Outreach 10/6/20

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[20:06:41]  <@Bosun>	I have a screaming toddler. Give me a few minutes
[20:06:54]  <Yari>	Take your time! 
[20:09:04]  <@Bosun>	Maybe OK.
[20:09:15]  <@Bosun>	what are we up to?
[20:09:32]  <Yari>	Okay. 
[20:09:50]  <Yari>	Um, mostly checking in I guess. 
[20:09:51]  <@Bosun>	Does next week still work for you? Is this a bad day?
[20:10:02]  <Yari>	This day and time works fine for me
[20:10:18]  <Yari>	Last week was bad for us because of the debate 
[20:10:19]  <@Bosun>	OK we accomplished little and need to move forward.
[20:11:03]  <@Bosun>	We should propably look at the dialog from the first meeting.
[20:11:17]  <Yari>	last time we met, we talked about discord mostly
[20:11:20]  <@Bosun>	probably
[20:11:23]  <@Bosun>	yes
[20:11:45]  <@Bosun>	Hve you screwed with discord?
[20:12:09]  <Yari>	For uspp specifically? No. Generally? Yes. 
[20:12:25]  <@Bosun>	Can we break it down to per state?
[20:12:45]  <@Bosun>	I fing regions a mess and somewhat in-organic
[20:12:52]  <Yari>	I believe that was the plan, and that kusanagi was going to be doing that soon. 
[20:13:25]  <@Bosun>	Then we need to meet come hell or high water each week.
[20:14:15]  <@Bosun>	Your glorius leader has been sick as the preverbal dog for almost two weeks.
[20:15:05]  <Yari>	https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/CUCMuZgM
[20:15:06]  <papegaai>	Title: Snippet | IRCCloud (at www.irccloud.com)
[20:15:13]  <Yari>	What
[20:15:26]  <Yari>	Ugh I don't know what just happened 
[20:15:40]  <Yari>	I think my message was too long because I'm on mobile
[20:17:10]  <@Bosun>	OK. 
[20:17:41]  <@Bosun>	I guess we just do something. :-)
[20:18:10]  <@Bosun>	What is the IRCCLOUD thingy?
[20:19:15]  <@Bosun>	Is that your client?
[20:19:35]  <Yari>	Yes
[20:19:46]  <@Bosun>	How well does it work?
[20:19:52]  <Yari>	Pretty well
[20:20:39]  <Yari>	I have a question. 
[20:20:59]  <@Bosun>	ask
[20:21:19]  <Yari>	People in the Sunday meeting, when I proposed this committee, were suggesting we work on fundraising as well. 
[20:21:29]  <Yari>	I feel like that should be separate
[20:21:38]  <@Bosun>	I think Joe did.
[20:21:57]  <@Bosun>	It kinda is.
[20:22:09]  <Yari>	How so? 
[20:22:39]  <@Bosun>	Jokeeef and Joe are working on t-shirts and bling.
[20:23:28]  <@Bosun>	WE work on getting states up and active.
[20:23:53]  <Yari>	Yeah, okay. 
[20:24:38]  <Yari>	Good. So, CAPP and ILPP
[20:24:48]  <@Bosun>	Are you having earthquakes?
[20:25:00]  <Yari>	no, not recently. 
[20:25:23]  <@Bosun>	Elsewhere in the state?
[20:25:32]  <Yari>	I don't know. 
[20:25:43]  <@Bosun>	It is 2020 ;-)
[20:27:11]  <@Bosun>	Meg said something. We worry about you and Mary Jo - just because...
[20:27:37] 	RemyQL (~RemyQL@gateway/webchat) joined the channel
[20:28:17]  <Yari>	CAPP - I need to send follow up emails, which I will add to my list right now.
[20:28:24]  <Yari>	After that, I would like to send out another big email to the whole list 
[20:28:51]  <Yari>	I should share the state email list sheet I'm making with you
[20:28:58]  <@Bosun>	Remember BCC
[20:29:06]  <Yari>	I wonder if something similar might be useful for other states
[20:29:09]  <Yari>	Yes of course 
[20:29:14]  <Yari>	That was a one time mistake 
[20:29:47]  <@Bosun>	I have done stupid things also. More than I can count.
[20:29:59]  <Yari>	Frankly, I'd like to set up a state specific email list similar to sab of some sort. 
[20:31:02]  <@Bosun>	I agree - I just need to sort out the mechanism.
[20:31:28]  <Yari>	ILPP? 
[20:31:35]  <Yari>	Status? 
[20:33:20]  <@Bosun>	We have a guy running in the next congressional cycle. That will require all the legal stuff including SEC filing. So we are made to make it happen before 2022.
[20:33:46]  <Yari>	Oh, nice. 
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[20:34:30] 	RemyQL (~RemyQL@gateway/webchat) joined the channel
[20:34:49]  <@Bosun>	I wish I could find someone in Wisconsin to run against Ron Johnson.
[20:37:46]  <@Bosun>	If for nothing else but to be a pain in his side.
[20:37:58]  <Yari>	Yes, that would be lovely 
[20:38:56]  <@Bosun>	It takes 2K sigs to get on the ballot for Senator, same as gov and Milw cnty exec.
[20:39:26]  <@Bosun>	Illinois is a whole 'nother can of worms with ballot status.
[20:41:19]  <Yari>	What does ballot status require there? 
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[20:43:35]  <@Bosun>	Yes, I should have it all memorized. You can run third party in any district, but the bar is a little higher than for "established" parties.
[20:44:50]  <@Bosun>	https://ballotpedia.org/
[20:45:23]  <@Bosun>	it has all the criteria for each state - just takes a little digging.
[20:46:09]  <RemyQL>	Are there any members in NC?
[20:46:27]  <@Bosun>	So you can establish local third party ballot status. 
[20:46:35]  <Yari>	Thanks
[20:47:38]  <@Bosun>	I don't recall any formal activity in NC. I would need to check the mailing list.
[20:48:26]  <RemyQL>	Ok, I was just curious. Thank you.
[20:48:53]  <Yari>	Are you interested in starting something there? 
[20:48:56]  <@Bosun>	No problem - we strive for honesty and transparency.
[20:50:13]  <@Bosun>	RemyQL is a podcaster I think?
[20:50:35]  <RemyQL>	yes, I'm a podcaster, who focuses on 3rd parties.
[20:50:55]  <RemyQL>	I have to admit though, I'm curious about the pirate party.
[20:50:58]  <Yari>	Exciting! Thank you for doing that work 
[20:51:14]  <RemyQL>	np
[20:51:39]  <Yari>	I'll have to check out your podcast then
[20:51:59]  <@Bosun>	QL - SQL?
[20:52:24]  <RemyQL>	It's called 3rd Party USA. you can find it on Spotify.
[20:52:45]  <Yari>	Thanks, I will do that. 
[20:53:07]  <@Bosun>	OK - Cool
[20:53:11]  <RemyQL>	Remy Quatres Livres - It's a name I found in a 14th century Parisian Census scroll. I came up with it when I was looking into the SCA, and I've used it for years.
[20:53:30]  <Yari>	Four books
[20:53:52]  <RemyQL>	Nice, it can also mean four pounds, which was a french currency of the period
[20:53:55]  <Yari>	That's fun
[20:54:30]  <RemyQL>	Anyway, I'm going to go I'll talk to you in the morning Bosun.
[20:54:32]  <@Bosun>	We should probably adjourn for today and push for more people to joi n in next week.
[20:54:39]  <RemyQL>	Have a good night everyone
[20:54:41]  <Yari>	Agreed. 
[20:54:49]  <Yari>	Calm seas! 
[20:54:50]  <@Bosun>	Thanks you, night.
[20:54:57] 	RemyQL (~RemyQL@gateway/webchat) left IRC (Quit: https://webchat.pirateirc.net/)
[20:55:14]  <@Bosun>	I'll post minutes.
[20:55:25]  <Yari>	Thanks Bosun