Outreach 11/26/2021

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Old Business

  • Discovery: New State Care Package



8:13 PM] Woden’s Day: Meeting called to order at 9:13 EST
[8:13 PM] Woden’s Day: IDs?
[8:13 PM] Woden’s Day: Anthony Jay, INPP, outreach chair
[8:13 PM] Yari: Rose Klein, CA
[8:13 PM] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:14 PM] Woden’s Day: I do look to see some of our others in attendance, but I’m sure they will show.
[8:14 PM] Woden’s Day: If we do not have a report from our campaign tracking team, we can move on to our current topic of discussion.
[8:15 PM] Woden’s Day: We’ve attempted to research a few basic items to appear in Pirate gift packs and shops and such. Mainly, we’ve tried to focus on fliers, buttons, stickers, and yard signs.
[8:15 PM] Woden’s Day: I will start with news that will interest all of us. First, @Jamie O'Keefe let me know about our Zazzle store
[8:16 PM] Woden’s Day: https://www.zazzle.com/store/uspirateparty
[8:17 PM] Woden’s Day: To my understanding, we can use this store both to put our images on items we do not produce for a fee, but also put our own items we’ve made ourselves on this site. That means we can put all of it over one roof. I like that.
[8:17 PM] Woden’s Day: They also have button and sticker options ready to go.
[8:17 PM] abdullah11: Richard has asked me to give you guys the agenda
[8:20 PM] Woden’s Day: That’s fantastic. If you ID for me to participate, we can do that toward the end. @abdullah11
[8:20 PM] abdullah11: Let me know when to send.
[8:20 PM] Woden’s Day: So, @Yari, how’d your research go this week?
[8:21 PM] Yari: ahahah uhhhhh
[8:21 PM] Yari: I haven't done it, apologies
[8:21 PM] Woden’s Day: That’s perfectly alright! No worries
[8:22 PM] Yari: yard signs, right?
[8:22 PM] abdullah11: I’ll ID I guess
[8:22 PM] abdullah11: Abdullah, Richmond, Virginia.
[8:24 PM] Woden’s Day: Yes
[8:24 PM] Woden’s Day: That’s okay though!
[8:24 PM] Woden’s Day: Richard was supposed to do buttons, that’s alright too!
[8:27 PM] Woden’s Day: Mitch and I have been working on fliers and stickers. My primary update is zazzle 
[8:27 PM] Woden’s Day: However, we did make some designs!
[8:28 PM] Woden’s Day: We whipped this up to demonstrate what we might be able to do with round stickers
[8:28 PM] Woden’s Day: @Yari @pmchi @abdullah11
[8:28 PM] Woden’s Day: Could also be put on a button.
[8:28 PM] Woden’s Day: As for fliers, we’ve been workshopping it. I think we should do them in two fold because three folds seem to be a pain. That would give us four “pages”
[8:29 PM] abdullah11: I like it.
[8:29 PM] abdullah11: We need Mitch fliers though
[8:30 PM] pmchi: We do, but we also have to this about the long term and these things will be good for a while. My campaign ultimately has a shelf life
[8:30 PM] Woden’s Day: If we get this care package and this store, we can make stuff for Mitch easy.
[8:31 PM] Woden’s Day: So, I know we’ve struggled a bit, but it really sounds like our existing zazzle store is great.
[8:31 PM] abdullah11: Does anybody even buy the Zazzle stuff
[8:31 PM] Woden’s Day: Well, it’s not like we really have Zazzle stuff to buy.
[8:32 PM] Woden’s Day: Let’s get people into the Zazzle and try to crank some basic stuff out. How’s that sound? @pmchi @Yari 
[8:32 PM] Yari: sure
[8:32 PM] abdullah11: Good
[8:32 PM] pmchi: Yes
[8:32 PM] abdullah11: Also, I may  or may not run for school board as a pirate.
[8:32 PM] Woden’s Day: We may need some sort of approval process for merch designs, but I think the committee can handle that.
[8:35 PM] Woden’s Day: Let’s set some goals for this week. How does that sound?
[8:35 PM] Woden’s Day: Let’s keep researching generic, useful items as a base.
[8:36 PM] Woden’s Day: I will get into the Zazzle this week
[8:36 PM] abdullah11: Also, Mitch should take my suggestion about getting a megaphone on top of his car that he can speak from
[8:36 PM] abdullah11: While inside the car,
[8:36 PM] abdullah11: And everyone can hear his speech.
[8:37 PM] Woden’s Day: That is not what this meeting is about, but noted lol
[8:37 PM] Woden’s Day: My apologies, I’m trying to keep this one on track.
[8:37 PM] Woden’s Day: So, we didn’t get everything we wanted to get done this week, that’s okay.
[8:38 PM] Woden’s Day: We can give everyone another week. In the meantime, we’ll get into the zazzle, and maybe we can manufacture some basic starter kit items soon. 
[8:38 PM] Woden’s Day: Anything else we should say on this topic?
[8:43 PM] abdullah11: We need it ASAP
[8:43 PM] Woden’s Day: Of course.
[8:43 PM] Yari: to be clear, are we just designing things?
[8:44 PM] pmchi: I just suggest we also run through other Pirate stores and possibly snag the best designs and/or items for ourselves. I think everyone should ‪DM Wodensday a design just so we have fresh ideas and a pool to work with
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: We wanted to do some research on how to create these things, and maybe make some mock ups
[8:44 PM] Yari: oh okay. ultimately then the goal is to make some mock ups 
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: We want to know where we’re going so that the next step can be make something for realsies
[8:45 PM] Yari: of course
[8:45 PM] Yari: Sure, I can have mock ups within the hour.
[8:45 PM] Woden’s Day: Alrighty! All the pre-stuff we need before we make something is the goal
[8:45 PM] Yari: the whole research thing was rather nebulous
[8:46 PM] Woden’s Day: That’s alright, I totally understand. We definitely need to know how to make em somehow though. I’ll see what I can find
[8:47 PM] abdullah11: @pmchi Did you see my idea
[8:47 PM] Woden’s Day: This is not the place for that, unfortunately
[8:50 PM] pmchi:
[8:50 PM] abdullah11: K
[8:51 PM] Woden’s Day: Let’s keep things on track haha.
[8:51 PM] abdullah11: You sound like my teacher
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: Alright, alright.
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: It sounds like we have this solved-ish.
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: Can we receive Richard’s report?
[8:53 PM] abdullah11: “worked on some graphics and I’ll e-mail them to Mitch, and I may have a flyer design out later”
[8:53 PM] Woden’s Day: Okay, sweet. Thank you so much.
[8:53 PM] Woden’s Day: Do we have any other business we should consider?
[8:58 PM] pmchi: Do we need another motion to have next week’s meeting on Discord?
[9:00 PM] Woden’s Day: Oh shoot, yeah
[9:00 PM] Woden’s Day: We do
[9:01 PM] Yari: I'd like to go back to IRC for another meeting, honestly
[9:01 PM] Yari: Just to have a point of comparison
[9:01 PM] Woden’s Day: That sounds like a good plan.
[9:01 PM] Woden’s Day: Any objections to having our next meeting on IRC?
[9:02 PM] pmchi: I have none
[9:03 PM] Woden’s Day: Hearing none, I suggest we adjourn unless there is anything else to add.
[9:03 PM] Yari: so moved
[9:03 PM] Woden’s Day: any seconds?
[9:03 PM] abdullah11: Objection
[9:04 PM] abdullah11: Yari, you have no idea how hard IRC is.
[9:04 PM] abdullah11: It makes things weird.
[9:04 PM] abdullah11: Objection.
[9:04 PM] Yari: how so?
[9:04 PM] abdullah11: Because there’s connectivity issues
[9:04 PM] abdullah11: And there’s nothing y’all can do about that
[9:05 PM] Yari: Like, issues connecting in the first place, or issues with staying connected?
[9:05 PM] abdullah11: Both.
[9:06 PM] abdullah11: Depends.
[9:07 PM] Yari: I was going to say that we could do IRC and have Discord as a backup if there are issues connecting
[9:10 PM] Woden’s Day: Is that satisfactory, Abdullah?
[9:11 PM] Woden’s Day: @abdullah11
[9:13 PM] abdullah11: Perhaps
[9:13 PM] Woden’s Day: I’ll suggest this, how about we make discord our official backup?
[9:14 PM] Yari: I get the feeling we'll be moving to discord soon more permanently anyway
[9:16 PM] Yari: okay move adjourn
[9:17 PM] Woden’s Day: Any seconds? @abdullah11 @pmchi
[9:19 PM] pmchi: 2nd
[9:19 PM] Woden’s Day: All in favor?
[9:19 PM] Yari: ye
[9:19 PM] pmchi: Aye
[9:19 PM] Woden’s Day: @abdullah11
[9:20 PM] abdullah11: Nay
[9:20 PM] Woden’s Day: Meeting adjourned at 10:20 EST