's get everyone some more volunteers'
[9:51pm] yari: jokeefe, have you considered sending out a ping about volunteers for that to the SAB?
[9:51pm] jokeefe: I will do so.
[9:52pm] Wodensday: Oh, and is there anyway to give me that ability to see potential INPP members over crew? That was discussed lightly a meeting or two ago
[9:52pm] yari: Wodensday I will do that right after this meeting
[9:52pm] Wodensday: Sweet
[9:53pm] jokeefe: I will give you access, Wodensday
[9:53pm] jokeefe: or yari can
[9:53pm] yari: jokeefe it's so much later there, you should go to sleep or something
[9:53pm] jokeefe: thanks
[9:53pm] yari: okay cool cool we have an action item list
[9:54pm] yari: Can I get a second on that motion to adjourn?
[9:54pm] Wodensday: Second
[9:54pm] yari: properly moved and seconded. Please vote aye or nay on the motion to adjourn
[9:54pm] Wodensday: Ayee
[9:54pm] Joe: Aye
[9:55pm] yari: pmchi?
[9:55pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:55pm] yari: This meeting of the PNC has been adjourned at 9:56PM Eastern time. Thank you all.