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United States Pirate National Committee (PNC) Wiki

Welcome to the wiki of the Pirate Party in the United States, dedicated to helping you put wind in our sails. This wiki is contributed to and maintained by pirates like you. If you would like to help out, please see the Wikipedia Cheatsheet, Mediawiki Handbook, and also see our Wiki Policy. If you have questions or even just want to discuss the wiki check out the discussion page. Also you should browse our site.

In addition to our wiki you can also get news from our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

Come chat with other Pirates on the Pirate IRC Network.


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August 23th - Canceled

August 16th

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June 28th - Moved to Sunday nights to test the date

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December 18th

  • Meeting Scheduled for Election of PNC Officers

December 12th

December 11th

  • Meeting Postponed to tomorrow

December 4th

November 27th

  • Meeting Postponed

October 9th

October 2nd

September 25th

September 18th

  • No Meeting

September 11th

September 4th

August 28th

August 21st

August 14th

  • No Meeting

August 7th

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July 25th

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July 11th

June 28th 2012

  • PNC Constitution Due - Help out here.
    • Due date extended to July 26th

June 27th

June 20th

June 13th

June 6th

May 23rd

May 16th

May 9th

May 2st

May 1st

  • IRC Meeting

April 25th

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January 22nd

January 17th

  • IRC Meeting

January 1st

December 20th

  • IRC Meeting

December 13th

  • IRC Meeting

December 6th

  • IRC Meeting

December 1st

November 29th

  • IRC Meeting

November 22nd

  • IRC Meeting

November 15th

  • IRC Meeting

November 8th

  • IRC Meeting

November 5th


Edit this section December 20th

  • Congress is abandoning the 5th amendment (Article)

November 26th

  • Supreme Court rejects plea to ban taping of Illinois police (Article)

November 15th

  • Obama secretly signed a cybersecurity directive (Article)

November 6th

  • President Obama is reelected to office

October 26th

  • The FISA amendments allowing for warrantless wiretapping have gone before the Supreme Court (Article)

October 11th

  • Activist is jailed without charge for remaining silent during a grand jury (Article)

October 9th

  • The Supreme Court declined to hear a telecom privacy invasion lawsuit due to a retroactive protection law passed by Congress in 2008 (Article)

October 3rd

  • The Federal Appeals Court stayed the injunction on the NDAA's indefinite detention clause. (Article)
  • A Senate panel found anti-terror data-sharing centers are useless (Article)

August 16th

  • US Court upholds patent law allowing "isolated" genes to be patented. (Article)

August 15th

  • The US Circuit Court of Appeals in United States vs. Skinner declared that tracking via cell phone GPS falls under "stored communications" and doesn't require a warrant. (Article)

July 19th

  • S.3414 Introduced (govtrack Text)
    • This is a new less destructive form of CISPA, but it still requires work to become an acceptable bill. More about it by the EFF.
    • August 2nd Failed Cloture

June 8th

  • A US Judge shot down a case between Apple and Google calling the US patent system "dysfunctional" (Article)

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How to form a committee
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Pirate National Committee Collaboration of state representatives
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Policy Researches & develops policy

Open Projects

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Presidential (Full List)

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Bold indicates active PNC state members



  • S. 3414
  • OPEN Act
  • S. 968 Protect IP Act (AKA:Internet Blacklist, PIPA)
  • HR 801 Fair Copyright in Research Works Act
  • HR 96 Internet Freedom Act
  • HR 848 Performance Rights Act
  • HR 1319 Informed P2P User Act
  • HR 2196 Design Piracy Prohibition Act
  • HR 3261 Stop Online Piracy Act (AKA: SOPA)
  • HR 3699 The Research Works Act
  • HR 4431 Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act
  • HR 5175 Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act


Executive Orders

  • EO Draft - Cyber Security
  • EO 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness
  • EO 13618 Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions
  • PDD 51 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive
For/Non-profits and PACs
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