Outreach 02/02/21

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[ 18:03:46] <Yari> Shall we begin? 
[ 18:04:05] → Korath joined (Korath@207.55.vgz.ztj)
[ 18:04:06] <Yari> Ids please! 
[ 18:04:26] <Korath> Frank Yanez, Oregon
[ 18:04:32] <Yari> Rose Klein, California 
[ 18:04:39] <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, volunteer
[ 18:04:43] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago
[ 18:05:03] <Olivia_> Were others pinged?
[ 18:05:40] <Yari> Pinging Bosun now
[ 18:07:37] <Yari> In the meantime, Old business - Korath, discord promotions? 
[ 18:07:45] ⇐ jokeefe quit (~jokeefe@ Quit: jokeefe
[ 18:08:30] <Korath> Going well I have five servers waiting to partner with us and have a representative from most of them present in the discord
[ 18:09:22] <Olivia_> Pirate servers?
[ 18:09:41] <Korath> They are just waiting on a ad and link from us to put up in their partnership channels
[ 18:09:54] <Korath> Political Discussion Servers that I think we could recruit members from
[ 18:11:08] <Olivia_> Anyone from Austria?  he and I are in a CoA battle at the moment and wondering if he's thinking of starting problems because he's always offering his servers to others.
[ 18:12:02] <Yari> Not that I'm aware of? 
[ 18:12:48] <Olivia_> Bosun knows all about it it's played out on my timeline more so this weekend.
[ 18:13:10] <Korath> or at least reach a wider audience with since they hold debates we could participate in that would give a platform for our issues
[ 18:13:56] <Olivia_> I'M BURNING BRIDGES AS WE SPEAK unfortunately.
[ 18:14:12] <Korath> I think the partnerships should be approved separately for each server though to make sure the party is ok with being affiliated with these servers
[ 18:14:12] <pmchi> What are the servers Korath:?
[ 18:14:49] <Korath> No one from Austria as far as I know the servers are all mostly US based and have mostly US users and mostly communicate in english
[ 18:14:53] <Yari> Importantly, these aren't agreements of active promotion, as I understand it 
[ 18:15:11] <Yari> It's more like we give them a shout out
[ 18:15:34] <Korath> Essentially yes these are just shout outs to other servers
[ 18:15:36] <Korath> Not really a actual partnership per se
[ 18:15:41] <pmchi> It’s more like “Hey, since you joined our server, check these guys out!”, if I understand correctly
[ 18:15:56] <Olivia_> I'm more concerned with who owns them like the debate about anonymous donations to political parties comes up as problematic.  YES okay they're in the United States so no issues with other countries like Russia.
[ 18:16:37] <Korath> The Overton Window, Actually Political, The Political Room, Hammers Politics, Political Manor are the servers
[ 18:17:37] <Olivia_> There are Parties that won't take anonymous donations because past problems when nazis donated in order to cause problems for the Party later on.  So Trumpies might sneak up on us.
[ 18:17:58] <Yari> Is there any way to verify? 
[ 18:18:08] <Yari> We do need to have cross promotion 
[ 18:18:22] <Yari> I don't think we can just ignore the offer 
[ 18:18:43] <Korath> Most of these servers have rules against hate speech and other problematic issues that are strictly enforced
[ 18:18:54] <Olivia_> Oh i know.  Me being paranoid and with all things Q and others terrorists.
[ 18:19:10] <Olivia_> Yari
[ 18:19:12] <Korath> All though yes they could have problematic members that could join our server but they could be dealt with easily by our admins
[ 18:19:32] <Yari> Agreed Korath, that's a risk of being a party 
[ 18:19:41] <Yari> We need to be able to enforce our rules 
[ 18:21:05] <Yari> So can we make a proposal to create promotional channel and messages for these servers? 
[ 18:21:13] <Yari> And how will we handle these requests? 
[ 18:21:54] <Olivia_> I'm afraid to mention the Discord anywhere my haters might troll.  I finally made a graphic for a later blog post.
[ 18:22:17] <pmchi> We just need to be weary. We don’t want to be grouped in with neo nazis and alt-right nuts. It’s good to be procautionary, especially when we’re trying to get our name out there. We want to control how we are perceived, not ruined via infiltration of trolls or other ne’er-do-wells
[ 18:23:21] <pmchi> I’m with Olivia_ on the side of caution, but we must open up and be seen and heard. That means vulnerability to trolls and the like and dealing with it appropriately
[ 18:23:55] <Olivia_> Perfect timing during the impeachment!
[ 18:23:57] <Korath> I mean being a party focused on technological issues being a part of the internet and dealing with all the issues that comes with is important 
[ 18:24:34] <Korath> It is where we are most likely to find other people interested in things like net neutrality and copyright reform 
[ 18:26:09] <Korath> All though as we increase outreach on the discord one could worry about who would be joining the IRC meetings from the discord 
[ 18:26:33] <pmchi> And a party that preaches openness must be open. But we must be smart and cautious. I’m all for partnership, but the issue is that we’re more than an ideology: we’re a party. While it’s easy to discredit an idea, it’s easier to discredit a party. I’m not so worried about trolls as I am their affect. What the media could do to us
[ 18:26:44] <Olivia_> Many in Discord channels I'm in are just there never speaking I assume just to watch which is fine.
[ 18:28:08] <pmchi> We should be open, we should be welcoming, but we should be cautious and that’s really my only concern
[ 18:29:02] <Yari> So how should we do it? 
[ 18:30:05] <Yari> Is there someone we should appoint to handle the process? 
[ 18:30:29] <Yari> I think the openness issue is something more long term, best handled by PNC stuff
[ 18:30:46] <Olivia_> A pinned message on the Discord saying don't do anything stupid and be cordial?
[ 18:31:21] <Yari> Agreed Olivia I can do that 
[ 18:31:33] <Yari> But with regard to promoting 
[ 18:32:03] <Olivia_> That list I emailed you months ago with antifascist twitter accounts and websites?
[ 18:32:39] <Korath> I think the discord admins of our server should vet any server we plan to partner with
[ 18:33:25] <Yari> I mean, that would be me
[ 18:33:28] <Korath> and if they approve then it should be allowed to go forward unless a lot of members voice opposition to being linked with x server 
[ 18:34:02] <Korath> Well you and the other people like kusanagi and mama turtle 
[ 18:34:32] <Yari> Technically I've been appointed by PNC as the discord tech person 
[ 18:35:56] <Korath> Then I think it would make sense to have you decide who we do or do not shout out
[ 18:36:55] <Yari> Sure, I can do that. 
[ 18:37:08] <Yari> Is there a standard format we want to implement for shutouts? 
[ 18:37:18] <Yari> I can make a channel for it of course 
[ 18:38:09] <Korath> A channel would be great and then just making sure the other servers advertisements are not offensive or obscene 
[ 18:38:23] <Korath> though they do a pretty good job of keeping it polite and short 
[ 18:38:46] <Korath> and we also need a advertising message written for our server as well to go with the invite 
[ 18:39:29] <Yari> Ideas for the message? 
[ 18:40:32] <Korath> Could just take part of the message off the parties website blog
[ 18:40:41] <Korath> We support and work toward reformation of intellectual property (IP) laws, true governmental transparency, and protection of privacy and civil liberties. We strive for evidence-based policies and egalitarianism, while working against corporate personhood and welfare. We believe that people, not corporations, come first.
[ 18:42:17] <pmchi> “Governmental transparency and personal privacy, copyright and patent reform. Come join the fastest growing political movement of the 21st century, and our US Pirate Party official discord”
[ 18:42:40] <Korath> That sounds pretty good 
[ 18:42:55] <Yari> Nice. 
[ 18:43:26] <pmchi> Nothing set it stone, but something short and sweet
[ 18:45:15] <pmchi> Is there any other business?
[ 18:45:28] <Olivia_> No?
[ 18:45:41] <Yari> It sounds like I'll be approving promotions with a copy pasted message? Let me know if any of you find servers. I'll check them out. 
[ 18:45:55] <Yari> We should wrap up
[ 18:46:12] <Yari> We can talk about the newsletter next time? 
[ 18:46:31] <pmchi> Didn’t seem like a full house tonight
[ 18:46:31] <Korath> The newsletter should definitely be next meetings priority  
[ 18:46:42] <pmchi> Next time when with more would be better
[ 18:47:04] <Olivia_> I know nothing about servers or IT.  I can make a graphic or video to go along with it LOL.
[ 18:48:05] <Olivia_> OMG I logged into twitter today and this new feature on the desktop about a newsletter feature for the first time!
[ 18:49:11] <Yari> Motion to adjourn? 
[ 18:49:39] <Olivia_> !
[ 18:49:46] <pmchi> Olivia_: have you gotten the chance to test it yet? How is it?
[ 18:50:04] <Korath> Are we allowed to make motions and second proposals in this committee that observers are normally not allowed to do in the PNC
[ 18:50:06] <Korath> Seconded if allowed 
[ 18:50:10] <Olivia_> No I saw it and read a small bit but nothing yet.
[ 18:50:14] <Yari> Yes Korath 
[ 18:50:22] <pmchi> 2nd to adjourn
[ 18:50:40] <Olivia_> 3rd
[ 18:50:46] <Yari> So adjourned 
[ 18:50:57] <Yari> See you all next week. 
[ 18:50:59] <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
[ 18:51:07] <Yari> Korath, I'll start working on those promos
[ 18:51:09] <Korath> Goodnight pirates
[ 18:51:16] <pmchi> Goodnight all!