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[20:04:26]  <yari> Ahoy!
[20:04:45]  <yari> Bosun do you know if Mitch will be joining?
[20:04:46]  <@Bosun> Ahoy - lost track of time.
[20:04:47]  <Olivia_> Mitch hasn't tweeted in 2 days,  Can Bosun ping Mitch?
[20:06:26]  <@Bosun> I don't have his number handy.
[20:06:46]  <yari> Given that, let's just go ahead and start
[20:06:55]  <@Bosun> Gotta dig through my e-mai.
[20:07:04]  <@Bosun> OK
[20:07:26]  <@Bosun> Joseph Klein USPP Chair here
[20:07:36]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
[20:07:50]  <yari> Rose Klein, California
[20:08:00]  <yari> Orders of business for today include:
[20:08:52]  <yari> CAPP revival and website, 
[20:08:52]  <yari> IL paperwork update, CAPP revival and website (twitter), on boarding process for each state
[20:09:00]  <yari> oops
[20:09:05]  <yari> Anyway you get the idea
[20:09:25]  <yari> First up, CAPP.
[20:09:25]  <@Bosun> Mitch has the running criteria.
[20:09:45]  <Olivia_> I have a second blog post pending the second is about asking for help about the California twitter account.
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[20:09:56]  <yari> ID please!
[20:10:01]  <pmchi> Ahoy, sorry I’m late
[20:10:04]  <yari> ahoy
[20:10:17]  <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Observer, Chicago, IL
[20:10:35]  <yari> Welcome welcome, we are on the first order of business - CAPP revival and website
[20:10:58]  <yari> Olivia, is there anything you need before posting?
[20:11:18]  <yari> And sorry I haven't responded to your email - I appreciate all your research!
[20:11:26]  <yari> (Been very busy)
[20:11:27]  <Olivia_> It's pending.  It just needs Bosun to put it through.
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[20:12:08]  <Olivia_> I will then put it up on the PPI website and other platforms too.
[20:12:11]  <yari> Fantastic.
[20:12:45]  <Olivia_> Want me to place the email here I had sent you about possible leads on the Twitter account so others can see it?
[20:13:05]  <yari> I see no reason to object
[20:13:40]  <Olivia_> Possible key holders to California twitter account.
[20:13:40]  <Olivia_> Hey I googled the email address and came up with some leads.  BUT I don't know how current any of it is but they might know if you can get a hold of them.  Scroll down to California Pirate Party where it shows names of who was there at the time and other social media links from 2013.
[20:13:40]  <Olivia_> https://wiki.piratenpartei.de/Piratenpartei_USA
[20:13:41]  <Olivia_> "1267 48th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122"
[20:13:42]  <Olivia_> I also found Jaziering at Reddit who wrote the email address.  This links to the comment which happens to be the last time the person was on Reddit 8 years ago:
[20:13:42]  <papegaai> Title: Piratenpartei USA – Piratenwiki (at wiki.piratenpartei.de)
[20:13:43]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/user/Jaziering/
[20:13:44]  <Olivia_> Here's the original Reddit post from 8 years ago announcing the California Pirate Party:
[20:13:44]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/vkuul/attention_reddit_prepare_to_be_boarded_by_the/
[20:13:45]  <Olivia_> Here's the person who started the original Reddit post last active 3 months ago:
[20:13:45]  <papegaai> Title: Attention Reddit: Prepare to be Boarded by the California Pirate Party : politics (at www.reddit.com)
[20:13:46]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/user/vtbarrera/
[20:13:47]  <Olivia_> Here's the sub-Reddit for the California Pirate Party last active 6 months ago saying the website was down:
[20:13:47]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/r/calpirateparty/
[20:13:48]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/r/calpirateparty/comments/ghsjyv/website_is_down/
[20:13:48]  <papegaai> Title: vtbarrera (u/vtbarrera) - Reddit (at www.reddit.com)
[20:13:49]  <Olivia_> The person who was asking about the website was last active yesterday:
[20:13:50]  <Olivia_> https://www.reddit.com/user/plasticarmyman/
[20:13:50]  <@Bosun> you posts are posted
[20:13:50]  <papegaai> Title: California Pirate Party (at www.reddit.com)
[20:13:51]  <Olivia_> When I write the website post if people know who has the keys to the twitter account, do I say to contact you I would need an email address or to USPP's contact email hello@pirate-party.us?
[20:13:53]  <papegaai> Title: plasticarmyman (u/plasticarmyman) - Reddit (at www.reddit.com)
[20:14:00]  <@Bosun> your
[20:14:17]  <yari> Bosun - thank you!
[20:14:27]  <Olivia_> Thank you Bosun!
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[20:15:04]  <yari> Okay, so we have progress with the blog post, and I'm going to keep working on engaging with people on the local level through email and social media
[20:15:12]  <yari> Hopefully I can get some more stable recruits
[20:15:29]  <yari> Any requests of me before we move on to the next order of business?
[20:15:40]  <yari> Or objections?
[20:16:13]  <Olivia_> no
[20:16:25]  <yari> Hearing none, IL paperwork update! Bosun and pmchi - status?
[20:17:32]  <@Bosun> I registered USPP.coop and will build web and e-mail. Hopefully something by Saturday.
[20:18:07]  <@Bosun> <st>.USPP.ccop
[20:18:41]  <yari> Wow! Nice! If it's for USPP.coop, I feel like we should definitely bring that up at the Sunday meeting!
[20:19:01]  <yari> Maybe we could source some stuff for it!
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[20:19:33]  <yari> Do you have updates on the IL paperwork?
[20:19:38]  <@Bosun> running with cutlesses  here.
[20:20:58]  <yari> You said earlier that Mitch has the running criteria - what do you mean?
[20:21:04]  <pmchi> The PDF has certain things that need to be filed, so the information is in our hands, but still needs to be sorted out
[20:21:21]  <@Bosun> IL - looking at the laws. For legality we can register United States Pirate Cooperative Association as doing business in IL.
[20:21:50]  <yari> Why USPP and not ILPP?
[20:22:56]  <@Bosun> Incorporation is more expensive than registering as a foreign corporation. USPCA is a DC entity.
[20:23:18]  <@Bosun> We can do all the states like that.
[20:23:42]  <@Bosun> I can convert WI as well.
[20:23:56]  <yari> I see. Definitely something to bring up at the Sunday meeting!
[20:24:05]  <yari> Could be a really interesting model
[20:24:59]  <yari> Shall we table this order of business until after discussion at the Sunday meeting then?
[20:25:02]  <@Bosun> Need to write a plan. It will probably be looked at sideways.
[20:25:17]  <@Bosun> Yes.
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[20:25:26]  <yari> Okay. Any objections to tabling?
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[20:25:32]  <@Bosun> no
[20:25:42]  <Olivia_> no
[20:25:48]  <yari> Pmchi? Objections to tabling?
[20:26:04]  <@Bosun> you have votes mitch
[20:26:11]  <pmchi> Then no
[20:26:19]  <yari> Cool. Moving along, 
[20:26:27]  <yari> On boarding process for each state
[20:26:35]  <yari> Is the third order of business
[20:26:55]  <yari> I think this ties in neatly with what Bosun was just saying about USPP coop
[20:27:16]  <@Bosun> We can do e-mail the same way member@<ST>.uspp.coop
[20:27:45]  <@Bosun> Sorry - go on.
[20:27:58]  <yari> Well, the discussion on Sunday was about whether we should have distinct emails for each state
[20:28:20]  <yari> So I think that's the main debate to be opened up here
[20:28:34]  <Olivia_> Like politician's email addresses?
[20:28:38]  <@Bosun> ... and?
[20:28:40]  <yari> Should we have emails for each state? If so, who has the keys? 
[20:28:54]  <yari> Specifically, before the states join
[20:29:00]  <@Bosun> Three people.
[20:29:11]  <@Bosun> at least,
[20:29:38]  <@Bosun> I would like a subdelegation system per state as well.
[20:29:47]  <yari> Elaborate please?
[20:30:23]  <pmchi> How many total emails if you wanted them divided? Would we also make emails for places like Puerto Rico?
[20:30:32]  <yari> Pmchi yes
[20:31:29]  <pmchi> So 56 emails?
[20:31:33]  <yari> Oh Bosun I see what you mean - if we put it all under the uspp.coop header.
[20:31:35]  <@Bosun> If you are CA - you come up with two others to give keys to. They can set their own password and you have yours. They can create account for CA - replicate for each state.
[20:32:15]  <@Bosun> 118 to be precise.
[20:32:35]  <@Bosun> plus 3 master admins.
[20:32:58]  <@Bosun> We have computers.
[20:33:24]  <yari> Is your proposal that this is all under the uspp.coop banner?
[20:33:49]  <@Bosun> domain - yes each state has a subdomain.
[20:34:33]  <yari> So uspp.coop --> ca.uspp.coop 
[20:35:07]  <@Bosun> hes - a dns tree with uspp at thee root.
[20:35:13]  <@Bosun> the
[20:36:05]  <yari> What would main state address stylings be? Probably: captain@ca.uspp.coop, quartermaster@ca.uspp.coop, etc
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[20:36:21]  <@Bosun> CA could set up further subdomains by district, county, whatever
[20:36:35]  <yari> As needed
[20:36:59]  <@Bosun> let the states work out whatever in their respective subdomin.
[20:37:12]  <@Bosun> delegate
[20:37:40]  <yari> In terms of branding, this would cement the USPP as a cooperative, and highlight the role of cooperatives in the pirate ideals
[20:38:12]  <yari> Which is absolutely a discussion for a Sunday meeting, but I'm personally in favor
[20:38:30]  <@Bosun> It is kinda anti capitalist in a subtle way.
[20:39:13]  <yari> Pmchi? Olivia_? Would either of you like more discussion? I'd like to propose a vote on this.
[20:39:54]  <yari> If either of you disagree with bosun's proposal or would like clarification, I think that should be heard
[20:40:04]  <Olivia_> No.  I have a weird story about a new state Party that appeared but I can save that for next week.
[20:40:24]  <pmchi> I find no objections. I think the email suggestions are good as is
[20:40:35]  <Olivia_> No objections I mean.
[20:40:43]  <@Bosun> do tell your story
[20:40:52]  <@Bosun> is this the religion?
[20:41:00]  <yari> Olivia - I would love to hear that story, - after the vote
[20:41:12]  <Olivia_> Okay after the vote.
[20:41:21]  <@Bosun> What are we voting? 
[20:41:44]  <yari> I propose that the outreach committee presents this email proposal as is to the PNC at the next Sunday meeting
[20:41:52]  <pmchi> Second
[20:42:04]  <@Bosun> Can I have a two weeks to draft and prototype my idea?
[20:42:04]  <yari> In favor?
[20:42:16]  <yari> Yes of course
[20:42:35]  <@Bosun> So Sunday after next.
[20:42:35]  <yari> Proposal retracted
[20:42:42]  <yari> And revised
[20:43:20]  <yari> All in favor of the proposal as revised - with the presentation being on the Sunday after next?
[20:43:28]  <@Bosun> aye
[20:43:33]  <pmchi> Aye
[20:43:41]  <Olivia_> aye
[20:43:48]  <yari> passes
[20:43:49]  <yari> lovely
[20:43:52]  <yari> New business?
[20:43:59]  <yari> Olivia, your story?
[20:44:08]  <Olivia_> I'm writing out my weird story now.
[20:47:40]  <Olivia_> @PiratePartyTN appeared by following PPI.  So I followed back.  The account then UNFOLLOWED PPI.  So of course I went looking through the account and it's a brand new account that doesn't follow anyone locally in Tennessee.  Only a handful of tweets.  It first started retweeting MassPirates before even following them!  Look at the list of who it follows and it follows Australia and PPEU but unfollowed PPI.  My first thought for 
[20:47:41]  <Olivia_> Australia is "Hawaii" is a "member" of that Party though she has nothing to do with Australia in anyway.  She just followed 3 Parties at the same time which included USPP when I mocked her how "an actual real Pirate" she kept throwing in my face and baildy how "Hawaii" is but we're not.  2-3 days later she became a "member" of THREE parties.  It might not be here at all but me tinfoiling.  It could very well be Australia and PPEU 
[20:47:41]  <Olivia_> are the only other Parties who are in English.  https://twitter.com/PiratePartyTN
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[20:48:03]  <Olivia_> This all happened like 2 weeks ago.
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[20:48:32]  <yari> strange
[20:48:46]  <Olivia_> Mitch did you see what I just sent when you got cut off or do I send it again?
[20:49:15]  <pmchi> No I saw it. That’s incredibly odd
[20:49:39]  <Olivia_> I'm the QUEEN of tinfoil so of course it peaked my interests.
[20:49:46]  <pmchi> I don’t like the weird things pirate parties have seemingly been unwilling dragged into lately
[20:50:18]  <Olivia_> It could very well be innocent but them unfollowing PPI is what got me wondering.
[20:50:20]  <pmchi> I noticed the Australian PP got tagged in a tweet with Tucker Carlson (among others) with #TheGreatReset
[20:50:42]  <yari> It's not so much a lately thing, pmchi. It's more a constant thing - just that when you have enough mass of normal people, it becomes noise at the edges
[20:50:52]  <Olivia_> The thing is they were asking for people to send them DMs about joining.  They have no website but wanted personal information of people sent to their DM inbox.
[20:51:10]  <pmchi> That’s super sus
[20:51:35]  <Olivia_> Go through the entire timeline to see and who it follows too to see.
[20:52:17]  <yari> dang
[20:52:24]  <yari> Okay I'm going to suggest we call a night
[20:52:26]  <@Bosun> We need to get above that. Unfortunately the Internet has become full of walls and scam artist
[20:52:43]  <yari> unless there is other new business?
[20:52:47]  <@Bosun> We can be better than athat.
[20:52:56]  <yari> Or things we should discuss next week?
[20:53:00]  <@Bosun> move adjourn
[20:53:08]  <Olivia_> Spread this far and wide on news about the California twitter account.  https://blog.pirate-party.us/does-anyone-know-who-holds-the-keys-to-the-california-pirate-party-social-media-accounts/
[20:53:12]  <papegaai> Title: Does anyone know who holds the keys to the California Pirate Party social media accounts? | United States Pirate Party (at blog.pirate-party.us)
[20:53:50]  <yari> second
[20:53:55]  <pmchi> Second
[20:54:01]  <Olivia_> third
[20:54:33]  <yari> Hearing no objections
[20:54:39]  <yari> We are adjourned
[20:54:45]  <yari> See y'all next week
[20:54:54]  <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
[20:54:57]  <@Bosun> I have a baby who needs to go to bed.
[20:55:02]  <pmchi> Have a great night!
[20:55:05]  <@Bosun> Goodnight.
[20:55:09]  <pmchi> Good luck @Bosun