Outreach 10/12/2021

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  • Nolan S, Iowa
  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Mitch Devillo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare
  • William Dappen, California
  • Rose Klein, CA, uspp chair
  • Richard Carro, IL Pirates


Old Business

  • Patriot Act Updates



[8:09:46 PM] <wodensday> You know what time it is, it's Patriot Act time
[8:10:07 PM] <pmchi> - George W. Bush, 2001
[8:10:14 PM] <wodensday> Well, before then, I want to let everyone know that the Contact Us section is updated with the information for the CAPP and ILPP
[8:10:51 PM] <wodensday> You can go to that page if you wanna see that
[8:11:12 PM] <pmchi> Woohoo!!!! It looks good! More states look hella sexy
[8:11:21 PM] <wodensday> Indiana coming soon
[8:11:38 PM] <Nolan> Same with Iowa
[8:11:42 PM] <Nolan> Hopefully 
[8:12:18 PM] <wodensday> I wonder if that other Iowa person is still interested. If you haven't reached out in a while, you should!
[8:13:02 PM] <wodensday> I will kick off the Patriot Act discussion by letting everyone know what I've been up to.
[8:13:40 PM] <wodensday> 1. I haven't got the chance to record them yet, but I will be sending some YouTube shorts drafts to Pmchi as soon as I possibly can.
[8:14:03 PM] <wodensday> 2. Copy to be given out at the organizer's event exists. Let me grab it
[8:14:51 PM] <wodensday> Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/8b29c98868f956112a96cdf63467f7ba/pasted.txt
[8:15:30 PM] → Radiojoe has joined
[8:15:30 PM] <wodensday> 3. Working on the mentioned style guide, should also be done by Tuesday with input and collaboration from others
[8:15:38 PM] <Radiojoe> howdee all
[8:15:50 PM] <wodensday> Hello William Dappen from California
[8:16:03 PM] <Radiojoe> yes i am William Dappen from California
[8:16:51 PM] <wodensday> I'lll paste the copy file again for you
[8:17:08 PM] <wodensday>  https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/8b29c98868f956112a96cdf63467f7ba/pasted.txt
[8:17:56 PM] <Radiojoe> thank you
[8:18:06 PM] <wodensday> I will probably think of more things I've been up to. In the meantime, just read this and present to the commitee your own PA updates, everyone
[8:18:28 PM] <wodensday> That is, what we've done since last week and what we still need to do
[8:18:55 PM] <wodensday> (Nolan is itching for a task, so if we can sick him on something that would be pog)
[8:19:03 PM] <wodensday> My god I just said pog, never mind
[8:19:10 PM] <Nolan> Cringe
[8:19:27 PM] <wodensday> Outreach committee is cancelled forever
[8:19:45 PM] <Nolan> Well, night folks
[8:20:47 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, Radiojoe, any updates you'd like to share?
[8:21:10 PM] <Nolan> But yes, it is true. I do want to be a part of this new-fangled online protest
[8:22:25 PM] <Radiojoe> hmm, not particularly, I have something that might be useful for any YT shortd
[8:22:28 PM] <Radiojoe> shorts*
[8:22:59 PM] <wodensday> If you want to Nolan, we can workshop that style guide. We really just need like a color scheme and a font to suggest everyone use if they make graphics. I have a rough suggestion I can send your way and we can go from there
[8:23:07 PM] <wodensday> Yesss? Radiojoe
[8:23:18 PM] <Nolan> Sounds Cool, Anthony
[8:24:16 PM] <pmchi> Just sent out emails! I reached out the the entirety of the nation’s LP, both state level and their national. I also reached out to the Pirate Parties of Australia, UK, Germany, Chile and Brazil, as well as international. Otherwise I have the next two days off work so I plan on toying around with TikTok creations
[8:24:37 PM] <Radiojoe> In marvel's what if series, they talk about using the Patriot Act to requisition funds and stark tech for the military's, a little thing could be done on this clip discussing whether or not this is possible
[8:24:50 PM] <Radiojoe> kinda useless but eh, maybe
[8:25:22 PM] <wodensday> That's incredibly fascinating, radiojoe
[8:25:51 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, sweet! I'm hoping we can get some interntaional pirates on our livestreams
[8:25:59 PM] <wodensday> That's the dream.
[8:28:49 PM] <wodensday> Let's see, let's see.
[8:29:01 PM] <Radiojoe> so do we have an update on the number of responses? or was that already discussed
[8:30:10 PM] <wodensday> That is Rose's to access per the google forum and they haven't been able to make it yet. If we're going by emails forwarded to us, I haven't received any new ones.
[8:30:16 PM] → rCarro has joined
[8:30:29 PM] <wodensday> Welcome rCarro! Please ID
[8:30:31 PM] <rCarro> Richard Carro, IL Pirates
[8:30:36 PM] <wodensday> There ya go
[8:30:51 PM] <wodensday> Actually, let me check my emails just in case
[8:30:53 PM] <rCarro> What were we discussing 
[8:31:12 PM] <wodensday> Patriot Act
[8:31:27 PM] <rCarro> I see
[8:31:45 PM] <wodensday> Nope, I haven't been forwarded any new emails. Just a Twitch verification code. Radiojoe
[8:32:04 PM] <Radiojoe> patriot act stuff
[8:32:09 PM] <Radiojoe> ok
[8:32:16 PM] <wodensday> If we get ahold of Yari we can ask them how many people we're have Saturday
[8:32:29 PM] <rCarro> I see I see 
[8:32:31 PM] <rCarro> MHhmghhmgn
[8:32:42 PM] <Nolan> ?
[8:32:51 PM] <rCarro> That’s just how I process things 
[8:32:55 PM] <rCarro> lol sorry 
[8:33:06 PM] <Nolan> It's fine
[8:33:06 PM] <wodensday> All is forgiven, I said pog earlier and I regret it
[8:33:21 PM] <Nolan> Anyways, back to Patriot Act
[8:33:33 PM] <rCarro> We have a low response rate?
[8:33:37 PM] <rCarro> damnit 
[8:33:38 PM] <wodensday> To anyone coming to the talks on Saturday, we decided on business casual clothes, correct? Pmchi, Radiojoe
[8:33:50 PM] <Radiojoe> yes
[8:33:53 PM] <pmchi> Yes
[8:34:00 PM] <Radiojoe> as far as i understand
[8:34:02 PM] <wodensday> Just making sure!
[8:34:06 PM] <pmchi> I’ll be wearing a bottom down shirt
[8:34:09 PM] <pmchi> But no pants
[8:34:09 PM] <rCarro> let’s dress up as real pirates
[8:34:18 PM] <rCarro> petition Mitch to wear his pirate hat 
[8:34:26 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, same here my guy. Exactly the same here
[8:34:26 PM] <pmchi> Button down**
[8:34:41 PM] <pmchi> I don’t think I own a Pirate hat
[8:34:43 PM] <pmchi> Yet
[8:34:53 PM] <rCarro> aw man 
[8:34:59 PM] <wodensday> Other than that, how can we engage any interested volunteers?
[8:35:04 PM] <rCarro> hmm
[8:35:14 PM] <rCarro> I was hoping we would get other orgs 
[8:35:17 PM] <rCarro> On board 
[8:35:19 PM] <wodensday> Oh no, we are
[8:35:24 PM] <rCarro> who do we have on so far
[8:35:33 PM] <Nolan> None lol(?)
[8:35:33 PM] <rCarro> please elaborate to me rn
[8:35:48 PM] <rCarro> ohhh, so we just sent them, awaiting 
[8:35:48 PM] <pmchi> Only Yari has access to the info, so us proles don’t know
[8:35:52 PM] <rCarro> response
[8:35:59 PM] <rCarro> Hm
[8:36:03 PM] <wodensday> I'm talking more about our fellow pirates right now
[8:36:11 PM] <rCarro> Kk
[8:36:17 PM] <rCarro> Ok volunteers, hmm
[8:36:23 PM] <rCarro> I could send a dm campaign 
[8:36:30 PM] <rCarro> To alert folks 
[8:36:30 PM] <wodensday> Trying to think about what we still need done
[8:36:38 PM] <rCarro> I can go around in DMS 
[8:36:42 PM] <wodensday> We aren't that desperate, no worries
[8:36:44 PM] <rCarro> Try to get less engaged ppl on
[8:36:48 PM] <pmchi> Is there a way to get eyes on us BEFORE promotion of the event?
[8:36:59 PM] <rCarro> WOW K, that isn’t desperate 
[8:37:03 PM] <pmchi> So the eyes will already be there by the time we start promotion?
[8:37:09 PM] <rCarro> hmmmmm
[8:37:22 PM] <wodensday> I'm hoping that's what the promotional shorts will end up doing, but they are still promotion
[8:37:27 PM] <rCarro> probably make a flurry of social media
[8:37:29 PM] <wodensday> I can continue to spit out fire tweets
[8:37:30 PM] <rCarro> Posts 
[8:37:38 PM] <rCarro> But what’s the twitter engagement
[8:37:42 PM] <rCarro> mind checking?
[8:37:48 PM] <rCarro> we can see how many ppl saw it
[8:37:54 PM] <rCarro> and interactions 
[8:38:10 PM] ← rCarro has left (Quit: Connection closed)
[8:38:44 PM] <wodensday> I don't believe I have access to that info
[8:39:12 PM] <pmchi> Is a USPirates Q&A feasible? #AskPirate?
[8:39:32 PM] <wodensday> Tweetdeck and all. I just know that my cool and awesome tweets have been performing in the mid double digits anf that that's not exect;y coming for the USPP twitter. SO yeah, you could say I'm kind of a big deal ?s
[8:39:46 PM] → yari has joined
[8:39:53 PM] <pmchi> Your tweets have been exceptional wodensday
[8:39:54 PM] <wodensday> Welcome!
[8:40:00 PM] <pmchi> Ahoy yari!
[8:40:00 PM] <yari> hello hello
[8:40:08 PM] <yari> Rose Klein, CA, uspp chair
[8:40:09 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, when would we fit this in?
[8:40:35 PM] <pmchi> That’s a good question
[8:40:40 PM] <wodensday> I mean, we can take to twitter tomorrow and do a "Q&A" if we wanted.
[8:40:56 PM] <wodensday> That's pretty low risk low reward though
[8:41:19 PM] <wodensday> (Current topic for those joining us is Patriot Act advertisement and pre-game)
[8:43:23 PM] <wodensday> We could try and beg reddit mods somewhere for an AMA, but we are so stretched on time and so busy personally that we're kinda barely staying on schedule as it is
[8:44:02 PM] <pmchi> I think we should hang onto the Q&A for a later day. It’s good to get eyes on us, but we’re hardly giving ourselves enough time
[8:44:27 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, I just had a thought
[8:44:37 PM] <wodensday> Maybe we can incorporate it in to the shorts campain
[8:45:09 PM] <pmchi> Can you elaborate on that?
[8:45:11 PM] <wodensday> Many common questions about pirate ideology or we go out of our way to ask for questions on twitter. Either way that's like triple the videos we can make fpr half the effort
[8:45:18 PM] <wodensday> Maybe*
[8:45:31 PM] <pmchi> Oooooo like a FAQ about Pirates
[8:45:39 PM] <pmchi> In shorts form
[8:45:41 PM] <wodensday> We can just answer questions for some of 'em
[8:45:42 PM] <wodensday> Yes
[8:46:00 PM] <yari> that's a nice idea
[8:46:20 PM] <Nolan> ^
[8:47:33 PM] <wodensday> Then we can go ahead and get some pirate indoctrination out there on some of the most effective algorithms ever designed 
[8:47:56 PM] <yari> that and tiktok
[8:48:12 PM] <wodensday> YT shorts and tiktok being them, yes
[8:48:44 PM] <wodensday> We can only make so many edited videos in a week and a half, even if they're already scripted-ish
[8:49:15 PM] <wodensday> 'Hey I'm so and so with the US pirate party, we often get this question" rinse and repeat like ten times
[8:50:14 PM] <yari> agreed. I'm going to go ahead and take some time tonight to make a stinger and put together a short from one of our meetings
[8:50:22 PM] <yari> practice, kinda
[8:50:40 PM] <wodensday> Surely it will include deepfried Jamie memes, yes?
[8:51:05 PM] <wodensday> Bass boost the heck out of that "Copyright is theft" and you have a whole tiktok
[8:51:34 PM] <yari> lol true
[8:51:35 PM] <wodensday> Jokes aside, that sounds really cool and I'm excited to see it!
[8:51:36 PM] <pmchi> Actually that would be really funny
[8:51:45 PM] <wodensday> If Yari doesn't make it I will
[8:51:46 PM] <wodensday> Legit
[8:51:48 PM] <pmchi> Laughed at the concept of it
[8:52:33 PM] <wodensday> Aaaanyway
[8:52:54 PM] <wodensday> Yari, are there any other event updates or notes you have for the committee?
[8:53:05 PM] <wodensday> We have had a few fantastic progress updates tonight
[8:53:09 PM] <yari> we need to make posts on the website
[8:53:19 PM] <yari> and delegating that would be great
[8:53:25 PM] <wodensday> Oh, yes, I was going to mention that
[8:53:34 PM] <yari> I can upload them, heck - but someone needs to write that stuff
[8:53:39 PM] <yari> and its not going to be me
[8:53:47 PM] <wodensday> Frankly we need like a whole hero banner on the website that redirects to a post about the thing, since all our promotional material will be sending people there
[8:54:06 PM] <yari> hmmm that's doable
[8:55:03 PM] <wodensday> For the last 2/3rds of this month, anyone who goes to our website needs to be met with PATRIOT ACT SUCKS - HELP THIS WAY with unmistakable gravity
[8:55:09 PM] <wodensday> I agree it needs to be delegated though
[8:55:16 PM] <yari> we have a draft post about the meetings going to video set to link to the youtube
[8:55:25 PM] <yari> and a draft post about protesting the patriot act
[8:55:33 PM] <yari> but neither of them are really written
[8:55:44 PM] <yari> I'm taking volunteers here
[8:56:15 PM] <yari> ... Nolan, what are you able to help with?
[8:56:25 PM] <Nolan> Well well well
[8:56:28 PM] <wodensday> Was going to say, Nolan is very eager
[8:57:17 PM] <wodensday> We could also try to work on a checklist of everything that remains to be done and let the swarm feed
[8:57:38 PM] <yari> wodensday - problem with swarm is bystander effect
[8:57:59 PM] <Nolan> Sorry to interrupt 
[8:58:35 PM] <yari> Nolan, can I message you about website posting on discord?
[8:58:43 PM] <wodensday> Well, a checklist might also help us delegate better, right? We can get a clear picture of if someone is stretched thin and where too
[8:58:52 PM] <Nolan> Eh sure why not 
[8:59:07 PM] <yari> wodensday - not objecting - you're absolutely correct
[8:59:23 PM] <yari> there are ways to counteract bystander
[9:00:01 PM] <wodensday> Let's engage in some direct swarmcare.
[9:00:15 PM] <wodensday> Can everyone get me lists of everything they can think f that still needs to be done?
[9:00:37 PM] <wodensday> Including anything you've already taken on so we can put your name beside it
[9:00:48 PM] <yari> post on website
[9:00:51 PM] <wodensday> From there, we can delegate unclaimed tasks evenly and with respect to our respective skills
[9:01:01 PM] <yari> update website banner
[9:01:13 PM] <wodensday> This is advanced swarmcare. Iron beetle, if you will
[9:01:16 PM] <yari> create stinger for youtube and tiktok
[9:01:53 PM] <yari> double check copy edit
[9:02:05 PM] <yari> create youtube live streaming event
[9:02:29 PM] <yari> create facebook page event
[9:02:42 PM] <wodensday> Can you make sure to DM me some of this too?
[9:02:52 PM] <wodensday> So I don't forget or miss anything
[9:03:01 PM] <wodensday> Just let us know and we will take as much off your hands as possible
[9:03:03 PM] <yari> oh... yeah, sure - did you want me to send it there instead?
[9:03:20 PM] <Radiojoe> ive got to go, be back soon
[9:03:31 PM] <yari> bye!
[9:03:33 PM] <wodensday> No prob! See ya Radiojoe
[9:03:52 PM] <wodensday> Well, I'm not OPPOSED to working on the list right now haha. We're just running out of time tonight
[9:03:59 PM] <yari> ah fair enough
[9:04:05 PM] <yari> hadn't looked at the clock
[9:04:23 PM] <yari> yeah okay I'll message you stuff
[9:04:30 PM] <wodensday> Sweeeeeet
[9:04:41 PM] <pmchi> I’ll do the same wodensday
[9:04:41 PM] <yari> or we could make an etherpad???
[9:04:46 PM] <pmchi> ^^
[9:04:48 PM] <yari> ETHERPADDD????
[9:04:57 PM] <wodensday> That could work pretty dang well
[9:05:01 PM] <wodensday> I will make an etherpad
[9:05:07 PM] <yari> do it I dare you
[9:05:08 PM] <Nolan> Alrifhr6
[9:05:09 PM] <wodensday> And we will do some iron beetle swarmcare
[9:05:16 PM] <Nolan> *Alright
[9:05:36 PM] <Radiojoe> is that from the book or something>
[9:05:38 PM] <Radiojoe> ?
[9:05:39 PM] <wodensday> No no
[9:05:43 PM] <wodensday> I am spouting nonsense 
[9:05:44 PM] <yari> okay I move we adjourn and take care of all other delegation in the etherpad
[9:06:08 PM] <wodensday> Seconds?
[9:06:10 PM] <pmchi> Second
[9:06:20 PM] <wodensday> Any objections?
[9:06:26 PM] <yari> none
[9:06:49 PM] <Radiojoe> nope
[9:06:54 PM] <wodensday> I technically gave naysayers a chance, that's democratic enough
[9:06:58 PM] <wodensday> All in favor?
[9:07:02 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[9:07:19 PM] <yari> aye
[9:07:19 PM] <Nolan> None
[9:07:21 PM] <Nolan> Aye
[9:07:41 PM] <wodensday> Radioejoe
[9:07:44 PM] <wodensday> Radiojoe
[9:07:50 PM] <yari> he left
[9:07:57 PM] <yari> oh wait nvm
[9:09:00 PM] <yari> okay well I'm going anyway bye
[9:09:03 PM] <Radiojoe> aye
[9:09:07 PM] <Radiojoe> bye
[9:09:07 PM] <wodensday> There he is!
[9:09:18 PM] <wodensday> Etherpad made meeting adjourned I will post buy gold bye