Outreach 09/14/2021

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  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • Rose Klein, CA, PNC chair
  • Nolan, IA
  • William Dappen, CA


New Business

  • YouTube planning
  • Patriot Act Event


  • The following proposal by Rose Klein will be brought to the PNC:
A proposal for the PNC that the keys for TikTok be shared by the chair and vice-chair of the PNC and given to other officers and committee chairs at their discretion.


[8:02:48 PM] <wodensday> I'm sure we can go ahead and start. 
[8:03:08 PM] <wodensday> Meeting called to order at 9:02 PM Est.
[8:03:11 PM] <wodensday> IDs?
[8:03:16 PM] <wodensday> Anthony Jay, IN
[8:03:30 PM] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:04:27 PM] <wodensday> Nolan, Yari, you with us?
[8:04:29 PM] <yari> Rose Klein, CA, PNC chair
[8:04:35 PM] <wodensday> That's one
[8:04:35 PM] <Nolan> Yes
[8:04:48 PM] <Nolan> Nolan, IA
[8:04:50 PM] <Nolan> ?
[8:04:54 PM] <wodensday> There ya go.
[8:05:19 PM] <wodensday> This is our agenda: https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_09/14/2021
[8:05:22 PM] <papegaai> Title: Outreach 09/14/2021 - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
[8:06:12 PM] <wodensday> First, since Outreach has full ability to get YouTube off the ground next, I'd like to ask the committee if we want to make a plan surrounding that.
[8:06:12 PM] <Nolan> Well, YouTube. 
[8:06:51 PM] <yari> Yeah let's do that
[8:07:07 PM] <wodensday> Who to add, when to post, *what* to post, etc
[8:08:22 PM] <wodensday> If we're unsure of where to begin, I can lead the discussion a bit. But if anyone has any thoughts about this, please go for it
[8:08:29 PM] <Nolan> I think this was mentioned during the first Pirate Chat.
[8:08:49 PM] <Nolan> But, actually, Anthony had an idea to make like
[8:09:09 PM] <Nolan> Youtube shorts explaining Pirate Politics.
[8:09:20 PM] <yari> I really feel like we should also consider doing the shorts that are just compilations
[8:09:37 PM] <Nolan> What kind of compilations?
[8:09:43 PM] <yari> Of the meetings
[8:09:53 PM] <Nolan> Oh.
[8:09:56 PM] <yari> One minute versions of the PNC meetings
[8:10:05 PM] <yari> Like a summary
[8:10:08 PM] <pmchi> Key points in one minute
[8:10:31 PM] <wodensday> That should be a pretty easy way to start. Easily postable to all our social media too
[8:12:17 PM] <Nolan> Yeah, cause what average Joe or Brenda is going to watch an almost 1-hour chat
[8:13:28 PM] <wodensday> Funny enough, long form content works on yt almost as well as shortform content. But having both would be perfect
[8:13:32 PM] <wodensday> Should we assign this task to someone, similarly to how we've divided social media?
[8:13:51 PM] <wodensday> Twitter*
[8:14:16 PM] <yari> ^
[8:14:40 PM] → wodensday47 has joined
[8:14:52 PM] <wodensday47> Oh no.
[8:14:59 PM] <wodensday47> This is still Anthony Jay, IN
[8:15:43 PM] <wodensday47> Back to the discussion - if the officers are feeling overwhelmed, I can definitely volunteer for the responsibility.
[8:15:55 PM] <wodensday47> DO be warned though, my camera quality isn't getting any better
[8:16:21 PM] → Nolan71 has joined
[8:16:32 PM] <Nolan71> Nolan again 
[8:17:05 PM] <wodensday47> Yari, Pmchi, thoughts?
[8:17:12 PM] <yari> I have to say that the nice thing about compilations is that you don't need a camera
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[8:18:07 PM] ⓘ wodensday47 is now known as wodensday
[8:18:10 PM] <pmchi> I can do a voice over for a summary of the meetings for the shorts if someone wanted to do the editing and uploading
[8:18:40 PM] <pmchi> Visuals shouldn’t really be an issue, I don’t think?
[8:18:59 PM] <yari> Visuals won't, no. 
[8:20:08 PM] <wodensday> If we take the visuals from the meeting, they may not look the best either but I'm sure we can pull something together
[8:21:12 PM] <wodensday> If pmchi wants to do the voice over, I'm sure I can learn how to edit it together nicely
[8:22:40 PM] <pmchi> I’ll happily do the voice over. While we’re at it, I think we should also do shorts for every article the USPP publishes
[8:22:50 PM] <yari> agreed
[8:22:55 PM] <yari> Pacha that's a good idea
[8:23:14 PM] <yari> *pmchi
[8:23:22 PM] <yari> Gosh I hate that autocorrect
[8:24:04 PM] <wodensday> I do think some USPP articles may be better adopted in to long form video.
[8:24:19 PM] <wodensday> It may be a while until we have those resources, but it's something to think about.
[8:27:03 PM] <wodensday> Nolan71, you still with us? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts
[8:27:15 PM] <Nolan71> Yeah, I'm still here
[8:27:33 PM] <Nolan71> Yeah, I don't think that the article videos are a very good idea.
[8:27:39 PM] <Nolan71> *Do
[8:27:50 PM] <Nolan71> Darn Autocorrect 
[8:27:57 PM] <yari> Oh, lol - I was confused for a moment
[8:28:04 PM] <wodensday> Aw man, you got my hopes up for a good pirate debate
[8:28:34 PM] <Nolan71> Hang on
[8:28:35 PM] <wodensday> What I'm hearing so far is that the meeting recap shorts are a good idea and we should figure out how to do them ASAP
[8:28:36 PM] <Nolan71> I have to do something 
[8:28:40 PM] <wodensday> That's alrighty
[8:30:38 PM] <wodensday> If we also try to do recaps of every USPP article, that would be around two shorts per week
[8:31:09 PM] <yari> Recaps of the articles and recaps of the meetings?
[8:31:32 PM] <wodensday> Combined that's 1-2 a week, yes.
[8:31:45 PM] <wodensday> Always a meeting, hopefully always a post
[8:31:59 PM] <wodensday> Unless we aren't doing shorts for IRC meetings
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[8:32:39 PM] ⚠ Nickname wodensday is already in use. Trying wodensday21...
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[8:32:54 PM] <yari> Oof yikes, bad connection?
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[8:32:58 PM] <wodensday21> (Ugh, still Anthony Jay)
[8:33:04 PM] <pmchi> I also would like to suggest a Pirate state highlight to start in 2022. Every week, we highlight a Pirate/Pirate Party from every state. With 52 weeks in a year, that should give us one more thing to publish per week throughout the year
[8:33:37 PM] <wodensday21> Yari, not a fantastic one lol
[8:34:24 PM] <pmchi> I’m well aware how that might be an issue with where we are now, but the rational I have: By 2022, it gives us more time to get something together. We’ll be able to highlight the current states and, hopefully, this’ll inspire more states to volunteer throughout the year
[8:34:58 PM] <Nolan71> Sorry to interrupt 
[8:35:02 PM] <Nolan71> But I'm back
[8:35:36 PM] <wodensday21> Ideally, state pirates would already be the forefront of our content, once we have more of them
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[8:36:16 PM] <Nolan71> Well, guess I better start an Iowan one
[8:36:20 PM] ⓘ wodensday21 is now known as Wodensday
[8:36:29 PM] <Wodensday> I am the only Wodensday
[8:36:35 PM] <Wodensday> That's the spirit!
[8:37:02 PM] <pmchi> Start with something established like California one week, then Massachusetts, Illinois, etc. We should have Illinois, Indiana by January 2022, maybe even Wisconsin and West Virginia (and Nolan’s Iowa)
[8:37:38 PM] <Nolan71> Let's just see if I can get a person interested 
[8:37:52 PM] <Wodensday> Glad to see your projection for illinois and indiana is the same as mine! optimistic, but doable. Pmchi
[8:38:28 PM] <Wodensday> Do we have a solid consensus on any of this? It would be awesome to have a first plan to enact by tonight.
[8:38:34 PM] <yari> Honestly start with massachusets
[8:38:41 PM] <yari> I like the idea of states
[8:38:48 PM] <yari> And state highlights
[8:38:56 PM] <pmchi> Highlight the state with an elected official first, smart
[8:39:16 PM] <Nolan71> ^ 
[8:39:20 PM] <yari> ^
[8:39:34 PM] <Wodensday> Well how about this: we give ourselves the enumerated power to start posting shorts on the yt (and by extension the tiktok) for starters
[8:39:50 PM] <yari> First we need to set it up as a community page
[8:39:54 PM] <yari> When can that be done by?
[8:40:16 PM] <Wodensday> It's quite simple. I just need to talk to someone who can do it and tell them where to go.
[8:40:20 PM] <Wodensday> That can be done tonight
[8:40:24 PM] <pmchi> Should everything uploaded to YouTube shorts should be uploaded to TikTok
[8:40:28 PM] <pmchi> ?
[8:40:28 PM] <yari> I have the login info, so I can do it
[8:40:36 PM] <Wodensday> I'd say yes
[8:40:42 PM] <Wodensday> I'll shoot you a DM Yari
[8:40:51 PM] <yari> pmchi, yes, probably.
[8:41:02 PM] <Nolan71> pmchi, definitely 
[8:41:13 PM] <yari> We need to see if we can set up TikTok the same way though - those are just holding accounts...
[8:41:29 PM] → wodensday59 has joined
[8:41:30 PM] <yari> And the account needs to be transferred
[8:41:36 PM] <wodensday59> Wodensday 59 here
[8:42:04 PM] <wodensday59> Tiktok will most likely require a separate resolution from what I know. Let me give it a quick google 
[8:43:19 PM] <wodensday59> Yeah, it looks like sharing a tiktok requires sharing the keys
[8:43:29 PM] <pmchi> There are business accounts for TikTok similar to business accounts for Instagram. I assume that then it’s possible to grant access similar to TweetDeck or YouTube
[8:43:47 PM] <pmchi> Ah nevermind
[8:45:15 PM] ← Wodensday has left (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[8:45:34 PM] <wodensday59> Any way we can suggest a resolution to the PNC that would involve certifying the tiktok and a protocol for the keys to be handed out at the discretion of the chair and/or VP?
[8:45:44 PM] <wodensday59> It's not perfect, but not all social media is built for this
[8:46:31 PM] ← Nolan71 has left (Quit: Connection closed)
[8:46:36 PM] <yari> yes let's do a resolution
[8:46:51 PM] <wodensday59> I am ready to hear one!
[8:48:06 PM] <yari> A proposal for the PNC that the keys for TikTok be shared by the chair and vice-chair of the PNC and given to other officers and committee chairs at their discretion. 
[8:48:22 PM] <Radiojoe> sorry ive been gone for a hot minute, why not just use YT shorts?
[8:48:31 PM] <Radiojoe> also William Dappen, CA
[8:48:34 PM] <yari> We're planning on doing both
[8:48:43 PM] <wodensday59> MUCH better reach if we hit both
[8:48:47 PM] <wodensday59> Do I have a second?
[8:49:17 PM] <wodensday59> Radiojoe, Pmchi
[8:49:23 PM] <pmchi> 2nd
[8:49:39 PM] <wodensday59> Any objections?
[8:49:46 PM] <yari> none
[8:50:25 PM] <wodensday59> I will assume the silence means none
[8:50:31 PM] <wodensday59> All in favor?
[8:50:38 PM] <Radiojoe> abstain
[8:50:43 PM] <yari> aye
[8:51:37 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[8:51:51 PM] <wodensday59> The ayes have it.
[8:52:02 PM] <wodensday59> Excellent!
[8:52:41 PM] <wodensday59> Yari, I sent you a discord DM outlining adding people to our USPP youtube
[8:53:09 PM] <yari> I saw, will do
[8:53:47 PM] <wodensday59> Anything else we need on this topic that can be fit into a few minutes? Or should we wrap up
[8:54:55 PM] <yari> I would say wrap up
[8:55:09 PM] <wodensday59> Any motions to adjourn?
[8:56:05 PM] <Radiojoe> I move that we adjourn?
[8:56:18 PM] <Radiojoe> if i am not qualified feel free to ignore
[8:56:25 PM] <wodensday59> No no, you are
[8:56:27 PM] <yari> 2nd
[8:56:37 PM] <Radiojoe> alright
[8:56:53 PM] <wodensday59> Any objections?
[8:57:02 PM] <yari> None here
[8:57:13 PM] <Radiojoe> nope
[8:57:36 PM] <wodensday59> Again taking the silence to mean we can move on
[8:57:44 PM] <wodensday59> All in favor?
[8:57:48 PM] <Radiojoe> aye
[8:57:58 PM] <yari> aye
[8:58:07 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[8:58:49 PM] <wodensday59> Another successful meeting from the unbelievably gorgeous outreach committee.
[8:59:00 PM] <yari> Ubelievably gorgeous
[8:59:02 PM] <yari> indeed
[8:59:18 PM] <yari> I will take care of what you said, wodensday
[8:59:21 PM] <wodensday59> Er- I mean, meeting adjourned at 9:58 PM EST