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[20:21:54]  Mode is +nt
[20:22:03]  <pmchi> Ahoy!
[20:22:07]  <yariValtean> there we go
[20:22:18]  <yariValtean> Ahoy bosun
[20:22:22]  <@Bosun> I am very late.
[20:22:29]  <Olivia_> Hey!
[20:22:48]  <yariValtean> Okay let's get this thing started then
[20:23:12]  <yariValtean> I'll ping bosun earlier next time, that worked quickly
[20:23:17]  <@Bosun> What have you volunteered me for
[20:23:20]  <@Bosun> ?
[20:23:27]  <yariValtean> Nothing, we haven't started yet
[20:23:30]  <@Bosun> Who is here?
[20:23:40]  <yariValtean> IDs:
[20:23:46]  <yariValtean> Rose Klein, California
[20:23:50]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
[20:23:53]  <@Bosun> Joe Klein USPP chair
[20:23:58]  <pmchi> Mitch Davilo, Chicago observer
[20:24:14]  <yariValtean> Welcome pacha! Glad to have you!
[20:24:19]  <yariValtean> pmchi
[20:24:55]  <pmchi> Happy to be here!
[20:25:00]  <@Bosun> So - what are we on track for?
[20:25:28]  <@Bosun> I should re-read our prior notes.
[20:25:31]  <yariValtean> Okay, last week was the election and the week before that was the test stream
[20:25:47]  <yariValtean> Before that we agreed to work on bringing in recruits
[20:26:03]  <@Bosun> We did a stream. Cool.
[20:26:44]  <@Bosun> So we put a bounty up and hit the bars, right?
[20:26:56]  <Olivia_> This weekend is massPirates' coference.  Whoever from there and USPP appearing Saturday at PPI's Pirate Beer can be used for recruitment?
[20:27:10]  <yariValtean> I should add a note here as the new discord System Operator that I will be adding state roles to the discord within the next week
[20:27:14]  <pmchi> There was an issue with Twitter today. We got tagged (USPP, PPI) in a group of not-so-desireable company
[20:27:38]  <@Bosun> For what?
[20:27:44]  <yariValtean> Pmchi I didn't see that, care to elaboratE?
[20:28:24]  <yariValtean> Can we get untagged? Is there damage control to be done?
[20:28:29]  <@Bosun> How did we pess off the tweet gods?
[20:28:35]  <@Bosun> piss ..
[20:28:59]  <pmchi> Almost like we were being bundled into the alt right. Olivia actually pointedit out
[20:29:15]  <pmchi> Olivia on Twitter pointed it out
[20:29:25]  <@Bosun> By who?
[20:29:29]  <Olivia_> I emailed it to the SAB list about it with screenshots.  I got paranoid because well-funded dangerous men have been paying more attention to myself and PPI's Chair.
[20:30:27]  <pmchi> It felt like an early attempt to lump us in with the worst. Controlled OP
[20:30:30]  <Olivia_> No damage control just ignore it.
[20:30:44]  <Olivia_> Yari
[20:30:50]  <pmchi> Just something to keep an eye on
[20:30:52]  <yariValtean> Noted
[20:31:23]  <yariValtean> Bosun did Sayyida get any info on who controls keys to CAPP twitter?
[20:31:58]  <@Bosun> OK. We refused Trump in '16.
[20:32:27]  <@Bosun> No, think not. Hang on I will confer.
[20:32:34]  <yariValtean> thanks
[20:33:29]  <@Bosun> No. Who has it?
[20:33:47]  <yariValtean> Correct. I would like keys
[20:33:58]  <yariValtean> Need to know who to contact other than obvious
[20:34:12]  <@Bosun> What is the twitter handle?
[20:34:47]  <yariValtean> @calpirateparty
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[20:36:06]  <yariValtean> Other twitter presence stuff
[20:36:09]  <yariValtean> :
[20:36:13]  <Olivia_> How about putting out a call on the USPP twitter and maybe a blog post too asking if anyone knows who has the keys and see how far that goes?
[20:36:57]  <pmchi> @lady_majesty was the problem account if that’s the question
[20:37:12]  <@Bosun> Looks like it died in August '17.
[20:37:34]  <yariValtean> Olivia - I'm not opposed.
[20:37:55]  <yariValtean> Both of those actions are in other people's hands
[20:38:01]  <@Bosun> http://www.calpirateparty.org/
[20:38:03]  <papegaai> Title: California Pirate Party (at www.calpirateparty.org)
[20:38:18]  <yariValtean> Yep, I've emailed the website email too
[20:39:50]  <yariValtean> Okay, so could that be done please? What Olivia suggested
[20:40:01]  <@Bosun> OK more intel
[20:40:25]  <Olivia_> I can have up a blog post by tomorrow and pass it around to the platforms I do.
[20:40:41]  <@Bosun> OK -
[20:40:46]  <yariValtean> Either way, this search should be conducted at another time and not be done using live updates during our meeting
[20:40:58]  <@Bosun> yep
[20:41:03]  <yariValtean> I just wanted to ask for a status report
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[20:41:22]  <yariValtean> If we can't find any more info, please do the blog post
[20:41:28]  <yariValtean> And the USPP call
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[20:41:32]  <yariValtean> Thank you
[20:42:00]  <yariValtean> Are there other twitter things we need to talk about? 
[20:42:06]  <@Bosun> pmchi - look for pirate variations on ILPP
[20:42:20]  <@Bosun> for twitter account
[20:42:26]  <yariValtean> Yeah, do we have the keys to them?
[20:42:47]  <@Bosun> If we make them we will.
[20:42:57]  <pmchi> I remember an old Facebook and Twitter, dead since 2013
[20:43:06]  <@Bosun> We can do anoher name and move on.
[20:43:12]  <@Bosun> another.
[20:43:23]  <yariValtean> fantastic
[20:43:52]  <yariValtean> Pmchi, I want to ask about your campaign, and anything we can do to help make it more viable. 
[20:44:05]  <@Bosun> At some point twitter and Facebook et al will lean out the deadwood.
[20:44:17]  <pmchi> We need a real website, but I want to get the little things done first
[20:44:28]  <yariValtean> You are the one running for a seat, correct?
[20:44:41]  <pmchi> Yeah, I’m IL-03
[20:44:46]  <yariValtean> Cool cool 
[20:44:50]  <yariValtean> Congrats, by they way
[20:44:51]  <pmchi> Newman’s new seat
[20:44:52]  <@Bosun> I am working on a nice ILPP website.
[20:45:03]  <yariValtean> That's quite exciting
[20:45:10]  <pmchi> Thank you and thank you!
[20:45:24]  <pmchi> I’ve been looking forward to running for office since 2016
[20:45:38]  <Olivia_> Use #VotePirate if you want to be retweeted onto the PPI account.
[20:45:58]  <@Bosun> So CA, how can we move it forward?
[20:46:14]  <yariValtean> How can we, as the outreach committee, make more systems to directly or indirectly help you?
[20:46:18]  <yariValtean> Hang on Bosun
[20:47:16]  <yariValtean> I guess this is a brainstorm time?
[20:47:32]  <@Bosun> yes -
[20:47:48]  <yariValtean> I want us to make this campaign successful in as many ways as we can
[20:48:04]  <yariValtean> I feel like, apart from recruitment, that should really be our secondary goal
[20:48:09]  <pmchi> I think having a good YouTube channel would help. Just a platform that people can watch pirate related videos and get educated on our issues
[20:48:17]  <yariValtean> Because campaigns are what drive numbers anyway
[20:48:19]  <Olivia_> I tell others to be their own celebrities to promote themselves and PR.  Videos and pictures/selfies are key.
[20:48:43]  <yariValtean> pmchi that's a good point
[20:49:38]  <yariValtean> There's been a push to have all meetings be streamed. Is there a possibility we can spearhead that?
[20:49:45]  <@Bosun> mail list, website, twitter,  hot social media of the day
[20:50:11]  <yariValtean> Streaming the meetings and having explainers of pirate concepts on a youtube would be nice
[20:50:36]  <Olivia_> Streaming would attract more because people would rather watch than read minutes if they can't be directly there.
[20:50:49]  <yariValtean> Good point Olivia
[20:51:07]  <yariValtean> I hadn't thought about that
[20:51:19]  <yariValtean> All the more reason to do this ASAP
[20:51:46]  <Olivia_> I've also pitched to others too to start their own "talk show" every week to attract more followers which also serves for recruitment too.
[20:52:18]  <yariValtean> Certainly, having something akin to that for each state would be a good starting point for each state party
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[20:52:43]  <yariValtean> MAss pirates has it
[20:52:45]  <@Bosun> Streaming can also be manipulative.
[20:52:50]  <yariValtean> How so?
[20:53:12]  <Olivia_> Think like a Kardashian or Hilton.  Videos and selfies and just record yourself out there for Pirate Party.
[20:54:31]  <@Bosun> Yes ego trips. For board meeting - I think it is an issue.
[20:54:47]  <yariValtean> Can you elaborate bosun?
[20:54:52]  <pmchi> I printed out stickers of the USPP logo. I think just people recognizing the logo would be a huge step in the right direction
[20:55:06]  <yariValtean> Are you afraid someone will take up too much airspace?
[20:55:23]  <pmchi> Or unwanted folk might drop in?
[20:56:31]  <Olivia_> Explain what Pirate Party is so people won't wonder about the name which always gets brought up.  Mitch can you get flyers made and plaster them around your area?
[20:56:33]  <@Bosun> I am afraid of cyberbullies and narcissists.
[20:57:17]  <yariValtean> Bosun, among our own ranks, or dropping in from others?
[20:57:27]  <yariValtean> I think either way this is not a problem inherent to video
[20:57:35]  <pmchi> Of course! I could do it and link a QR Code to the USPP website
[20:57:38]  <@Bosun> For a campaign I think short videos are great.
[20:57:49]  <pmchi> Like, have the QR code on the poster, I mean
[20:57:57]  <pmchi> Quick outreach
[20:58:53]  <yariValtean> Bosun I think we're moving on to streaming meetings anyway, it seems like the PNC has kind of already decided that
[20:59:15]  <@Bosun> Every political party I have dealt with in the last 40 years has fights and faction lead by egotists.
[20:59:41]  <yariValtean> Well then, let's make this party different.
[20:59:46]  <@Bosun> No Joe O has.
[21:00:22]  <@Bosun> Really - shall I name the parties I have worked in?
[21:00:31]  <yariValtean> Okay, well... We can have this debate some other time then. I would be happy to talk this out with you in person. And NO please done
[21:00:32]  <yariValtean> Don't
[21:01:21]  <yariValtean> Perhaps it would be better we remain text based, although I'm inclined to disagree. 
[21:01:26]  <@Bosun> We need rules - hence why people use roberts.
[21:02:13]  <@Bosun> Membership meeting probably should be video.
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[21:03:08]  <yariValtean> pmchi, I like the idea of printing out the stickers, that sounds awesome! I kind of want to copy that idea myself
[21:03:09]  <pmchi> Maybe limit those who can appear on the livestream to voting members?
[21:03:29]  <pmchi> The circle logo made a great sticker not gonna lie lol
[21:03:39]  <yariValtean> Currently, that would be almost none. It should be voting and observers
[21:03:52]  <yariValtean> But again - debate for the Sunday meeting, not outreach
[21:04:09]  <@Bosun> Megan accusees me of not being confrentational, because I have seen parties split and I read history.
[21:04:47]  <@Bosun> We have two states attending in good standing MA and WI. We need to add more.
[21:05:01]  <yariValtean> Yes. So, speaking of.
[21:05:16]  <yariValtean> CA status. IL status. OH?
[21:05:22]  <pmchi> When would be the best time for us to meet about IL?
[21:05:47]  <pmchi> File proper paperwork and what not
[21:06:25]  <@Bosun> You caan call me and we can get the ball rolling with the state - establish a political comitee.
[21:06:57]  <@Bosun> For congress we need to file with the FEC as well.
[21:07:18]  <pmchi> Gotta wait for this cycle to officially end so we can get that signature count
[21:07:58]  <@Bosun> I nominate pmchi as intrum chair of ILPP.
[21:08:19]  <yariValtean> second
[21:08:23]  <pmchi> I accept
[21:08:57]  <Olivia_> Congratulations!
[21:09:12]  <pmchi> Does this make me a voting member?
[21:09:27]  <yariValtean> of the USPP? no
[21:09:31]  <yariValtean> I don't think so?
[21:09:58]  <yariValtean> Gosh I don't know
[21:10:06]  <@Bosun> No - committee does not require petitions - it should be filed when you intend to run so you can file financial reports to IL and FEC.
[21:10:53]  <@Bosun> No, State parties take a more formal organization than 1.
[21:11:34]  <@Bosun> Three or four at least.
[21:12:11]  <@Bosun> We have alist of requirement in our bylaws.
[21:13:06]  <@Bosun> CA had bylaws and regular meetings befor it evaporated.
[21:13:19]  <yariValtean> Into thin air
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[21:14:30]  <@Bosun> Give me a call Mitch and we will go through the paperwork
[21:15:08]  <@Bosun> yari can pick stuff from the bones of the old CA websiye.
[21:15:26]  <pmchi> Are you free tomorrow or did you want to talk now?
[21:16:04]  <@Bosun> I'll see if I can find a human behind the CA bones.
[21:16:18]  <@Bosun> You have my number Mitch?
[21:16:19]  <yariValtean> I have continued contact with Chris, and I'll keep working on finding humans behind the CA bones as well
[21:16:32]  <pmchi> Yes I do
[21:16:44]  <Olivia_> That California domain was created 2020-10-09 and expires next year.  Maybe someone bought the domain and got all the old archives and put them all in that new website.
[21:17:10]  <yariValtean> The thing is, most of the links are completely broken
[21:17:21]  <yariValtean> So its just the main page for the most part
[21:17:24]  <@Bosun> I need to feed momma turtle, can we continue this next week?
[21:17:29]  <yariValtean> Of course
[21:17:46]  <yariValtean> Next week orders of business will include:
[21:18:03]  <yariValtean> CAPP revival and website, 
[21:18:12]  <yariValtean> IL paperwork update
[21:18:17]  <@Bosun> Call me Mitch in 15 minutes.
[21:18:23]  <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!  Blog post:
[21:18:23]  <Olivia_> This weekend will be the @MassPirates Party Conference! You can still register if attending. Join us live at PPI’s Pirate Beer this Saturday!
[21:18:23]  <Olivia_> https://blog.pirate-party.us/this-weekend-will-be-the-masspirates-party-conference-you-can-still-register-if-attending-join-us-live-at-ppis-pirate-beer-this-saturday/
[21:18:27]  <papegaai> Title: This weekend will be the @MassPirates Party Conference! You can still register if attending. Join us live at PPI’s Pirate Beer this Saturday! | United States Pirate Party (at blog.pirate-party.us)
[21:18:38]  <yariValtean> oh! Yes, thank you for the reminder
[21:19:15]  <@Bosun> Next week then. 
[21:19:29]  <@Bosun> I will post minutes.
[21:19:30]  <yariValtean> okay thanks for being here everyone
[21:19:36]  <yariValtean> Have a good night
[21:19:41]  <pmchi> See you all Sunday! Joe I’ll call you soon
[21:19:46]  <@Bosun> GN
[21:19:53]  <pmchi> Goodnight gang
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[21:19:56]  <Olivia_> TTYL and goodnight.