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 [Note: meeting started at 21:07 EST]
 <yari> Hi we haven't started yet Korath no worries
 <yari> But let's go ahead and do so
 <Olivia_> Hello Korath!
 <yari> IDs?
 <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, volunteer
 <yari> Rose Klein, California
 <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago
 <Korath> Frank Yanez, Oregon
 <yari> Thanks. I pinged Bosun in case he wants to join. Also could someone post a message in general just to notify people that the meeting is happening?
 <yari> In case others want to pop in
 <yari> In the discord that is
 <Olivia_> I will.
 <yari> Thank you Olivia
 <yari> Old business first - we tabled discussion last time of the newsletter
 <yari> So let's dive into that
 <yari> We had spoken of having some sort of editor/writer
 <yari> And we had also talked about having contributions from members
 <yari> My questions, personally, are this: Who would the editor/writer answer to? How would this person be selected? How would the contributions be screened?
 <pmchi> I think a newsletter of individual Pirate contributions is still a great idea
 <yari> Where would the newsletter be hosted and promoted?
 <pmchi> We could probably post it, say, biweekly on uspirates.org?
 <yari> biweekly seems achievable, though I am certain we'll have trouble getting articles written until the party grows more
 <pmchi> As for editing, I could review final drafts for grammatical and/spelling errors if we need someone to handle the task
 <pmchi> If we set up a deadline, ie “Set in your submissions by Friday if you want if to appear by that Monday, or a schedule type of the sorts
 <yari> ... I would propose monthly.
 <yari> I would rather have the problem of having too much content to winnow down than the opposite
 <pmchi> I’d be even fine with bimonthly if you want to start real conservative until we get the ball rolling
 <pmchi> 6 official, guaranteed Ed pirate newsletters a year, until we can expand
 <pmchi> Then, we can move to monthly when we have enough to say month, then biweekly, and hopefully one day we can even do weekly
 <pmchi> But if we start small, with the expectation being six, expanding should be a breeze
 <yari> Yeah I think start small should be our motto right now
 <yari> bimonthly seems good
 <yari> At least to me.
 <yari> Korath? Olivia?
 <Korath> I agree with a bi monthly schedule 
 <Korath> gives us plenty of time to work things out  and edit the writing 
 <Olivia_> All good.  I get confused with newsletters and email lists.  
 <yari> Okay, so what about the person in charge of this whole thing?
 <Olivia_> I'm subscribed to other email lists of other Parties and for some reason think of it as a newsletter lol.
 <Korath> We should have a motto for the newsletter kind of like newspapers
 <yari> I mean, we agree that it has to happen/should happen
 <yari> Korath agreed
 <yari> Though perhaps that's for another time
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 <Korath> Like "democracy dies in darkness" from the WAPO
 <yari> Welcome, taknamay - if you would like to participate, please ID by typing real name and state for the record
 <Taknamay> Jason MacDuffie, NJ
 <yari> we're talking right now about establishing a bimonthly pirate newsletter
 <Taknamay> sounds cool!
 <Olivia_> I'll send Taknamay>  info soon in the Discord about how to volunteer at MassPirates.
 <Olivia_> the New England pirates
 <yari> Korath agreed on the motto bit - and I think we can workshop that sometime later. I'm curious how this newsletter would be created
 <yari> Like, who would make it?
 <yari> We said member contributions 
 <yari> But would a team put them together?
 <yari> Or just one person who picks a team?
 <yari> Or just one person?
 <Olivia_> Twitter just introduced a newsletter feature but I believe it's if people want to be paid for putting one out.
 <yari> We can self-publish
 <pmchi> I think we should aim for x amount of pages (maybe 3-5), and we’ll fill it with content written by our members.
 <Olivia_> Should there be a newsletter board on the Discord for ideas of what to add to the newsletter?
 <yari> pmchi that makes sense. 
 <yari> Olivia_ I like that, soliciting ideas from our members for a theme or something if we need it
 <yari> And we can also use discord to solicit essays from members 
 <Olivia_> First three could be new website url link, the Discord went public, and the twitter was started up again.
 <Olivia_> And the California and Illinois twitter accounts too were created for people to start following them.
 <pmchi> We should probably set up an email to send your submissions to. Editor@uspp.org or something like that. Just so we have one place to collect submissions
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 <yari> Pmchi an excellent point - I'll contact bosun and jokeefe about doing so
 <EPluribusUnumYT> what has happened thus far
 <yari> EpluribusUnumYT please ID using real name and state if you would like to participate in the meeting
 <Olivia_> The minutes of what was missed can be read after the meeting is over it will be made public and I can send it to the Outreach board on the Discord too.
 <yari> Yep, minutes will be posted
 <EPluribusUnumYT> Ok then good day. Srry 4 bothering. Lol
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 <Olivia_> I think the real name spooks people and they leave.
 <yari> hm, yeah I wonder if I said that wrong. Anyway
 <yari> It's what I'm required to say rn
 <yari> But yes Olivia_ agreed 
 <Olivia_> I don't use a real name but I made that known before how I stay anonymous and am a volunteer instead of a member.
 <yari> Yeah.
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 <yari> Okay so I'll contact IT about making an email for editor
 <yari> Olivia_ it sounds like you're suggesting more of a newsfeed
 <yari> Based on your thoughts of what should be included
 <Olivia_> Maybe something can be posted saying if they plan on being a member they would obviously have to use a real name.  If they want to volunteer they can come up with a "name" like I have I made sure no one else on the planet has.
 <yari> Yeah um it's something we need to work on
 <Olivia_> Oh no I wasn't suggesting a newsfeed it's just I just confuse the two.
 <yari> oh okay
 <yari> I think in terms of leadership, I'd kind of like to point to my set of rules for the discord leadership as a good format
 <yari> Not the ones posted in the rules channel
 <yari> The ones posted in mod transparency
 <yari> Or, linked there
 <yari> Which - admittedly, have not been implemented fully on the discord server yet
 <yari> (Working on that)
 <pmchi> We probably should have general party rules in the discord. Discord rules are fine and all but we need people to know exactly what to expect if they want to be in these meetings
 <pmchi> And really it’s just to participate, no?
 <yari> Yeah pmchi I will do that
 <yari> I can post some stuff in discord
 <yari> Agreed  though
 <Olivia_> People can also join and just watch the meeting instead.
 <yari> So my point is what the leadership of this newsletter could be something like a chief position (the editor) and then the editor co-appoints other members to help create the newsletter
 <yari> And the editor is a position that is elected every x unit of time
 <yari> If it's a bimonthly newsletter, maybe every year? I forgot what term of the USPP chair is, but probably no longer than that
 <yari> Just spitballing here, please feel free to suggest other formats
 <pmchi> I agree with electing the editor, the same as any other spot. That’s a good call
 <yari> we're over time by a bunch, and it feels like I'm doing way too much typing. Do we want to table this?
 <pmchi> Coeditor though I feel like should be the chair person. Editor should be in charge of grammatical, sorting of the newsletter, the whole shebang. Then whoever is chair should approve of said newsletter for release, being the final check on appearances and edits and what not
 <yari> I like that
 <yari> I love that 
 <yari> yes
 <pmchi> When are the next round of elections?
 <yari> nationa?
 <yari> National?
 <pmchi> Yeah US Pirates wise
 <pmchi> Because then should the newsletter be tabled until an editor can be elected? If it’s coming soon that is
 <yari> I think just 2022
 <yari> oohhhh
 <yari> USPP elections
 <pmchi> Oooo no maybe not wait a yeah
 <yari> I thought you means USA elections
 <pmchi> Year
 <yari> I was confused
 <pmchi> Oh no yeah I mean USPP
 <ceiling> hello
 <yari> Its once a year
 <yari> Hello ceiling, welcome. if you would like to participate, please ID by typing real name and state for the record
 <yari> We're just finishing up the meeting
 <yari> Pmchi I'm not sure when it is specifically, it's annual elections though
 <pmchi> Then maybe we should wait until then, no? yari?
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 <ceiling> just observing at the moment.  honestly just wanted to check if messages were going through.  nice to see this active!  :)
 <yari> Pmchi that election is specifically for PNC positions, I think we can have a special election set up
 <yari> But yes, would be best to wait I suppose
 <yari> Or we could have an interim
 <yari> Interim officer?
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 <Olivia_> Ceiling, yes every Tuesday is Outreach and every Sunday is PNC meeting both at 9:00pm EST.  have you joined the Discord yet?
 <pmchi> If we wanted to elected an interim, we could aim to have the first newsletter out by March or April?
 <yari> April, probably
 <yari> And yeah I think that wouldn't be a bad idea
 <ceiling> I try not to use Discord.  More of an XMPP user.
 <yari> Olivia and ceiling as much as I appreciate the attempt at connection I have to ask that chat be kept minimum until meeting is over
 <ceiling> I like decentralized, open source things :)
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 <yari> Speaking of, though - We are five minutes from the hour. I would like to propose that we table the newsletter discussion (specifically pertaining to an interim officer election and to the structure of newsletter management) until next week
 <Olivia_> !
 <yari> I would love to entertain a motion unless their are objections
 <pmchi> Second the motion
 <Olivia_> 3re
 <Olivia_> 3rd*
 <yari> Korath, any objections?
 <Korath> None
 <yari> Any objections from the rest of the crew?
 <yari> Hearing none, it is tabled.
 <yari> Any pressing issues before we end?
 <Olivia_> No
 <yari> Korath I should mention that I will start promoting servers this week
 <Olivia_> I can send later to the Outreach on the Discord.
 <yari> I will post minutes
 <yari> So you can link it, Olivia_
 <Olivia_> Thank you!
 <yari> Anyone have a motion to adjourn? 
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 <yari> Korath, you're the lucky one today
 <yari> Please move to adjourn
 <Korath> Motion to continue the meeting 
 <yari> Oh!
 <yari> DUN DUN DUN
 <yari> A new challenger has appeared
 <Korath> Any seconds?
 <yari> Do we have a 2nd?
 <pmchi> Second
 <Olivia_> 3rd
 <yari> Without objection, Korath you have the floor
 <Korath> We could do a pirate charity campaign 
 <Korath> that is always good publicity 
 <yari> Agreed. Do you have something specific in mind? I think as with any publicity -related thing, the main issue is organization. Who will run it?
 <Korath> Well organize the donations online through kickstarter or something like that
 <Korath> and then just find a cause to donate it to
 <Korath> *funded by Pirate Party USA*
 <Korath> or something like that
 <Korath> should poll the party members for a cause
 <Korath> then set a goal
 <Korath> and then find someway to collect the money and deliver it to said cause
 <yari> In terms of polling, we have a few options. We can send something out using email list and we can also do polls on discord
 <Korath> Those are both great options to utilize 
 <Korath> In a meeting down the line we can come up with the list of options 
 <Korath> *list of causes to poll for 
 <yari> That makes sense.
 <Korath> I would like propose that we   table the motion for next meeting  now that it has been broached
 <yari> Seconds?
 <Olivia_> 3rd
 <yari> sure that works
 <yari> Without objection, the motion is tabled
 <Korath> Motion to adjourn the meeting
 <yari> Any seconds?
 <Korath> Sorry gotta run and go take care of something
 <yari> No problem
 <Korath> hope you guys can end the meeting
 <yari> Seeing no objections, the meeting is adjourned
 <yari> done
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 <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
 <yari> Okay goodnight