Outreach 12/1/20

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[20:00:07]  <pmchi> Ahoy
[20:00:12]  <yari> ahoy
[20:00:14]  <@Bosun> Hello
[20:00:22]  <Olivia_> Hello everyone!
[20:01:04]  <yari> Just a moment, I need a minute to gather my things before we start
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[20:04:59]  <@Bosun> Yari?
[20:05:10]  <yari> Okay, I'm ready
[20:05:10]  <yari> IDs please!
[20:05:10]  <yari> Rose Klein, California
[20:05:31]  <Olivia_> Will Jamie be here too I thought he had asked what timne and day this would be?
[20:05:32]  <@Bosun> Joseph Klein - USPP board
[20:05:36]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
[20:06:27]  <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/IL
[20:06:52]  <yari> Olivia_ - an excellent question. If anyone has means to ping him, I encourage you to do so. Either way, we should continue.
[20:07:15]  <@Bosun> He popped in earlier the left.
[20:07:20]  <@Bosun> then
[20:07:48]  <yari> Thank you. First - old business.
[20:08:15]  <yari> Last time we met, we tabled an oder of business that I would like to open as a larger discussion today anyway:
[20:08:21]  <yari> Using the USPP (operating out of DC) as a method of setting up each state party as necessary
[20:08:41]  <@Bosun> AKA The coop
[20:08:41]  <yari> This was tied up with the issue of Bosun's email proposal
[20:08:52]  <yari> Which we voted last meeting to have presented to the PNC
[20:08:59]  <@Bosun> May I update.
[20:09:05]  <yari> Please do!
[20:09:21]  <@Bosun> Nothing is every easy ...
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[20:12:00]  <@Bosun> The coop name .coop requires explicit adherence to cooperative principals. So we need to bylaw an explicite set of coopertive principals in the USPCA (cooperative) bylaws.
[20:12:58]  <@Bosun> I thought I did do that, but could not check before the meeting because DC's corporate site was down.
[20:13:55]  <@Bosun> We should integrate the current bylaws into the coop, giving legal strength to the party.
[20:14:31]  <@Bosun> I can wrapp this into a resolution for Sunday.
[20:14:40]  <@Bosun> wrap
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[20:16:40]  <yari> Would you like assistance wrapping this into a resolution for Sunday?
[20:16:41]  <@Bosun> You see .coop is the only top level domain that requires explicit ideological compliance. 
[20:17:18]  <@Bosun> I will call you about the integration. What night is good for you?
[20:17:33]  <Olivia_> What about ,Pirate?  LOL
[20:17:58]  <@Bosun> or we can IRC or whatever.
[20:18:16]  <yari> I will message you, we can set up something
[20:19:09]  <@Bosun> They don't mind the pirate as long as we adhere to one entity - one vote, democratic control and transparency.
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[20:20:19]  <@Bosun> A cooperative treats each member equally. In our case states parties are members.
[20:22:14]  <@Bosun> questions?
[20:23:04]  <Olivia_> When transferring to a new domain the tricky part is that all links redirect.  Will that be an easy transition and nothing will be broken?
[20:23:43]  <Olivia_> Make sure to ask about redirecting all pages and links.
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[20:24:07]  <@Bosun> https://ncbaclusa.coop/resources/7-cooperative-principles/
[20:24:08]  <yari> This is just email domain, correct? Or is it website as well?
[20:24:09]  <papegaai> Title: 7 Cooperative Principles - Values of a Co-op | NCBA CLUSA (at ncbaclusa.coop)
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[20:24:33]  <@Bosun> We can alias anything we want.
[20:26:57]  <yari> Bosun? Is it website as well that you are proposing?
[20:27:14]  <@Bosun> The links break when you have disconnects between the URLs.
[20:27:54]  <@Bosun> No nothing radical - just mail and  a framework for states.
[20:28:18]  <yari> okay
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[20:28:39]  <yari> That makes sense, would be easier to sell to the pnc
[20:30:13]  <yari> I don't have other questions then
[20:30:32]  <yari> Any objections to closing discussion?
[20:30:50]  <Olivia_> no
[20:30:54]  <@Bosun> The hard part is bulletproofing against bad agency, keeping it is the hands of the party collective and out of the hands of an individual. We will discuss that.
[20:32:03]  <@Bosun> Pirate party had many people pick of their marbles and walk away - including with control of domains and other accounts.
[20:32:24]  <yari> agreed
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[20:32:43]  <@Bosun> anything else?
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[20:33:42]  <@Bosun> I will probably use Google for dns - it is cheap and reliable and I can set multiple account access.
[20:34:03]  <yari> That's it for the old business on my end
[20:34:08]  <yari> Updates? New business?
[20:34:24]  <yari> IL? 
[20:34:25]  <Olivia_> California Pirate accounts?
[20:34:42]  <yari> I've been lax on that for the past week
[20:34:50]  <yari> So no
[20:34:53]  <Olivia_> Any emails from the blog post I put up about who holds the keys?
[20:34:56]  <yari> No news
[20:35:01]  <yari> nope
[20:35:07]  <@Bosun> LAX?? :-)
[20:35:09]  <yari> none
[20:35:18]  <yari> -_-
[20:35:43]  <@Bosun> I am on info and seen nothing.
[20:35:58]  <Olivia_> I could have done more exposure on it but a glitch happened that I emailed you about that would have backfired on us all if I had.
[20:36:09]  <yari> I saw
[20:36:43]  <Olivia_> I had tweeted it from the PPI account but then deleted within a minute after I saw all their tweets and OH SHIT.
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[20:37:20]  <pmchi> I have a signature amount set for ballot access (little over 15,000 signatures), but that's the only real update
[20:37:20]  <Olivia_> I couldn't risk that coming back to hit PPI.
[20:37:25]  <Olivia_> And USPP too.
[20:37:47]  <@Bosun> I will help canvas.
[20:37:54]  <yari> Of course, Olivia_ - A reasonable decision
[20:38:07]  <Olivia_> Mitch if you write anything I will put it on the website and tweet about it.
[20:38:09]  <yari> I'm glad you pulled it
[20:38:48]  <pmchi> Thank you, Olivia_!
[20:39:05]  <pmchi> And thank you @Bosun!
[20:39:24]  <Olivia_> I can make graphics and videos for your campaign if you want too.  I'm no pro all self taught but the same type I had made for the election night special.
[20:40:10]  <yari> Bosun and I will discuss the proposal for the PNC
[20:40:15]  <@Bosun> We can start going through the state requirements for the PNC per bylaws and get IL and CA. set up.  I will look at coop costs in both states per the states' websites.
[20:40:56]  <@Bosun> Coop laws prevent dictators per most states laws.
[20:41:58]  <yari> If there is no other new business, I would be happy to adjourn
[20:42:28]  <@Bosun> The Democrats and Republicans could not be cooperatives because they give special votes to some people.
[20:42:45]  <@Bosun> move adjourn
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[20:44:13]  <@Bosun> I will post minutes.
[20:44:13]  <yari> Do I hear a 2nd?
[20:44:26]  <pmchi> 2nd
[20:44:31]  <Olivia_> 3rd?
[20:44:44]  <yari> Lovely, we are adjourned.e