Outreach 12/15/20

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[20:07:47]  <yari> IDs
[20:07:51]  Sayyida (~Sayyida@ joined the channel
[20:07:54]  Momma_turtle (~Sayyida@ joined the channel
[20:08:01]  <yari> Rose Klein, California
[20:08:04]  <@Bosun> Joseph Klein USPP
[20:08:25]  <@Bosun> ok argument
[20:08:33]  <yari> yes?
[20:08:41]  <Momma_turtle> Megan Klein just observing 
[20:09:51]  <yari> Did you have something to bring up, Bosun? Otherwise old business.
[20:09:52]  <@Bosun> President represents all Americans therefor all American should have a proportional say in the nomination thereof.
[20:10:05]  <yari> Yes agreed
[20:10:37]  <@Bosun> Radical democratic statement.
[20:10:58]  <yari> You were saying that this could be a draft for a statement made by the USPP blog?
[20:11:14]  <@Bosun> So we need to draft an argument - this is a selling point for USPP.
[20:11:49]  <yari> I agree. 
[20:12:01]  <@Bosun> Yes. Blog, list, whatever
[20:12:20]  <yari> Should this be something for the list or go directly to the blog?
[20:13:13]  <yari> I can draft a document and bring it back next week. 
[20:13:27]  <yari> Or I can draft and send to you and Olivia in email
[20:13:35]  <@Bosun> It can be a statement from the committee - so you sign off on it. We co-author.
[20:14:11]  <@Bosun> OK - I will put in my 2 cents and we can bat it back and forth.
[20:14:52]  <yari> Okay. I'll make a document and share with you tonight. We can work from there and then publish when finished. I would like to also get some outside input on this though.
[20:14:59]  <yari> Perhaps Olivia or pmchi?
[20:15:14]  <@Bosun> Yes please.
[20:15:25]  <yari> Okay, will send to them also once drafted
[20:15:43]  <@Bosun> I think that is all for tonight.
[20:16:28]  <@Bosun> Oh and the coop people accepted my argument and granted the domain.
[20:16:38]  <yari> Fantastic!
[20:16:50]  <yari> So a few big steps forward in terms of outreach
[20:17:17]  <Momma_turtle> *applause* 
[20:17:57]  <yari> Are there any other updates that need to be talked about?
[20:18:22]  <yari> There was some talk a while back about someone in GA, did we ever follow up on that?
[20:18:24]  <@Bosun> Yes. I have google domains serving it.
[20:18:54]  <@Bosun> I need to backtrak on my e-,ail.
[20:19:03]  <@Bosun> e-mail
[20:19:45]  <@Bosun> USPP.coop 
[20:19:55]  <yari> I'm confused. What do you mean by backtracking?
[20:20:36]  <@Bosun> dig through old correspondence 
[20:21:17]  <@Bosun> people contact us and I try and answer.
[20:21:27]  <yari> With regards to GA?
[20:21:32]  <yari> Ah.
[20:21:54]  <@Bosun> I have a guy in Wisconsin who wants to run against Ron Johnson.
[20:22:03]  <yari> Oh, that's good news
[20:22:42]  <@Bosun> He is a bookstore owner.
[20:22:53]  <yari> What can we do to help?
[20:23:46]  <@Bosun> Get him 2000 plus good signatures in 22.
[20:24:29]  <yari> Okay, so volunteers then.
[20:24:50]  <@Bosun> Yes - boots on the ground.
[20:26:35]  <yari> Doable. Good to have on our radar.
[20:27:09]  <@Bosun> Also sociaal media support and FEC help with paperwork, filing for Madison election peopl.
[20:28:03]  <yari> I'd like to have a national database of contacts/volunteers that we can spin off/coordinate with state lists when they get big enough
[20:28:10]  <@Bosun> With Mitch that would make two federal candidates in 22.
[20:28:20]  <yari> I feel like having something like that would streamline our work
[20:29:39]  <@Bosun> Let's adjourn - Meg wanted to chat with you.
[20:29:44]  <yari> Okay.
[20:30:03]  <yari> Seeing no objections
[20:30:07]  <yari> We are adjourned