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::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- mm/dd/yyyy 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC





1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

Chairperson Joseph Klein

Vice Chair James O’Keefe

Secretary Lucia Fiero

1.4 - Other Attendess


  • Meeting called to order at: __:___pm EDT
  • Meeting chaired by _________
  • Secretary for this meeting is _________
  • Quorum is established: ___ out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee

5 - Agenda Items

<Put Agenda here before sending out>

- AOB -

  • Next meeting: ______ at _:__PM EDT
  • Meeting closed: ____________

Logs of the Meeting

[02:08am] Bosun: OK ... Shall we call to order ... we want this over by the top of the hour.
[02:08am] jokeefe: sounds good
[02:09am] Bosun: Joseph Thomas Klein - Chair USPP / Wisconsin
[02:09am] Sayyida joined the chat room.
[02:10am] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero Secretary/Massachusetts
[02:10am] Bosun: Please identify self.
[02:10am] Zarathustra_mob: California here. On phone in traffic. Home son
[02:11am] Zarathustra_mob: Soon
[02:11am] Zarathustra_mob: New York we can help
[02:11am] Bosun: Nice handle BTW
[02:11am] brendanCA: Also California
[02:12am] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Vice-Chair/Massachusetts
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[02:13am] Castaway left the chat room.
[02:13am] Sayyida: Sayyida from Wisconsin
[02:14am] Bosun: Anyone else?
[02:14am] G: Garret from Mass
[02:14am] jamz3243: joe, florida, just watching I guess.
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[02:15am] Bosun: cool more the better
[02:15am] joedoe47 joined the chat room.
[02:16am] Bosun: Has California formally reorganized?
[02:16am] brendanCA: Yes, although it's an ongoing effort
[02:16am] Bosun: Cool.
[02:17am] Zarathustra joined the chat room.
[02:17am] Castaway joined the chat room.
[02:17am] brendanCA: There's a very active Slack channel and a few local FB pages that are coordinating with State party
[02:17am] Bosun: Welcome back
[02:17am] Bluestreak: For your perusal
[02:17am] papegaai: Title: Thanks to Trump, Scientists Are Going to Run for Office - The Atlantic (at
[02:17am] Bluestreak: More people running for office: Good.
[02:17am] Zarathustra: Checking in from California Pirate Party!
[02:18am] Bluestreak: Scientists running things: Good
[02:18am] Bluestreak: Them running as Pirates: Better. How to make that happen?
[02:18am] G: Ike warned about scientific elite, just saying
[02:18am] Wolfman: Tennessee....still learning.  So, watching and "listening", as it were.
[02:18am] BlueCollar: More people running for office is great but the $ barrier is often too great
[02:18am] Bosun: Talk to them.
[02:19am] brendanCA: I think Zarathustra has actually been in the live biweekly meetings CAPP has been running, so might be able to give a more detailed rundown of what those are like
[02:19am] Zarathustra_mob left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)
[02:19am] Bluestreak: Oh we don't mean run to win.
[02:19am] Bluestreak: Just run.
[02:19am] Bluestreak: Why let them run unopposed?
[02:19am] Bosun: eventually winning would be nice
[02:20am] Bluestreak: Garret drew a lot of heat in Mass suggesting we run someone against Warren
[02:20am] Bluestreak: in the Senate. His point is valid
[02:20am] G: lol. it was ridic
[02:20am] Bluestreak: Not the best target IMO
[02:20am] G: all i did was share the mere suggestion
[02:20am] G: lol
[02:20am] Bosun: I'm thinking of throwing in the hat against Sheriff Clarke.
[02:21am] Bluestreak: YES
[02:21am] BlueCollar: Any ideas on how social media could overcome a traditional poltical warchest?
[02:21am] Castaway: Ahoy
[02:21am] mcky: NY. I'm still learning as well.
[02:21am] Bluestreak: Jason is also talking about Sherriff.
[02:21am] Bluestreak: You need a fuck ton of sigs for sheriff though
[02:21am] Castaway: Castaway, Vermont
[02:21am] Bluestreak: Ahoy
[02:22am] Bosun: I have gotten the number required to run against Clarke twice ...
[02:22am] Castaway: I think crowdfunding could do a lot in small states
[02:23am] Bluestreak: Is there an official list of which states have established PPs?
[02:23am] Castaway: I think crowdfunding can do a lot in all states
[02:23am] Bluestreak: Which are close?
[02:23am] Bosun: Here is some stuff on David Clarke ...
[02:23am] papegaai: Title: Milwaukee County launches investigation of Sheriff Clarke over airplane complaint, Clarke says its a witch hunt | (at
[02:23am] G: Vermont! do we have a Vermont PP in here? someone was asking in our MAPP meeting yesterday for Vermont contact
[02:23am] Zarathustra: I've actually been circulating this: trying to figure that out
[02:23am] papegaai: Title: Riseup Pad (at
[02:24am] Bluestreak: This is like the number one question I get asked in the FB working group
[02:24am] Castaway: That was me. 
[02:24am] BlueCollar: Westchester Cnty NY is the wealthiest county in the US, would only need 3,100 votes to win a seat in cnty govt here
[02:24am] G: oh dam. that is no help
[02:24am] G:
[02:24am] Bluestreak: No this is fine.
[02:24am] Bluestreak: I will post it and ask people to add to it.
[02:25am] Bluestreak: We have to start somewhere
[02:25am] Bluestreak: BlueCollar, we offer campaign help to ppl who run as Pirates.
[02:25am] Bluestreak: There is a NYPP.
[02:26am] jokeefe: we have states listed at, but haven’t updated it
[02:27am] Bosun: We need more.
[02:27am] dennyj joined the chat room.
[02:27am] Bosun: I need to get the Illinois folks some help.
[02:28am] Castaway: I think Pirates should organize with nonprofits like peace and justice centers across the country
[02:28am] BlueCollar: The person in my district just won a special election (son of a the head of state republican party of course) but we can get him in 16 months
[02:28am] Bluestreak: We do. We work with many other groups in MA
[02:29am] Bosun: 501c(3)s should not engage in political action. So be careful.
[02:29am] Bluestreak: jokeefe when was the wiki last updated?
[02:29am] Sayyida: sorry I'm late to the party. Bosun should run. Clarke is a nincompupe
[02:29am] Bosun: ... and beloved by Trump.
[02:30am] BlueCollar: btw I am refering to Westchester Cnty District 14 (Yonkers NY)
[02:31am] Bluestreak: I will send Zara's rise up pad to all the contacts I can find on the wiki for a more up to date picture of what is going on.
[02:31am] Bosun: A Yonkers Sheriff would be cool.
[02:31am] Zarathustra: Bosun, any resources you could share on the legalities of walking that line re: 501c3?
[02:32am] Bluestreak: I could have it done before we meet again, esp if we are making it 2 weeks or more until next meeting
[02:33am] Bosun: @Zarathustra
[02:33am] papegaai: Title: Exemption Requirements - 501(c)(3) Organizations (at
[02:34am] BlueCollar: alos could have a 501(c)(4) running concurrently
[02:35am] Bosun: The first Wednesday of February.
[02:36am] Zarathustra: Our folks started discussing how to run each in parallel, I'm just unfamiliar with the subject
[02:36am] Bosun: 501c4 can lobby etc ... but must be arms length from the c3
[02:36am] Zarathustra: thanks bosun
[02:37am] Castaway: about fundraising: the Progressive Party in Vermont actually has a credit card that people can use to make small donations when they use their cards
[02:38am] Bosun: A party should be incorporated but file under 527 ... most of us are too small and hence exempt.
[02:38am] Castaway: Do Pirates often approach other third parties, or caucus with them to potentially run as hybrid, hyphenated candidates?
[02:39am] Bosun: Only a few states allow "fusion" candidates.
[02:39am] Bosun: Vermont being one.
[02:39am] Bluestreak: It's not something that I am personally interested in. This is only me.
[02:40am] Bosun: NY I think as well.
[02:40am] Castaway: Vermont is a weird state, but each gubernatorial candidate in the last election sought the Progressive Party's endorsement, and agreed to run as a Progressive-Democrat
[02:40am] jokeefe: sorry, had to deal with a call. have we started with the agenda?
[02:40am] Bluestreak: I don't speak for anyone but me, but not a fan a fusion.
[02:40am] Bluestreak: There really isn't anything ON the agenda
[02:40am] G: cooperation, no fusion
[02:40am] G: imho
[02:40am] Bluestreak:
[02:41am] Castaway: Bluestreak, I know what you mean, but we have to start somewhere.
[02:41am] Bluestreak: My agenda is to help establish parties in every state, and how do we do that.
[02:41am] jokeefe: reports?
[02:41am] Bluestreak: Of national activities?
[02:42am] Zarathustra: I'd like to give a more formal introduction on behalf of california whenever thats appropriate
[02:42am] G: with like... trumpets and stuff?
Diane in Maine, observing (thnx, my 1st time)

[02:42am] G: 3:)
[02:42am] Castaway: Are there many specific Pirate Party Meetups in states where the parties are forming or dormant?
[02:43am] Ichtlay joined the chat room.
[02:43am] Bosun: Committees then Staes ... what of IT?
[02:43am] Bluestreak: I move that we give Zara the floor.
[02:43am] Bosun: ... States
[02:43am] Bosun: I have no objection
[02:44am] Castaway: I have no objection
[02:44am] G:  no objection
[02:44am] Bosun: OK Zarathustra ... sprach ...
[02:45am] Zarathustra: So we are a small group of volunteers in California
[02:45am] Zarathustra: We have 2 members from the old california pirate party involved
[02:45am] Zarathustra: Most of us are new volunteers from SF or LA
[02:46am] Zarathustra: There were a lot of inquiries to the party with Trump coming on the scene
[02:46am] Zarathustra: We've started organizing on Slack, started with about 8 people, now we have around 50
[02:47am] Bosun: Fantastic.
[02:47am] Zarathustra: We are preparing to 'go public' so to speak
[02:47am] USPPGuest7 joined the chat room.
[02:47am] Castaway: Nice!
[02:47am] jokeefe: how are you finding Slack for coordinating activities?
[02:48am] Zarathustra: Slack is amazing, though we are toying with Rocket.Chat (open source alternative)
[02:48am] Bluestreak: I recommend two things: More social media posts.
[02:48am] Bluestreak: And read Swarmwise.
[02:49am] Zarathustra: I think being in CA we have access to more resources than most, both for the tech scene and for the activism scene
[02:49am] Bosun: Please attend meetings and keep us in the loop.
[02:49am] brendanCA: Just to add: there's also a local Sonoma chapter with a little activity
[02:49am] Zarathustra: (I have my hard copy of swarmwise and no safe harbor on the shelf behind me!) 
[02:49am] Bosun: CA is a very important state.
[02:49am] Bluestreak: And you should elect a representative to the PNC for voting rights.
[02:49am] Bluestreak: Definitely.
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[02:50am] Zarathustra: I've been tasked as ambassador for the time being. I'll attend every meeting here (though with LA traffic 6pm start time is cutting it close on the west coast)
[02:50am] Bosun: Figure out how to convention yourself.
[02:50am] Bluestreak: OK recommended reading for everyone who wants to join up.
[02:51am] Bluestreak: I don't know if I can stay awake any later than a 9 pm meeting...
[02:51am] Zarathustra: Re: Social Media, we're devising a strategy, should finalize at 'our' next meeting
[02:51am] Wolfman: Social media posts is certainly a good idea for more PR.
[02:51am] Zarathustra: Understood. Traffic sucks, it varies
[02:52am] Bluestreak: jokeefe had/has(?) a lot of success with Hootsuite.
[02:52am] G: Hootsuite is a good tool for social media
[02:52am] Bosun: If we need to we can regionalize ... hate to think about a Hawaiian rep.
[02:52am] jokeefe: tweetdeck is a good alternative for twitter and it is free
[02:52am] G: i was using it to manage 4 Twitters and a FB for the DT4 stuff
[02:52am] Bluestreak: Sorry
[02:52am] BlueCollar: In Yonkers most win by piling the old folks home into a van and down to the polls, need some tech to overcome that
[02:52am] Bluestreak: That is what I meant. Ooops
[02:53am] Bluestreak: ZZZZZZ
[02:53am] Bluestreak: Tweetdeck. Free. And easy to use.
[02:53am] Bosun: OK ... we will have another meeting on the first Wednesday of February
[02:54am] jokeefe: yes
[02:54am] Castaway: I think one way to get more parties is to pirate voters from other third parties.
[02:54am] jokeefe: what should we aim to do in the week before?
[02:54am] Bosun: I insist we keep this under an hour and we jhave six minutes left.
[02:55am] Bosun: Have we fixed the IT issues?
[02:55am] Zarathustra: I think California will be a great help to bootstrapping other states getting started. We just need to get started ourselves
[02:55am] Bluestreak: Yes.
[02:55am] Zarathustra: I'll table it for now, but whip up a more formal proposal on the subject that I can bring to a future meeting
[02:55am] Bluestreak: Domino effect.
[02:55am] Bosun: If I can be of any help - Call Me 414-628-3380 also on signal.
[02:56am] Bluestreak: You have Washington just to the north and there was some activity up there couple years back... Jeff Talada ran for office
[02:56am] BlueCollar: Probably should put our thinking caps on as regards a Pirate Party branding
[02:56am] Bluestreak: Schedule next meeting, Bosun?
[02:56am] Zarathustra: I'm in contact with a washington pirate
[02:57am] jokeefe: for IT really need someone else to lead it.
[02:57am] brendanCA: I also know someone in Nevada that might be interested in feeling out people there.
[02:57am] Zarathustra: What are the IT concerns?
[02:57am] jokeefe: there are a lot of people who want to get involved, but I have too many balls in the air to devote enough time to it to do it justice
[02:57am] brendanCA: not sure what the status is there
[02:57am] Bosun: First Wednesday of February ... The 1st.
[02:57am] Bluestreak: We need someone to work the blog and the wiki?
[02:57am] Bosun: Groundhog day.
[02:58am] Zarathustra: I think california can lend resources
[02:58am] jokeefe: we had to clean up the wiki from spammers recently and mdupont did a great and quick job at that
[02:58am] Bluestreak: Next meeting 2/2 Bosun?
[02:58am] Zarathustra: But as you say, we have plenty of balls in the air at the moment as well
[02:58am] Bosun: 2/1
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[02:58am] jokeefe: yes, Bluestreak we also need people to post to the blog
[02:58am] BlueCollar: Thank You-Blue Collar Think Tank
[02:58am] jokeefe: at this point we have a blog and a wiki
[02:58am] Bluestreak: What the hell I will post to the FB pages for volunteers to work IT for us?
[02:59am] Bosun: sorry is 2nd goundhog day, thought it the 1st.
[02:59am] Bluestreak: Send me an email of what you want a volunteer to work on for us
[02:59am] jokeefe: we need way for people to communicate and organize that doesn’t require them to be on IRC at the same time
[02:59am] Bluestreak:
[02:59am] Zarathustra: I do recommend Slack then
[02:59am] Zarathustra: great mobile app too
[02:59am] Bluestreak: So 2/1?
[02:59am] brendanCA: Yes, Slack has been really good
[02:59am] Bosun: Thank you all!!!
[02:59am] Bluestreak: Next meeting is next week then?
[02:59am] Castaway: Has anyone tried RIOT?
[03:00am] jokeefe: MA is looking at different possibilities. the reddit code is free software and looks promissing, but we are exploring other alternatives as well
[03:00am] Bosun: We need to continue this on the 1st.
[03:00am] Zarathustra: We experimented with Riot
[03:00am] Castaway: How was it?
[03:00am] Bosun: URLs please
[03:00am] BlueCollar left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)
[03:00am] Zarathustra: The UI is a bit clunky
[03:00am] jokeefe: mdupont setup a riot page. looks like slack
[03:00am] Bluestreak: OK feel free to stat and chat after the meeting, y'all
[03:00am] Castaway: Is there a group on it?
[03:00am] jokeefe:
[03:00am] papegaai: Title: Riot (at
[03:00am] Zarathustra: I love the underlying framework and all, but currently eying as the best solution long-term
[03:01am] Castaway: Yeah, it might be.
[03:01am] Bluestreak: Move to adjourn?
[03:01am] Castaway: I'll check out the Pirate room on Riot
[03:02am] Zarathustra: I'll check it out too
[03:02am] Zarathustra: I made a #CAPP on it, not sure if its still there?
[03:02am] Bosun: I'm cutting out to watch the trump interview on ABC
[03:02am] Bosun: Bye
[03:02am] Bosun left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[03:02am] Castaway: That should be inspiring. 
[03:03am] G: i second the move to adjourn the hack outa here
[03:03am] jokeefe: poor Bosun. glutton for punishment
[03:03am] jokeefe: all in favor?
[03:03am] G: ayeDaina “Eve” Olson
[03:03am] Castaway: Aye!
[03:03am] jokeefe: aye
[03:03am] Zarathustra: Thanks all!
[03:03am] jokeefe: > Zarathustra: I made a #CAPP on it, not sure if its still there?
[03:03am] Zarathustra: take care
[03:03am] jokeefe: where?
[03:03am] Castaway: Thanks, y'all
[03:03am] dennyj: Do not watch.  Propaganda.
[03:03am] jokeefe: normalizing him
[03:04am] Zarathustra: I'd have to download again to check, not sure
[03:04am] Zarathustra: Worse, HyperNormalisation
[03:04am] Zarathustra:
[03:04am] papegaai: Title: BBC iPlayer - Adam Curtis - HyperNormalisation (at
[03:05am] Bluestreak: YES! Watch that.
[03:05am] Bluestreak: My husband flipped for that film.
[03:06am] Castaway left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)
[03:06am] brendanCA left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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[03:06am] Zarathustra: Adam Curtis has a decent filmography
[03:07am] Zarathustra: I gotta go for now, but I idle here 24/7
[03:07am] Zarathustra: goodnight everyone