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Adopted 4/29/2020.

State chapters shall be responsible for identifying candidates and suggesting to the US Pirate Party that the party should support such candidates.

Requirements for candidates to be supported by the United States Pirate Party:

  1. The candidate must have a dedicated campaign manager, campaign treasurer and campaign chair;
  2. The candidate is a member of their state Pirate Party and supports the Pirate Party's core platform and core values;
  3. The candidate is legally qualified to hold the office and must be registered as Pirate (if their home state has registration by party);
  4. The candidate must be supported by their state Pirate Party;
  5. The candidate must have filed FEC Form 2: Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission;
  6. The candidate must circulate a nomination petition with the aim of being listed on the general election ballot;
  7. The candidate must have a functional website that can be linked from the US Pirate Party websites;
  8. The candidate has professional quality photos, especially a head shot and at least a one minute video with audio of the candidate speaking;
  9. The candidate must use the word “Pirate” in her or his campaign materials;
  10. The candidate must attempt to participate in all candidate debates they are invited to;
  11. The campaign must agree to share any supporter and/or voter identification/GOTV lists with their state Pirate Party.

Candidates are expected to provide updated contact information to their state Pirate Party and the US Pirate Party.

Supported candidates are entitled to:

  • a mentor to help them prepare their campaign;
  • training for campaign staff about how to prepare the campaign, run for office and other campaign topics as needed;
  • the contact information of any Party members or supporters in their area;
  • having their website linked from the US Pirate Party websites and being mentioned on any electronic media and materials the US Pirate Party maintains;
  • any other resources the Pirate Council determines the Party can provide.