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<yari_> Calling this meeting to order at 9:06 pm est
<yari_> Ids please
<yari_> Rose klein, california
* pmchi (uid481182@id-481182.tooting.irccloud.com) has joined
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<Bosun> Joe Klein uspp chair
<jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Massachusetts
<pmchi_> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
<Bosun> ahh good
<yari_> okay so, guidelines are up and approved. any old business to get out of the way?
<yari_> Bosun you mentioned the civicrm status, it sounds like we might be able to work with that soon
<Bosun> I may go bananas but I am learning how much has changed over the last 4 years in the database structure.
<jokeefe> Bosun fixed the UI issues, yay!
<yari_> thank you for your work on that, bosun!
<Bosun> I think the community fixed it I just pulled in the update.
<jokeefe> dude, claim the credit! ;-)
<jokeefe> Honest Bosun
<yari_> Our next work should be in assembling a team, wodensday made a good point the last meeting abt this in that we need to have easy and accessible ways for new members to become crew and help out
<yari_> I know part of that is in the work bosun is doing, i wonder how else we can turn new members into volunteers
<yari_> Are there places we can put messages that we havent yet?
<yari_> Videos we should make?
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<Bosun> We get them into the civicrm member table and add a volunteer flag.
<jokeefe> announcing the on the blog/FB/Twitter is a start. once we get the email up, we can announce there too
<yari_> jokeefe whats the timeline on email again?
<jokeefe> the last platform video got ~18 views without much promotion
<yari_> And agreed, a good point
<Bosun> fix database - get mail list.
<Bosun> I am the critical path.
<jokeefe> I will test with my email and once we have everyone in the db, I can show everyone else how to use it.
<yari_> gotcha
<Bosun> I will talk pieces over with Yari, might help to describe the data translation as best as I can see it currently.
<yari_> so volunteer flag helps internally, how do we get them agreeing/volunteering/clicking to volunteer in first place?
<Bosun> We give them rum until they sign up.
<jokeefe> Will talk with Bosun. Tried it now with me, but it fails with Error - DB Error: unknown error
<jokeefe> We give them rum when they sign up!
<jokeefe> ;-)
<Bosun> airplane bottles.
<jokeefe> here is the masspirates volunteer page - https://masspirates.org/crew/forms/support-the-pirate-party
<papegaai> Title: Support the Massachusetts Pirate Party! | Mass Pirates Crew (at masspirates.org)
<jokeefe> we can do something like that
<jokeefe> also, having an explicit sign up to our news letter like https://masspirates.org/crew/civicrm/profile/create?gid=16&reset=1
<papegaai> Title: Mass. Pirate Party Newsletter | Mass Pirates Crew (at masspirates.org)
<Bosun> Yes. I'll see if I can make that.
<yari_> i like the explicut sign up on newsletters
<yari_> That makes a lot of sense
<jokeefe> Ideally we send one every one or two weeks
<yari_> We were talking about doing that, yeah
<yari_> Okay, so those are good goals to work toward. It sounds like once we have the db up and learn more about it, we can publish a few things like a newsletter, attach signups, and maybe get some more volunteers to snowball things.
<yari_> I would also like to think about how we can most effectively leverage the discord in all this
<yari_> Or really any of our socials
<yari_> Signup links on videos, etc
<jokeefe> aye
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<jokeefe> regular postings about meetings would be my suggestion: tell them it will happen in a week, tell them it will happen in a day, tell them it happened and what was decided
<yari_> jokeefe thats good, nice
<jokeefe> BTW: Social media guide lines at https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Social_Media_Guidelines and linked to on front page
<papegaai> Title: Social Media Guidelines - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
<yari_> Okay we're getting toward usual ending time
<yari_> Any other items of business?
<jokeefe> I have none.
<yari_> if there are no other items, i would entertain a motion to adjourn
<Bosun> OK
<Bosun> move adjourn
<yari_> lovely thank you
<jokeefe> Thanks for sheparding us along yari_ and posting the notes. Good night all!
<yari_> Any objections
<Bosun> none
<Bosun> here
<yari_> Hearing no objections, this meeting is adjourned at 9:37 pm EST