Outreach 01/05/21

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[20:15:18]  <@Bosun> Nothing really to report. If we want to push the bylaws change, we can. Not a hill I want to die on.
[20:15:47]  <yari> Oh, can we do IDs? Did we already?
[20:15:53]  <yari> Rose Klein, California
[20:16:19]  <@Bosun> Or we can take our time and write a great argument and publish it.
[20:16:23]  <pmchi> Mitch Davilo, Illinois
[20:16:24]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, volunteer
[20:16:29]  <@Bosun> Sorry no - you ar chair,
[20:16:52]  <@Bosun> Joseph Klein, USPP chair
[20:17:14]  <@Bosun> Yari is chair.
[20:17:18]  <yari> welcome welcome, hope everyone had a good holiday
[20:17:36]  <yari> So Bosun - you were talking about the bylaws change
[20:17:48]  <yari> Your preference, it sounds like, it so take our time with the change?
[20:18:34]  <@Bosun> Yes, take our time and make it a clear argument.
[20:18:59]  <@Bosun> It can languish on the table for now.
[20:19:17]  <@Bosun> Do you agree?
[20:19:35]  <yari> That makes sense. Last I recall, we needed to create a procedure for determining eligibility of deligations
[20:20:48]  <@Bosun> Yes. This can be fun. Make the rules up to be Pirate like.
[20:21:21]  <@Bosun> An open and public procedure.
[20:21:47]  <yari> Sounds good. Tabled for next time, and I think that next week I'd like us to determine a loose deadline for its creation
[20:22:18]  <@Bosun> How is Mitch's campaign so far - saw the twitter.
[20:22:27]  <yari> An excellent question!
[20:22:33]  <yari> Pacha?
[20:22:37]  <yari> Pmchi?
[20:22:54]  <yari> I hate how it autocorrects that for some reason
[20:23:03]  <pmchi> I talked to a photographer to get some actual shots done. So that’ll be happening in the next week or so
[20:23:28]  <yari> Exciting!
[20:23:44]  <Olivia_> Things are moving!
[20:23:45]  <@Bosun> Wow. Keep track of all your expenses.
[20:24:00]  <yari> ^ a good point
[20:24:11]  <pmchi> I’ll have a little black book for every expense
[20:24:14]  <Olivia_> receipts
[20:24:30]  <pmchi> ^^
[20:24:36]  <@Bosun> Good accounting is an act of transparency.
[20:25:02]  <pmchi> Also wore some pirate party gear today, got a few questions. Baby steps but people are curious!
[20:25:17]  <pmchi> Bosun: 100%
[20:25:57]  <@Bosun> We need to get you t-shirts.
[20:26:23]  <pmchi> Yard signs too
[20:26:54]  <pmchi> Not that they need to come right away, just was thinking about all the little things hahaha
[20:27:05]  <yari> Good to think about
[20:27:22]  <Olivia_> How about a website link for campaigning?  Will it be a local url link for the Chicago or Illinois Party or a subdomain tie to the USPP website link>
[20:27:28]  <@Bosun> The Illinois flag and seal looks like a chicken. Maybe a state outline for the Pirate logo?
[20:27:57]  <pmchi> Honestly I’ll likely use the Chicago flag before the Illinois flag
[20:28:11]  <pmchi> Not just person reasons, but aesthetic purposes
[20:28:15]  <pmchi> Like you said, chicken flag
[20:28:43]  <yari> And people associate strongly with the Chicago flag
[20:28:46]  <pmchi> The state outline is an excellent idea
[20:29:20]  <@Bosun> Is any part of your district outside Chicago?
[20:30:09]  <pmchi> Yeah, about half in half out. Somehow all the white neighborhoods ended up in the same district
[20:30:16]  <pmchi> Classic gerrymandering, ya know?
[20:30:22]  <yari> classic
[20:30:49]  <yari> Then having both would definitely be good
[20:31:53]  <yari> Pmchi do we know the answer to Olivia's question about the website?
[20:32:11]  <@Bosun> Stae outline - good idea - I have pirate flag art - i'll see about dropping the outline in and in SVG and PDF format.
[20:33:06]  <yari> Pmchi bosun if you don't mind waiting until after the 15th, I can make the svg pretty easily
[20:33:07]  <pmchi> No website yet. I assume it would be connected to the USPP since it’s a federal office
[20:33:51]  <Olivia_> Can you email me later when it's done one with a transparent background I can email the guy who runs the Pirate Party graphic generator I use for announcements and other Parties do too.
[20:33:52]  <pmchi> It might look odd connecting my campaign to the Chicago or Illinois PP
[20:33:53]  <@Bosun> I can trow something together but I will need to invoice you as an in kind donation.
[20:33:58]  <@Bosun> throw
[20:34:39]  <@Bosun> Your and independent - pirate in fine print.
[20:34:52]  <@Bosun> an .. independent
[20:35:36]  <pmchi> Wouldn’t, with signature requirements met, it be as a member of the Pirate Party, not just independent?
[20:35:44]  <@Bosun> Can't type and keep up with my election feed.
[20:36:07]  <Olivia_> The Assange graphic I made days ago with the USPP flag on it.  Others have the flag with text too if you want.  When I went looking for ones for USPP and MassPirates I only got ones with just the flag for now.
[20:36:41]  <Olivia_> It has to have a transparent background though.
[20:37:31]  <yari> It sounds like we have three methods of producing this one graphic: through Olivia, through myself, and Bosun
[20:37:38]  <yari> So I think its covered
[20:37:44]  <yari> One way or the other
[20:37:52]  <Olivia_> https://twitter.com/PPbyOlivia/status/1345863499981975552
[20:37:59]  <@Bosun> Yes. When met. It will give you a PR boost as the press does their clever arrgs ... but play it strait and just be open and serious. They will resect you.
[20:38:14]  <@Bosun> respect.
[20:38:24]  <Olivia_> It's a graphic generator MEP's use it too.
[20:38:47]  <@Bosun> I use illustrator.
[20:39:07]  <Olivia_> My main graphic and video editor is Canva.
[20:39:29]  <yari> okay we need to wrap up
[20:39:38]  <@Bosun> OK.
[20:39:56]  <yari> Uh, Bosun, you have options available for the graphic
[20:40:03]  <@Bosun> we need to wite - draft by next week.
[20:40:15]  <@Bosun> write
[20:40:18]  <yari> sounds good. 
[20:40:24]  <yari> Send a doc?
[20:40:33]  <@Bosun> yeah
[20:40:50]  <yari> Okay. Any other pressing issues?
[20:40:57]  <yari> Before we adjourn
[20:41:12]  <Olivia_> no I don't think
[20:41:57]  <yari> Hearing none, could we have a motion?
[20:42:04]  <@Bosun> do - my toes are crossed that Mitch (Majority Leader) is very sad tomorrow
[20:42:09]  <@Bosun> Move adjourn
[20:42:23]  <yari> Bosun I agree with you
[20:42:40]  <pmchi> I’m hoping to be the happiest Mitch in all the land tomorrow! The other one is in for a bad day
[20:43:01]  <@Bosun> Good night.
[20:43:03]  <yari> Motion is on the table
[20:43:07]  <yari> 2nd?
[20:43:07]  <pmchi> 2nd
[20:43:10]  <yari> cool
[20:43:12]  <yari> gnight
[20:43:12]  <Olivia_> 3rd
[20:43:21]  <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
[20:43:22]  <@Bosun> 4th 5th
[20:43:25]  <yari> So adjourned
[20:43:30]  <@Bosun> goodnight.
[20:43:38]  <pmchi> Goodnight everyone! Stay safe
[20:43:39]  <yari> Bosun can you post?
[20:43:48]  <@Bosun> yes.
[20:43:50]  <yari> Thank you!