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Issue: The national organization is, as of 5/2/2012, using the name 'Pirate National Committee'. It must be determined whether this name is both legal & conventional. If it is determined that it should not be used, we will provide alternatives.


Question: Is the national organization legally allowed to call itself a 'National Committee' if it has not been recognized by the Federal Election Commission?


  1. Analyze & summarize FEC documentation & other resources
  2. Plot out the traditional path to forming a National Committee (Save this knowledge for future projects)
  3. Write out questions & call the FEC directly
  4. Conclude from this information whether the name 'Pirate National Committee' can legally be used.


FEC Information


Question: Is is conventional for an organization to take the name 'National Committee' before and after being recognized?


  1. Aggregate information on other National Committees; include the names of their organizations before being recognized