Outreach 10/19/2021

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  • Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • Anthony Jay, INPP
  • Nolan S, IA
  • Abdullah M, VA
  • Rose Klein, CA - PNC Chair


Old Business

  • Patriot Act Updates



[8:04:00 PM] <wodensday> Calling this meeting to order at 9:03 eastern time
[8:04:02 PM] <wodensday> IDs?
[8:04:06 PM] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:04:06 PM] <wodensday> Anthony Jay, INPP
[8:04:13 PM] <Nolan> Nolan S, IA
[8:04:58 PM] <wodensday> Abdullah, if you wish to participate, we have a custom in meetings where we ask you to state your name and state for the record. Could ya do that for me?
[8:05:14 PM] <Abdullah> Abdullah M. VA
[8:05:22 PM] <wodensday> Thank you!
[8:05:30 PM] <wodensday> https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_10/19/2021
[8:05:32 PM] <papegaai> Title: Outreach 10/19/2021 - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
[8:05:37 PM] <Abdullah> So, whats in the agenda 
[8:05:54 PM] <wodensday> We have one primary topic - the patriot act event. In the event we get through it, we can talk the future of outreach as well.
[8:06:14 PM] <Abdullah> Is like to talk about youth engagement
[8:06:27 PM] <wodensday> Yes. I'm hoping we can get to it tonight
[8:06:35 PM] <wodensday> I'll let you know when it's time to bring it up
[8:06:37 PM] <Nolan> Yay
[8:07:27 PM] <wodensday> Our livestream series is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. That means we have about a week of non-stop shilling and hype building ahead of us. One final stretch.
[8:07:32 PM] <wodensday> Next week*
[8:07:50 PM] <Abdullah> We need to max hype 
[8:08:00 PM] <Abdullah> We need all around engagement
[8:08:46 PM] <wodensday> Nolan has been kind enough to help us write a post to advertise on the website. I asked him to make it collaborative but haven't gotten the chance to help him edit it yet. To anyone interested in helping with that, the etherpad should be in the patriot act discord channel
[8:09:22 PM] <wodensday> I'm hoping we can have it up by tomorrow but I understand if we're all very busy. We are doing a lot for such a small organization
[8:09:39 PM] <Abdullah> We need others perties and organ 
[8:09:46 PM] <Abdullah> *parties and orgs 
[8:10:23 PM] <wodensday> To that point, we still need to send an update email to everyone who couldn't make it to our meeting. 
[8:10:40 PM] <Nolan> Well, thanks for the opportunity Wednesday
[8:10:41 PM] <Nolan> wodensday sorry
[8:10:47 PM] <Nolan> We are actually trying to! But with minimal success
[8:11:00 PM] <wodensday> Hey, that's okay! There is no shame here
[8:11:09 PM] <wodensday> I'm aware we're all very busy.
[8:11:57 PM] <pmchi> I was the GPNM got back to us
[8:12:07 PM] <pmchi> **saw
[8:12:07 PM] <Abdullah>  Great..
[8:12:18 PM] <Abdullah> We need the GP Here
[8:12:22 PM] <Abdullah> They can help
[8:12:25 PM] <Nolan> GPNM? New Mexico?
[8:12:28 PM] <wodensday> Not asking anyone to beat themselves up. This event has been rough. We've all worked very hard and taken on hours akin to a part time job just for this aspect of the party alone. We are doing a lot. And no matter what happens, I want us to keep our ambition high
[8:12:59 PM] <pmchi> Yep! New Mexico
[8:13:16 PM] <pmchi> I think the event is gonna go well. We’re all tired but it’ll be worth it
[8:13:53 PM] <wodensday> We are going to give it our all for sure. I do want to be transparent though that it will most likely just be us and maybe a few others.
[8:14:03 PM] <Abdullah> Aw man
[8:14:17 PM] <wodensday> I do not expect us to be able to rest until Thursday morning.
[8:14:30 PM] <pmchi> Our efforts will be fruitful so long as we continue our hard work. Just another week and we can relax for a bit!
[8:14:37 PM] <wodensday> This week is going to be hard as hell. But it's going to be worth it.
[8:14:45 PM] <Nolan> Speaking of emails, I should probably send an email to the LPIA or Greens
[8:14:47 PM] <pmchi> You’re tired, I’m tired. Jesus wept.
[8:15:06 PM] <pmchi> Already did it for you Nolan! I emailed every LP, Yari emailed every GP
[8:15:20 PM] <Abdullah> Try other parties
[8:15:40 PM] <wodensday> It's a bit too short notice to email anyone for the first time, I'm afraid.
[8:15:49 PM] <wodensday> We are going to email everyone a second time this week though.
[8:16:07 PM] <wodensday> However, I want us to focus on how we, the pirates, can make this event awesome.
[8:16:22 PM] <wodensday> Let's make any help we receive the icing on top, not the main attraction 
[8:16:52 PM] <Abdullah> We should’ve branched out
[8:17:36 PM] <wodensday> Keep that in mind, we will be writing a lessons learned report for our future selves.
[8:17:59 PM] <Abdullah> Perfect 
[8:18:06 PM] <wodensday> Let's focus on the here and now, though.
[8:18:07 PM] <pmchi> Let’s stack the actual day of the Patriot Act with everyone who said they were interest. The 26th, I mean. Seeing as that’s the day of the Pirate Talk and actually anniversary. Even if it’s a short panel, at least it’ll be throughout the day
[8:18:46 PM] <wodensday> Any thoughts on how to organize that panel?
[8:19:25 PM] <Nolan> Well, we probably know that it's mostly gonna be just the Pirates, and not people from other organizations 
[8:19:40 PM] <pmchi> Those that expressed interest, reach out to those parties specifically and ask if there’s a time they’d like to sit down and speak. Give them 30 minutes to an hour?
[8:20:14 PM] <wodensday> Sounds good with me! Any overflow we can easily shift to 25th or 27th
[8:20:26 PM] <pmchi> So that was LPWI, LPUT, GPNM from what I can remember off the top of my head
[8:20:44 PM] <wodensday> I do want
[8:21:15 PM] <pmchi> There might’ve been one or two more, I cannot recall
[8:21:31 PM] <wodensday> I do want to give them some sense of direction if possible
[8:21:35 PM] <pmchi> Did we establish how long we want these to go for? What time we start to what time we finish?
[8:21:58 PM] <wodensday> If they have like an old speech on digital privacy they did once in 2016 or something that they can shake the dust off of, that would be great
[8:22:39 PM] <wodensday> !0 AM to 10 PM I think? WIth the exception of the pirate chat which will go until whenever
[8:23:38 PM] ← Abdullah has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[8:24:08 PM] <pmchi> Surely we can fit parties in at certain points? Perhaps invite them to discuss their perspectives specifically rather than make it about us?
[8:24:17 PM] <pmchi> This whole thing is about us
[8:24:29 PM] <wodensday> I'm hoping we can make it interesting and inviting for sure
[8:24:42 PM] <pmchi> Make the time they’re on about them and their stances and takes
[8:24:55 PM] <wodensday> I want us to give them a sense of direction so they aren't lost at what to say, but also make sure they know what they're doing and have enough time to prepare given it;s in a week
[8:24:57 PM] → Abdullah has joined
[8:25:07 PM] <Abdullah> Back
[8:25:14 PM] <Nolan> Well 
[8:25:19 PM] <wodensday> Typing out an email that conveys all of that perfectly is not something I currently have the juice for
[8:25:24 PM] <Nolan> Anyone got any another ideas?
[8:25:25 PM] <wodensday> But that's what I want
[8:25:32 PM] <Abdullah> Ideas for 
[8:25:45 PM] <wodensday> I will be preparing my own speech, I know that.
[8:25:51 PM] <wodensday> I can't promise it'll be good
[8:25:58 PM] <wodensday> But I'm thinking monday for that
[8:26:21 PM] ← Nolan has left (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
[8:26:54 PM] → Nolan has joined
[8:27:02 PM] <Nolan> Sorry disconnected again
[8:27:14 PM] <wodensday> That's alright!
[8:27:19 PM] <pmchi> “We were planning to have panels for different speaking times for the various parties. We hope to get the various perspectives but the same overall takeaway. Your party’s stance and position, what you hope to see in the future, etc.”
[8:27:53 PM] <wodensday> That works for me!
[8:27:56 PM] <Abdullah> From who? 
[8:27:57 PM] <Nolan> That's a good plan for me
[8:28:09 PM] <Abdullah> Someone fill me in
[8:28:37 PM] <pmchi> We’re going to send an email to the interested parties who’d like to speak during the Oct. 26th event
[8:28:49 PM] <pmchi> Or, at least, expressed interest
[8:28:57 PM] <Abdullah> Who’s the  interested  parties 
[8:29:14 PM] ← Abdullah has left (Client Quit)
[8:30:55 PM] <pmchi> We should give them the freedom to speak on the PATRIOT Act “as they wish”. We’ll ask on a political level how they feel and a personal level
[8:31:03 PM] <wodensday> Oh for sure
[8:31:09 PM] <wodensday> What else is to be done?
[8:31:16 PM] <pmchi> It’d be nice to humanize our guests and selves
[8:31:27 PM] <pmchi> What do we do for the 25th and 27th?
[8:31:51 PM] <wodensday> Email, public statements, panel scheduling, digital protest prepping, continues week-long advertisement campaign
[8:31:53 PM] <wodensday> Right?
[8:32:03 PM] → yari has joined
[8:32:09 PM] <wodensday> Any panels we want to put on those dates.
[8:32:14 PM] <wodensday> Welcome! Yari
[8:32:20 PM] <yari> ahoy! Rose Klein, CA - PNC chair
[8:32:42 PM] <wodensday> Once again my sanity is spared by an outreach committee that is barely big enough to handle this massive project
[8:33:18 PM] <yari> yeah I think we're all sort of stretch thin for this one
[8:33:43 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, I would suggest we try to ration at least a few panels out to the 25th and 27th
[8:34:23 PM] <wodensday> The bulk can be on the 26th
[8:34:32 PM] <wodensday> But I do wanna utilize those dates
[8:34:44 PM] <wodensday> Also puts the stress off of us. One of us should be there more often than not
[8:34:48 PM] <yari> Do we have a etherpad with schedule?
[8:34:57 PM] <wodensday> It should be in the delegation doc
[8:35:01 PM] <yari> okay
[8:36:15 PM] <yari> one of the green parties responded and seemed interested, so we should definitely send out those massive summary emails so that they can hop on the bandwagon
[8:37:22 PM] <wodensday> To reiterate, I've place our remaining tasks into sections: Continued contact with other groups, panel scheduling, digital protest prepping, week-long advertisement campaign on our stuff
[8:37:49 PM] <pmchi> Is there something akin to a Google Docs calendar that we can send to interested parties so they can choose when they want to appear? Or should we simply ask them via email for a good time?
[8:38:23 PM] <yari> I can make a signup form, actually
[8:38:28 PM] <wodensday> I don't think google docs work well in a vaccum (ei, to plan one convention) 
[8:38:32 PM] <wodensday> Signup forum works
[8:38:49 PM] <yari> oooo and I can make one in the opensource version of a goodle spreadsheet
[8:38:55 PM] <yari> can't remember the name off the top of my head
[8:39:04 PM] <wodensday> I am down for that, sounds really cool
[8:39:26 PM] <pmchi> Excellent!
[8:39:26 PM] <wodensday> Forgive me if I'm out of it, all, the stress of this thing is setting in haha
[8:39:55 PM] <yari> I mean - what are our steps?
[8:39:58 PM] <pmchi> If I wasn’t already bald, I’m sure the stress would’ve caused my hair to fall out by now
[8:40:26 PM] <wodensday> If you look closely my hair is less black/dark brown and more dark gray. I'm sure I'll be joining you soon, pmchi
[8:41:22 PM] <wodensday> In the communications realm, we need to:
[8:41:28 PM] <wodensday> - stay in contact with other parties
[8:41:37 PM] <wodensday> - get Nolan's post up after someone helps him edit 
[8:41:49 PM] <wodensday> - post on our social media about the stream, petition, etc etc etc
[8:42:18 PM] <yari> Okay, hang on
[8:42:26 PM] <yari> I disagree on some of the finer points of that
[8:42:42 PM] <Nolan> Which points?
[8:42:44 PM] <wodensday> You have the floor
[8:43:37 PM] <yari> you say 'stay in contact', don't we only need to contact them until they have the link to the livestream that they are manning?
[8:44:04 PM] <yari> that and the copy, promotional materials, etc
[8:44:51 PM] <yari> basically, once they have everything - we don't email them anymore, except maybe as a short reminder before the actual thing. The rest is their responsibility.
[8:44:57 PM] <wodensday> Oh, that's just a catch all way to say we need to at least send a follow-up/upfate email to all of them and then start working with those who are actually interested 
[8:45:02 PM] <wodensday> I think we agree
[8:45:41 PM] <yari> okay. I just want to make sure we don't feel like we have to continuously contact every org.
[8:45:48 PM] <wodensday> No no of course not
[8:45:53 PM] <wodensday> We're on the same page
[8:46:00 PM] <yari> cool cool. 
[8:46:08 PM] <wodensday> My brain is just fried on the communications end (which is a little scary given my position)
[8:46:44 PM] <Nolan> Ouch
[8:47:08 PM] <wodensday> Now that my tasteful self burn is out of the way
[8:47:13 PM] <yari> As for Nolan's post - I think that can just be edited and then posted. 
[8:47:26 PM] <wodensday> Oh yeah, for sure
[8:47:36 PM] <yari> I mean, collaborative processes are always nice. I'm also not sure that we have the time for it rn.
[8:47:36 PM] <wodensday> Can we get some eyes on the etherpad tonight?
[8:48:00 PM] <wodensday> he put it in an etherpad, if we can get some eyes on it that would be nice
[8:48:28 PM] <wodensday> I just might also have to sit that one out
[8:48:36 PM] <yari> I already read it
[8:48:40 PM] <yari> I can edit
[8:48:50 PM] <wodensday> Ohhh okay I get what you mean
[8:49:35 PM] <yari> I mean that we should just have someone edit it and post. And Nolan moves on to a rough draft of the next thing
[8:49:40 PM] <wodensday> If we can get volunteers for our external communications, I can stay on top of the actual event and protest logistics. Though I think those are nearing completion
[8:50:04 PM] <yari> Unless Nolan wants to do something other than writing - I don't want to pigeonhole you
[8:50:16 PM] <Nolan> Writing's fine for now
[8:50:20 PM] <yari> okay
[8:50:28 PM] <Nolan> But I could do anything 
[8:51:05 PM] <yari> Then Nolan could you work on a draft post for our first post back on facebook in a long ass time
[8:51:08 PM] <wodensday> Maybe we should break this down into divisions 
[8:51:21 PM] <yari> facebook link is in the #social-links part of discord
[8:51:23 PM] <Nolan> Ok will do
[8:51:33 PM] <wodensday> If you can find that open source google doc thing, I can make the schedule maybe?
[8:51:51 PM] <wodensday> Yari
[8:51:57 PM] <yari> wodensday I can do that before the end of the meeting, just a sec
[8:52:06 PM] <wodensday> Oh okay cool
[8:52:41 PM] <wodensday> What I'm trying to say is that I can claim responsibility for the schedule and making sure that all fo the individual protest pieces exist
[8:53:01 PM] <wodensday> And are put in the right places
[8:53:46 PM] <wodensday> Unless someone else wants to step up! 
[8:54:08 PM] <wodensday> But we should make sure to spread this work evenly amongst ourselves. This week is ging to be tough
[8:54:10 PM] <wodensday> going*
[8:54:15 PM] <yari> https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/
[8:54:16 PM] <papegaai> Title: CryptPad (at cryptpad.fr)
[8:54:23 PM] <wodensday> Thank you!
[8:54:34 PM] <wodensday> Any closing thoughts, anyone?
[8:54:55 PM] <yari> Um, division of labor is important.
[8:55:06 PM] <Nolan> Have a good sleep 
[8:55:13 PM] <yari> each according to their abilities
[8:55:16 PM] <Nolan> GO CHIEFS
[8:55:34 PM] <yari> to each according to their needs
[8:55:56 PM] <yari> anyway
[8:56:09 PM] <wodensday> A pretty cool quote if I say so myself
[8:56:14 PM] <yari> I agree
[8:56:23 PM] <yari> but we all know that I'm a communist, so
[8:56:38 PM] <Nolan> I'm not a communist and I agree with that
[8:56:41 PM] <wodensday> As a social libertarian I'm allowed to dabble
[8:56:48 PM] <yari> because its a great idea
[8:57:17 PM] <yari> let's all make sure that we're updating the delegation doc, then?
[8:57:32 PM] <wodensday> Yes, please, use it
[8:57:38 PM] <Nolan> Sorry
[8:57:43 PM] <wodensday> No worries!
[8:57:45 PM] <yari> and write a note in the patriot act protest if we have time to work on stuff
[8:57:55 PM] <yari> and don't know what to work on
[8:58:24 PM] <yari> We'll figure it out, no worries
[8:58:51 PM] <yari> like I said in the video meeting on Saturday - we have the advantage of using a hashtag that is already in use!
[8:58:58 PM] <wodensday> Communication is key. We are taking on some big projects. This one has been bumpy, but that's because we're learning. Growth is a necessary part of success
[8:59:14 PM] <yari> ^
[8:59:28 PM] <yari> growth and learning = success
[8:59:53 PM] <wodensday> I know we're all dying right now, and I really just want to say I appreciate everyone's contributions and sacrifice of their time and energy. It has not been easy.
[9:00:10 PM] <wodensday> But we die right now so that we may succeed with greater ease in the future!
[9:00:17 PM] <yari> one more week, then we all get to be spooky, and celebrate
[9:00:47 PM] <Nolan> H20 Forever!
[9:01:30 PM] <wodensday> Let's agree to celebrate afterwards by sharing some spooky halloween festivities with each other
[9:01:33 PM] <wodensday> Dearl?
[9:01:35 PM] <wodensday> Deal*
[9:01:49 PM] <wodensday> On that note, accepting a motion to adjourn.
[9:01:56 PM] <yari> I would propose that we adjourn
[9:02:03 PM] <yari> motion to do so
[9:02:04 PM] <wodensday> Second?
[9:02:29 PM] <pmchi> Second
[9:02:29 PM] <wodensday> Nolan, Pmchi
[9:02:34 PM] <wodensday> Ah there he is
[9:02:35 PM] <Nolan> So
[9:02:38 PM] <wodensday> All in favor?
[9:02:41 PM] <yari> aye
[9:02:51 PM] <Nolan> Aye
[9:02:55 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[9:03:15 PM] <wodensday> Meeting adjourned at 10:03 eastern time
[9:03:31 PM] <wodensday> I will be uploading this transcript to the wiki page.